Old News and New Gripe – Graziano’s Pizza

River Walk Pizza

Dan says…

If you only go to the Town Center Mall in the 4th quarter then you probably don’t know that one of the most popular Picnic Place eateries has flown the coop.  They chose to move instead of paying a much higher lease.  Graziano’s can now be found at Riverwalk Plaza in South Charleston.  Today a busy lunch crowd was enjoying the lunch buffet, which is now available until 2P.

Now for the GRIPE. My family wanted to eat pizza a couple of Saturdays ago. So after mowing the lawn and doing a day’s worth of chores we finally got around to leaving for dinner at 8:45P. Now I think most people believe you should be able to order a pizza until at least 11P.  What time do you think this new location of Graziano’s closes? If you guessed 9p, you’re right.  They kept their mall hours.

That Saturday, 12 people (including my family) were greeted by a locked door. Consider yourself warned.


20 responses to “Old News and New Gripe – Graziano’s Pizza

  1. demosthenes.or.locke

    The graziano’s on capitol street was always better anyway. The mall food court needs some new blood.

  2. I never did care for Greasy-anos. Had it several times when I worked at a store on Capitol St. I prefer Husson’s, Papa John’s, Dominos, and once in a while Pizza Hut. While CiCi’s buffet had a great selection, their pizza was just okay.

  3. Because people who work in restaurants shouldn’t be able to have lives, right? I know I didn’t mind when Nicky Husson decided to keep the store open until 7 on Christmas Eve, or past midnight on New Year. Not at all. Or just midnight on Friday and Saturday. After all, I was just a food service guy, no need to have time for myself.

    The employees were used to mall hours and shouldn’t have that taken away now that they’re in a storefront site.

  4. demosthenes.or.locke

    Yeah Dan, you selfish pig! You act like Graziano’s exists to serve you pizza or something. Expecting a restaurant to serve it’s customer’s needs…. THINK OF THE EMPLOYEES! They have lives too, you know!

    (Career tip- if you don’t like to work odd hours, avoid working at a pizza joint, bartending, and stripping. Look for something with a desk.)

  5. I have a nice desk now in a fancy building downtown where I can, and do, sue people. For things like, inter alia, arbitrarily changing the terms of employment agreements.

    They close at nine? Make plans accordingly. It’s that simple.

  6. demosthenes.or.locke

    What is a trial lawyer doing on this site? I thought you guys lived off of the misery and suffering of others and the economic vitality of our communities- not pizza and fish sandwiches.

    Do you have a copy of the employment agreement used by grazianos? During my time in the food service industry, anything I ever signed (when they made me sign anything) said they could tell me what my hours were and change them as needed.

    Plus, maybe lawyers use a special definition of “arbitrary” but moving to a new location that necessitates different hours doesn’t seem arbitrary to me.

    Besides, even if they can’t change the current employees’ hours, they have to expect people are going to complain about that when 95% of freestanding pizza joints in town are open until 11pm or later.

  7. My husband and I ate at the new Graziano’s on a random Friday night a couple of weeks ago. I couldn’t believe how crowded it was and the fact that we had to wait 15 minutes or so on our food. The food was good, and I think there are a lot more options now than at the mall location. Parking was a major issue since we were there when it was raining like crazy. We ended up parking over by Kroger and walking under the sheltered walkway which was fine except that we both got a bit soaked. Since I never go to the mall unless I absolutely have to, the location change works for me with the exception of the parking issue.

  8. Grazianos downtown closes at 9 pm as well so it shouldn’t be that much of a surprise. Now if they used to close later and started closing earlier I could you bitching this much but lots of restaurants in WV especially in SC close at 9.

  9. Doesn’t bother me at all. 1. The downtown store closes around 8 I believe. Seems to be a consistant policy. 2. My ass doesn’t need to be eating at 9pm anyway.

  10. After having some beers at Griffs.. It sure would be nice to have a pizza.

    Oh wait, a Pizza Joint closes at 9PM????

    How Pathetic.

    BUT… if it works for them, who am I to say otherwise.

  11. Heavens! Who knew the angst simmering just below the surface on this issue….. I haven’t been to the mall in ages, but they were my fave on the Food Court. I had no idea they had moved. Thanks for the heads up.

  12. demosthenes.or.locke

    I am a big fan of the greek place in the food court, even though it is horrifically overpriced.

  13. Phil I. Stein

    “Horribly overpriced?” do you consider any meal you can’t buy with loose change under the cushions overpriced?

    You can get an entree (leg of chicken, meat loaf, moussaka, gyro meat, livers, etc.) two sides and an appetizer such as a tyropita and a dessert all for about $10.

    This is all actual food, made from scratch in the kitchen.

  14. Hippie Killer

    Most restaurants around here close at 9. I don’t see what the big deal is.

  15. I think the real question here is why is Daniel waiting until 9pm to feed his children? Oh, the abuse!!

  16. DAMN ~ I’d like to win some of Stein’s money.

    I wish I could find $10 under my cushion.


    Sorry I don’t have a $110K / yr job to spend $10 on lunch.

    Yes that would be terribly overpriced. I have to say I have to side with Demo on this one.

    the worlds coming to an end.

    I prefer after 9PM thus I don’t have to put up with the crowds.

  17. demosthenes.or.locke

    The $10 meal described by Phil doesn’t sound like a terrible deal, but I can’t imagine eating that at lunch on a work day, or in between shopping. Maybe you could get two of them and feed the family?

    The place charges nearly seven dollars for a gyro, drink, and chips. That is a $5 meal at best.

  18. Phil I. Stein

    I don’t know where you eat, but $5 lunches are pretty rare unless you want pizza or hot dogs. And, if you substitute a glass of water and a tyropita instead of the soda and chips with your gyro, you’ll have a better and healthier lunch for 5 and change.

  19. Phil I. Stein

    as for a place deciding to close at 9PM, that’s a business decision.

    I have no problem with an owner who decides either that it costs more to stay open than it’s worth to be open after 9, or has the notion that he and/or his families can have more of a life if his hours are shorter. You should also bear in mind thatjust because a place closes at 9 doesn’t mean the work is done.

    On a related note, look at all the places downtown that don’t open on the weekends because there isn’t enough traffic downtown now compared to 30 years ago when Saturday was the big day downtown. I hate it when I have to work Saturday because the only choices I like are Graziano’s and the Blossom, but I understand why others don’t want to spend the money when it’s nearly a ghost town.

  20. I agree Phil. It is definitely a business decision.

    The owners must do what makes the most sense for them.

    Perhaps if enough feedback is received to create the perception that staying open later on the weekends will be profitable, they will.

    I am sad that Lola’s isn’t open for lunch because it’s hard for me to get downtown in the evenings and on weekends and I like their pizza. But I am sure they have considered it and decided it’s just not worth it financially.

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