Low-Calorie Meals at Long John Silvers

Susan says…

Have you ever ordered something thinking it was healthy only to find out later that it is not?  I know.  I have, too. 

long john silver salmon low cal

Take Captain D’s, for example.  Now I like the Captain’s fried fish a lot.  And their baked/grilled “healthy” meals are yummy, too.  I cleverly placed the word healthy inside a pair of quotation marks to indicate it seems healthy but is a lot worse for your waistline than they want you to believe.   We thought the baked tilapia with rice pilaf and a side salad would be a rather low-point meal by Weight Watcher standards, but figured they must put butter on the tilapia to get the fat grams so high.   I just go for the gusto by ordering a kid’s fish and fries, subbing broccoli for the fries. 

We had seen the commercials featuring the new <350 calorie meals at Long John Silvers so we knew going in how many calories we would be consuming.  We ventured to the worn down Kanawha City location to give it a try.

The facility needs some spiffing up.  It looks like no one has done anything to the place since it was built in the (I’m guessing here) 80’s.   The gal at the counter was friendly and accommodated my request to sub extra veggies for the rice.  I really appreciate it when restaurants will do that sort of thing.

I ordered the salmon meal and just ’cause I can’t leave well enough alone, I also ordered two pups – they were only $0.39…how could I resist?

I filled my cup with diet soda, requested some butter for my pups and proceeded to our booth.  My meal was delivered to me in a black plastic tray with a clear plastic lid.   The salmon was not the same thickness throughout the piece, so the edges got too done and were hard.  The rest of it tasted like a nicely seasoned, microwaved piece of salmon I could have easily acquired from the Lean Cuisine Company. 

long john silver phil fried meal

Phil's platter of fried stuff

The veggie mix was comprised of carrots, green beans and what we think were yellow carrots.  They tasted fine, were not mushy, but appeared to microwaved, not steamed, given the quantity of water that pooled around them on the tray.

With the butter-slathered pups, I was satisfied with my meal, but it cost a pretty penny more than it’s Lean Cuisine counterpart, without a corresponding increase in quality.  And it was tough to be happy with my calorie-conscious choice when Phil’s huge combo plate boasting a plethora of fried goodness stared at me from across across the table. 

The next time I get a hankerin’ for fish, I will visit the Captain instead.


 Misty says…

Susan and I were both debating between the tilapia and the salmon.  Since we wanted to see both, we got one of each.  Obviously from Susan’s review, Susan ate the salmon, while I ordered the tilapia.   I ordered first, got a number, filled up with my beverage of choice (Pepsi) and searched for a table.  And I really mean searched as this place was a little worn.  It took me a while to find a seat where the fabric (or should I say pleather) wasn’t ripped.  I finally found an acceptable table and waited for my food.

It didn’t take long for my food to come out and it was steaming hot.  The vegetables were OK.  I assumed that the yellow veggie in the picture was squash- they were not.  They were yellow carrots– I didn’t even know that carrots were yellow until now.  I don’t really like cooked carrots, so after I discovered this, I didn’t eat anymore.  Like Susan said, the green beans tasted like something from a microwaveable lunch.  I thought they were a bit rubbery.

long john silver tilapia low cal

The fish and rice was kinda bland.  So much that I decided to spice up my fish and rice by adding a little ketchup.  I couldn’t tell if Phil and Susan were embarrassed by this…but after all, we were in Long John Silver’s.

After looking at the pictures, the fish is bigger than I remember…I feel like there should be a warning similar to the one on the rear view mirror.  However, mine would say, “Objects on plate are smaller than they appear.”

I left the restaurant still feeling hungry and unsatisfied.  This is usually how I feel after eating a microwaveable meal for lunch.  However, at least my eat-in lunch costs $2.50.  The low cal tilapia, a small Pepsi and 2 hushpuppies set me back $7.39.

If you are going to Long John Silvers, just get the fried stuff.  You will be much happier in the end.


P.S. from Susan

Do you see this photo?  Egads, Woman!  You are going to eat ketchup with “grilled” fish???  I might be able to understand it if the fish was fried, but no breading whatsoever? 

long john silver misty fish ketchup

And then she made another startling confession:  she actually likes and plans to sometimes eat ketchup and rice.  I just couldn’t wrap my head around that.  Sure, I know she doesn’t want to choke anything down dry, but could there ever be a rice so dry that you would voluntarily eat it with ketchup? 

I must say, though: she ate that blhecky combination of fish, rice and ketchup in the most dignified, delicate way possible.  She dipped the fork tines into the ketchup ever so slightly and then gently separated a small bite of fish.  Next mouthful was fork tines dipped in ketchup and a mini scoop of rice.   Then another bite of fish accented by Heinz.  And so on.

It’s always an adventure to dine with Misty!

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12 responses to “Low-Calorie Meals at Long John Silvers

  1. YUCK!

    Phil’s definitely looks the best. You can never go wrong with the fried stuff. I had a friend once say, “Dip a brick in batter and deep fry it and I’ll eat it.” LOL

  2. I’ll admit it. I’m a snob. I wouldn’t be caught dead eating fish in a LJS or CD’s. I can’t do it. I can’t mentally get over the idea of fast food fish joints.

  3. I tried the ‘healthy’ shrimp scampi meal from LJS. However, I was skeptical when it was presented to me. I also got the extra veggies in place of the rice. Everything tasted fine, however it was evident (by taste and sight) that it had all been SLATHERED (not lightly basted) in pure butter. Somehow, it no longer seemed healthy. The tilapia my mother ordered looked better, and not butter-covered. I think I will opt for that next time.

  4. I don’t really see how shrimp scampi could ever be made “healthy” since it’s the garlic and BUTTER that make it scampi. Any substitution makes it non-scampi.

    Two nights ago, I went against my principles and went to Applebee’s. In Teays Valley there just aren’t too many non-smoky places for a couple of beers and a salad. So, Applebee’s was the choice. Service was horrible, my grilled shrimp salad was mediocre and expensive, but my beers were frosty and large. However, they too were expensive. (Total bill $42.00 for two salads, 3 drafts and 1 bottled beer plus tax and tip.) From now on I’m going to order seafood only when I’m in a coastal town and think twice about ordering beer from certain places.

  5. The shrimp scampi meal, subbing veg for rice, would not be a “healthy” meal, but would work for low carb!

    But it probably tastes just as microwavy as the salmon and tilapia.

  6. They have the calories listed as the same for the tilapia. I call shenanigans on this!

  7. Good reply Meaghan!

    Maybe the people in the kitchen have tried the low-cal meals and thought they weren’t very tasty. To remedy the situation, perhaps they decided to throw some butter on that shrimp. You know, a WWPDD moment.

    (What Would Paula Deen Do)

  8. I’m totally stealing that line (WWPDD)

  9. Wait….who eats butter on hushpuppies?

  10. Overall, I think any meal, that you don’t have to cook yourself, for under 350 calories (depending on what you get or substitute), and that you can get through a drive through that is not covered in fat, is a good meal. I’m sorry that many of your feel too “goody goody” for a fast food restaurant. And also, have you all ever heard of low-calorie anything? Some restaurants actually cook with low fat, sodium free butter and seasoning mixes do not have calories anymore. Furthermore, I feel as if, yes it may be a tastier option to get the fried fish, for only 40+ more calories, but you’re getting triple the fat grams. Not everything low calorie is healthy. For example, a tablespoon of butter is no more than 50 calories, but the amount of fat and lard is the equivalent of eating three of these healthy meals. You have to weigh your options before bashing a fast food restaurant’s attempt at a healthy alternative.

    • The term “healthy” in relation to food these days is such a subjective term. There are studies showing that low carb is best, ones that show that low fat is best and others that show that low calorie is best. What is best for one person isn’t best for everyone. I, for one, prefer a low-carb diet. And I also highly favor real butter over any of that other crap that claims to taste like butter. What the hell is “low fat butter” anyway? You must be referring to that processed oil/water/other preservatives stuff. Nasty. Butter is a fat, but it’s a fat that’s good for you. One of my favorite quotes is, “As for butter versus margarine, I trust cows more than I trust chemists.”- Jane Gussow.

      I rarely eat fast food, but when I do, I make it count. Give me all the carbs, fat and calories you can pack into a ninety-nine cent heart attack.

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