Thanks To All Of You …

Ron Says ~

According to Susan, yesterday was Fork You’s best day ever.

Thanks for all the comments and the views…. I hope noone took any actual offense to any of the banter that was thrown back and fourth, however if you did, well then you probably deserved it.

All joking aside thanks for the record day and all the feedback. 

As for the Shoney’s burger….. hmmmmm very tempting… I may have to check that out…  The drink is included.. but I don’t get a special Guinness beer sauce.

13 responses to “Thanks To All Of You …

  1. I had a blast. That s&#! was FUN. I took offense, lobbed it back, and watched the carnage all day long.

  2. Fork ’em if he can’t take a joke! 🙂

    Ron, I used to manage, bartend, and short order cook at an Irish Pub. I think we can figure out the Guinness Sauce or perhaps even make one better. Then you can cargo carry it where ever you go.

  3. Heather-


    That Guiness Sauce would end up in my purse so I could carry it for him. And there’s just no room. What with the low-carb buns and the low-carb tortillas and the 2-liter of Diet Coke that’s already in there.

    He has tried to get me to carry A-1 sauce around and I vetoed the idea immediately.

    Ron needs a murse.

  4. downtown mike

    I cant tell if I want to buy Ron a beer……or throw a rock at him.

    Either way, I am hooked on the site. Keep it up

  5. Susan,

    Have no fear! The Purse Rule Always Wins Out! Maybe, Ron needs to bring back the fanny pack?!

  6. demosthenes.or.locke

    Where is the best burger in Charleston? I’m talking flavor-wise, not value-wise.


    Sam’s on capitol street. They mix pork and beef – if you can convince them not to burn it, it is fantastic.

    Blossom Deli has a good burger at lunch.

    South Hills Market has some good burgers.

    There are probably some hole in the wall burger joints I don’t know about?

  7. The Anchor has a rockin cheeseburger sub.

    I love the Murad’s Blue and Gold Burger.

    Trivillian’s has a decent burger, too.

  8. I agree that Murad’s has a rocking Blue and Gold burger. I’m pretty partial to the Samburger and the regular old cheeseburger at Sam’s. I still need to go to Trivillian’s. Can’t believe I have never been.

  9. Heather-
    Travillian’s has awesome homemade fries. You must try them.

  10. I’ve heard that a number of times. I just always forget that it is there unless I’m driving over the bridge and see it. I need to make a deliberate point to go.

  11. demosthenes.or.locke

    The sub shop fries also cannot be beat, although their burger meat was lacking in flavor. Not surprisingly, their subs are better than their burgers.

  12. I guess that’s why they are called the “Sub Shop” instead of the Burger Shop”.

    I was going to try the burger next time I went.

  13. The Bear’s Den does a pretty tasty burger too y’all.

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