Arby’s Chicken Fajita Flatbread Melt

Susan says…

Shopping really takes a lot out of a girl when she’s good at it, like me.  Last weekend, I was working my way through the Kanawha City Gabriel Brothers when my tummy started rumbling.  This was only my first stop – I had planned to go to Marshall’s and TJ Maxx before heading home.  I’d never make it.  I needed sustinence.

arbys flatbread melt

With few choices in the immediate vacinity, I quickly ran through them in my mind.  Chicken soft taco, not in the mood for that.   Pizza Hut? out of the question – that would blow my calories for the next two days.  Burger King?  The only thing I like there is the fries and those are negative healthy.   Then I remembered seeing a sign at Arby’s about the fajita flatbread melts.  Maybe that wouldn’t be too bad…

I ordered a Roast Chicken Fajita Flatbread Melt and a Diet Coke which totalled a little over $5.  I resisted the combo offer for $5 because my bathing suit doesn’t want me to eat fries. 

I received a piping hot round of soft, chewy flatbread wrapped around a generous portion of sliced deli chicken, melted pepper jack cheese and a sprinkling of green peppers, red peppers and onions.  I asked for no roasted red jalapeno ranch sauce for fear it would be mayonnaise-y.

It has a distinct fajita favor coming from the pepper-onion blend.  I wish they would put a little more veg on it because they are quite tasty.  The cheese is hot and melty with just a hint of heat.  Misty could even stand the spice on this one, I believe.  This is a very satisfying sammie.

As much as I enjoyed the melt and the energy it gave me to shop on, I couldn’t help but wonder if it was as good a food choice as I thought it was.

Let me make a declaration right here and now:


I think I speak for anal-retentive, number-crunching, quirky dieters everywhere when I say that all nutritional information on websites should work this way.

Here is the breakdown on the fajita flatbread melt, roast chicken version:

fajita melt nutrition

At first, I had a bit of a freak-out seeing the total calories of the sandwich at 471.  However, the Arby’s site allows you to remove certain components of the item.  As you will recall, I 86’d the ranch sauce, which interestingly contains more calories than any other component of this sandwich.  Hmmmm…..and people make fun of me for choking food down dry.

Here’s the same item with the ranch sauce removed. (I simply un-checked the box):

fajita melt 2

How cool is that?  I could spend hours playing with this nutritional information.

Removing the ranch sauce brought it down to 339 calories.  That’s about as much as an average Lean Cuisine.  So it satisfied my belly and my conscious!

Go get you one of these flatbread melts – they are offering them for a limited time only – at an Arby’s near you.

9 responses to “Arby’s Chicken Fajita Flatbread Melt

  1. demosthenes.or.locke

    This sounds tasty but that picture, which I assume was taken from your lap with a cellphone camera, makes this sandwich look like roadkill.

    If you cut me I bleed mayo

  2. Demo-

    you are correct: It was on my lap and I took that terrible picture with my iPhone. It’s the only means I had at the time to capture the moment.

    But doesn’t look like the poster hanging at Arby’s, either.

  3. For some reason I want to try one of these now. I would get it the same way as well. I can’t stand mayo or any “special sauce” that is made with it. I think people are fooled by this “dry” concept. any sandwich done the right way, will never taste dry, especially a wrap.

  4. Nice post. Have you been on the Meal Calculator for Chick-fil-A…I like that one too. I actually just had one of these Arby’s flatbreads today…actually I had half of the roast beef version and half of the chicken version. The roast beef one was PACKED..the chicken one wasn’t. I started writing up my impressions of it a few hours ago. Cool to know your thoughts on it. Oh and about the picture….anything you open up one of these flatbreads or a burrito it does tend to look like roadkill no matter what…thats why the tortilla or flatbread does the trick to hide it. 🙂

  5. See WV’s own Jeff Kay’s site for Fast Food: Ads vs. Reality

  6. demosthenes.or.locke

    They never do. An old friend of mine runs this site:

  7. Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick, that looks nasty.

  8. Susan ~ sorry, but that picture is disturbing. Reminds me of road kill.

  9. Sorry, I know the picture stinks, but I was really hungry and it smelled so…fajita-y that I just wanted to take a couple shots fast and get to eating! (The other one I took with my phone is no better.)

    Next time I eat one of these, I’ll take a better photograph and update the post.

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