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new pizza place in kanawha city

Susan says…

Coming Soon

Piro Pizzeria will be coming soon to the Shops at Kanawha, formerly known as the Kanawha Mall.  

Teays Valley will soon be home to another Mexican eatery, El Rancho Grande.  They will be occupying the former Schlotzsky’s space near the Kroger at the Teays Valley/Winfield exit. 

It is lucky for them that the Schlotzsky’s sign just so happens to be in the colors of the Mexican flag.

A google search turned up another El Rancho Grande in Beckley.  I wonder if there is a connection other than a common name?

new mexican in teays valley

Tomahawk’s Tuesday Special

Recently, Ron and I enjoyed an afternoon on the deck at Tomahawk’s in South Charleston amid the boaters that docked for a bite and the bikers that rode in for a rest. 

tomahawks pizza

Veggie Pizza at Tomahawk's Smokehouse & Saloon

You may want to consider giving them a try on a Tuesday evening when they are featuring a 16″ cheese pizza for only $5.  We really enjoyed the veggie pizza on our visit.  Additional toppings will set you back a mere $0.50 each.  We recommend it!

Of course there are other specials during the week and you can see them all on the Tomahawk’s website.

We reviewed Tomahawk’s a while back, but they are under new management these days.  We noticed a marked improvement in the quality of the food we ordered and a much great variety on the menu.  We will be back for a re-review soon.  On a sunny day, of course.

Get a Pitcher at La Roca

La Roca, at Nitro Marketplace near the Wal Mart off the Cross Lanes exit, offers pitchers of draft beer for $6.99.  The draft Michelob Ultra was the perfect drink to wash down the yummy shrimp chimichangas I ordered for dinner. 

With the upscale furnishings, this is the “fanciest” Mexican joint I have visited around these parts.  It is a clean, large, well-appointed comfortable restaurant and was very busy on Friday night.  Oh, and they have outdoor seating, which is why we chose it.

See Daniel’s review of La Roca by clicking here.

If You Happen to Be in Buckhannon…

Stop in at Allburgher’s on Main Street.  Intending to pop in only for a couple cold drinks during Strawberry Festival Week recently, the half-off Pub Favorites during Happy Hour were too tempting to pass up. 

allburghers fish and chips

I ordered the fish & chips basket and, as you can see from my photo, it was a load of food for only four bucks – which means the regular price is still a reasonable $8.  I received a piece of fried fish as big as the one on the Anchor’s King Fish sandwich and a huge pile of HOMEMADE shoestring fries.  The only bad part of my meal was trying to keep six other hands out of those delicious fries.

I will definitely go back to Allburgher’s during one my future trips to Sunny Buck.

And Just To Prove I Eat Too Much Mexican Food

Check out this picture of the shrimp enchiladas at East Tenampa in Milton. 

east tenampa shrimp enchiladas

East Tenampa Shrimp Enchiladas

This meal consists of FOUR shrimp enchiladas with that yummy cheese sauce.  These babies aren’t made on the cheap, either.  They are full of shrimp and only shrimp – no filler material.  To make them extra special delicious, I ordered them with tomatillo sauce in addition to the cheese.  They were spicy, shrimpy and awesome.

Read our review of East Tenampa here.


7 responses to “News Nuggets

  1. More news nuggets: Free 10 oz root beer floats at participating Sonic Drive-ins on Wednesday, June 3, ONLY. 8 pm to 12 midnight. Details at —– Free donut at participating Krispy Kremes on Friday, June 5, ONLY. One per person.

  2. We ate at La Roca on Saturday. We chose it for its outdoor seating too, but they were busy and we had to wait for a table and opted to take the first available rather than wait longer for one outside. I had a margarita on the rocks. Last time I had one a few months ago, I thought it tasted watered down and this time it was the same way. They also forgot the salt, which is very important for me. I wasn’t super hungry so all I ordered was a regular taco and a cheese enchilada. Every other time I’ve eaten at La Roca I’ve gotten one of their grilled chicken dishes with a sauce and grilled veggies. The taco was decent, but the enchilada was not so great. It had hardly any cheese or sauce.

    My husband got the nachos grande expecting a “grande” serving, and it was not. The whole thing didn’t even cover half of the oval plate.

    That fish and fries basket looks AWESOME! I want to go there NOW to get that!

    And that pizza at Tomahawks! OMG! Gotta have one of those too! We planned on going there Saturday night, but they were already jam packed at 4:00 when we drove by on our way home from S.C. so we decided to go another night. It may just have to be on a Tuesday.

  3. Went to tomahawks last night and it was fairly good. I ordered the Louisiana purchase and it was nice and spicy. Hubby got the rueben and enjoyed it. One friend ordered ribs with Mac and cheese, be forewarned, it’s undeniably easy Mac! Yuck! I can’t comment on the ribs because by the time they were delivered I was too full to take another bite. Another friend got the teriyaki chicken wrap and it tasted like a salt lick. The pizza was good and cheap. How can you beat $5?! A friend who ordered the Philly cheese steak was disappointed but I didn’t get a chance to try that either. We’ll definitely go there again even if it’s just for the convenience of the outdoor deck.

  4. demosthenes.or.locke

    Tomahawks had good ribs back in the day but I haven’t been in there for 3 years or so and I know their menu has changed.

  5. La Roca-

    Ron wasn’t impressed with his chilaquiles but my shrimp chimis were really good! I added tomatillo sauce to them, my latest Mexican obsession. Hannah liked her fajita burrito, but Hope cried all the way through her chicken soft taco claiming they had cooked it in BBQ sauce.

    I asserted when we arrived that I would wait for an outside table as long as it took. Luckily, I didn’t have to wait – I would have surely given in after about 5 minutes.


    Ron wasn’t thrilled with his philly sammie, either. But the pizza was good and so reasonably priced it more than made up for it. The onion strings we saw go by our table also looked great and we were told by the recipient of said onion straws that they were addictive and yummy.

    I think that Tuesday night pizza deal is great!

    We love going there because of the deck. Service is usually a tad slow, but we are there to relax anyway, right?

  6. I agree service is really slow. Don’t go when in a hurry. There was only one other table of three guys eating and it still took our food at least a half hour if not more to arrive.

  7. How the heck did Schlotzsky’s go out of business? It boggles the mind.

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