Report From the Field – Graziano’s Lunch Buffet

Susan says…

Having just returned from lunch with a very full tummy, I thought I’d pass along what you can expect if you go to the new Riverwalk Graziano’s location for lunch.

  1. Expect a crowd. We were unsure if there would be a seat for us but a table cleared just in the nick of time.
  2. Expect limited hours for the buffet: 11-2 Monday through Saturday.
  3. Expect to pay ~$7.50 for the buffet, which includes unlimited refills on a fountain soda.
  4. Speaking of fountain soda, they have Diet Dr. Pepper.  I like that.
  5. Expect lots of choices:  Sicilian salad, marinated veggies, iceberg salad, pasta salad, cheese ravioli, pasta, meatballs, marinara, cheesesticks, jalapeno poppers, fried shrimp, pepperoni bites, rolls, pepperoni rolls, several different toppings on pizza, cookies and cake.  Whew!  No wonder I’m so full.
  6. Expect good service. When I asked about the availability of pizza without meat on the buffet, not only did they hook me up, but they delivered two slices right to my table.

They also offer 2 slices with a drink for $4.49 – I think I’ll get that next time to prevent myself from overdoing it again.

15 responses to “Report From the Field – Graziano’s Lunch Buffet

  1. downtown mike

    damn, that sounds good. I will be there next week!!!

  2. Tis a sad day… I realized, during a trip to Huntington, that there is no more Porfirios Dos/Roberto’s/other misc. Mexican restaurant on 29th street. There will now be a sports bar called Big Joe’s, or something of the sort. Boooo

  3. Damn ! That sounds like a bonanza ! The variety of stuff that I really like is worth the price of admission. Thanks for the report !

  4. I had to call to find out the buffet hours. It’s from 11 am to 2 pm Monday through Saturday. And yes, that does sound good. It would be nice for them to do it all day, the way CiCi’s used to do.

  5. downtown mike

    I went today to give it a try and every table was taken and the line was out the door. The place was hoping!

  6. Three posts in the past couple weeks about Graziano’s. . . how much they payin ya to hype their medoicre food?

    Any chance of getting you fine people to review Clo’s? It’s across from the e-room of CAMC General.
    It’s fantastic home cooked food at an incredibly low price. Last time I was in there Clo told me she’s hanging on but it’s tough making a living in CRW. It would be sad for a one-of-a-kind place like that, which we have little of in Charleston, to fold.

  7. I wish they were payin’ us! But sadly, we are making absolutely no money whatsoever.

    We are going in the hole, in fact, by having this great excuse to eat out more. Fork You and Graziano’s has also had a negative effect on my waistline. I have been eating too many of their sicilian specials at the Teays Valley location recently.

    I must stop eating their pizza…I must stop eating their pizza…I must stop eating their pizza…

  8. Hippie Killer

    Graziano’s is fine for what it is. Hey Segacious, we get it — you hate all Italian food that isn’t Rocco’s. Noted.

    Italian food isn’t that hard to make anyway. I don’t know why people get so prissy about it.

  9. HK, Love Italian food and find most Italian places in WV severely lacking.
    I love any good food which is why I don’t understand why Graziano’s fast food Italian gets three posts in the past couple weeks and Clo’s has never been mentioned. . . hmmmm, maybe it aint quite the right type of restaurant to get a lilly white review on this blog. What do you think?

  10. Mr. Hillbilly-

    I must reiterate that we do not receive any funding for which to conduct these reviews so…we are going to go where we a) know about and b) are willing to spend our money and calorie allowances.

    Honestly, I have worked in dowtown Charleston for 12 years and I have never heard of Clo’s until you mentioned it in a comment to this post. Because we can’t possibly be aware of every eatery in the Kanawha Valley area, we encourage people to offer suggestions on the “Future Reviews” page and we will make an effort to get there eventually.

    I am not a fan of the home cookin’ genre but I can make it through one lunch to perform this public service.

    I didn’t find three posts about Graziano’s unless I go back to almost a year ago when Ron reviewed their Teays Valley location. We had a hankerin’ for pizza and since they now have a location with ample free parking, we decided to satisfy said craving. Note that we did not provide a “review” – merely made one complaint and a report so you’ll know what’s available.

    I will add Clo’s to the Future Reviews list. Maybe you could join us when we go and make some recommendations!

  11. My advice is to ignore the Hillbilly. His posts are nothing but nonsense mostly made up to satisfy his need to self aggrandize by belittling others.

    There was was no need to dignify his slander about racism with a response. Attention whores thrive on provocation because it’s the only way they can get attention.

  12. Hippie Killer

    Homestyle food = overrated.

  13. Phillie, Really now. . . I’d suggest sticking with whatever it is you might do and leave the pop psychology to the pop psychologists. I’m not sure what your problem with me might be but you’ve made it your business to attack me randomly at this site.
    Perhaps you’d like to come over to my blog where we could discuss whatever your problem is and not pollute this blog with your venom.

    I agree HK, homestyle food is overrated, but Clo’s is really good stuff at a great price. In some circles it would be called “soul food.”

  14. demosthenes.or.locke

    Unfounded accusations of racism against people you don’t even know – that is about as low as it gets.

    The only one polluting this blog with off-topic venom is you.

    PS – Graz’s lunch buffet’s lines are slowing up a little. I guess the novelty has worn off.

  15. Phil I. Stein


    My problem with you should be quite clear. I think you are, in polite terms avoiding pop psychology, a total jerk. There is nothing random about my responses to you; they are targeted exclusively at you and your most egregious posts.

    No, I won’t be visiting your blog. I get more than my fill of your insufferable boorishness here. If there is actually an audience for your defamatory nonsense, I suggest you save it for your blog and spare the readers here.

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