A Grassroots Campaign for More Food in Teays Valley


Susan says…

If you have ever been to Buckhannon, Elkins or Ashland, you may have noticed, or been fortunate enough to dine at, a CJ Maggies.  As a Buckhannon native, I have patronized CJ’s many, many times.  You can read our review on the Buckhannon location by clicking here.

I have it on good authority that CJ himself is considering another location for his culinary empire besides the soon-to-open Fairmont space.  My tummy would be overjoyed if he would choose Teays Valley!  After all there is a perfectly good building just sitting there beside the Hampton Inn at the Winfield/Teays Valley exit where Uno’s and then La Sha’s served up grub. 

Don’t frown donwtowners…It would only be a half hour drive for you to snag some brick-oven pizza, a list of pasta dishes as long as your arm, huge salads and satisfying sammies.

One of the great things about this restaurant (dare I use the word?) “chain” is that CJ restores old storefronts in downtown areas to house his eateries.  I realize the empty Uno’s building in Teays Valley doesn’t have that kind of history or charm, but maybe some of you can come up with other cool locations that fit better into his style.

If you would like to see CJ Maggie’s open their doors in the greater Kanawha Valley/Huntington area, send an email to the nice folks making the big decisions in Sunny Buck.  Click here for their contact information.


14 responses to “A Grassroots Campaign for More Food in Teays Valley

  1. That would be great if they, or any good restaurant (even if it is a chain), would open in that location. We who live in that area really need more options, especially ones with outdoor/patio seating! I’ve eaten at the Ashland location a few times and it’s been pretty good. Side note: I sometimes get it confused with C.R. Thomas’ which is (was?) in Ironton, OH and Barboursville (was) just because the names are similar.

  2. Personally if any part of the Valley should get CJ’s it should be the Charleston Metro Area. The old Quarrier Diner would be a great location.

  3. Count me in for the letter writing campaign: I love me some CJMaggies Cajun Pasta.

    I know they like urban locations where they can renovate an old building. The old Uno’s you refer to might be outside the box for them. Dan has a good idea about the Quarrier Diner, but a better place more in keeping with their character would be the former Charleston Deli building on Capitol Street.

    And CJ’s isn’t a chain: It’s a multiple location eatery.

  4. So chains are utilitarian , multiple location eateries are gentee, and one location joints are artisan?

  5. Good try, kg, but it doesn’t quite compare that easily. You do, however, get points for the attempt.

  6. I like points. When will I get the catalog so I can see what wonderful HotDog items my points may one day buy?

  7. Best calzones ever!!

  8. demosthenes.or.locke

    It is a chain. Just because it is local changes nothing. I like the place, it is basically what Applebees wishes it was.

  9. I knew the old Uno location in the Valley was not realistic – it was purely selfish on my part, 5 minutes from my house.

    And I knew someone would mention Quarrier Diner.

    Whatever it takes, people! I would really love a downtown Charleston location as I could have lunch there once a week!

  10. I like the homemade fries…

    OH WAIT.. .They quit selling those last I heard.

    And the Codzilla is not Cod. imagine that.

    Personally I can live without CJ’s. But Teays Valley definitely needs more places to eat and CJ’s would be a welcome alternative – nonfresh fries and non Cod Codzilla’s aside.

  11. The one in Morgantown lasted about five minutes.

  12. Teays Valley, schmaze valley — If it happens, please make it downtown Charleston !! We need to fill the local culinary diaspora. There are any number of empty storefronts, and yes, bringing back the old Quarrier Diner would be awesome (but how come nobody local has done that !!??)

  13. I’ve been to the Ashland location several times. Never had a bad meal there. Always delicious. Although Charleston is a distance for me, I’m there often and would definitely choose a meal at CJ’s.

  14. I’ve eaten better meals at a TGI Fridays or Ruby Tuesdays. The business itself isn’t bad, its just the waitstaff and cooks are all either high or disgruntled and do not care about their job or the business they help represent.

    My bruschetta last time I went in were pieces of (ONLY) tomato on top of d’annuzio presliced italian bread with parsley sprinkled on top. for like $6.00 or something. Pathetic. The soups/chilis inside a breadbowl are my fav. but

    Mr. Ryland really should pay attention to what he has and bring up the quality instead of just rely on it being one of the few places to eat on main street for business.

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