Another Burger Special for Ron – “We Dare You!”

shoneys-burgerDan says…

I saw the commercial this morning and here’s the press release to prove it.  Ron can get his grub on at 19 different locations across the state.  Effective May 5, 2009, Shoney’s is now offering:

NASHVILLE, Tenn., May 5 /PRNewswire/ — Shoney’s(R) today announced it will offer bundled burger meals during weekdays for a limited time featuring mouth-watering burgers beginning at $4.99, which include fries and drink, at participating restaurants.

I really can’t believe this deal. Even more, I am having trouble coming to grips with the fact that Ron might award Shoney’s with Fork You’s highest honor – a FIVE FORK rating…

Maybe Shoney’s will perform as Burger King did with its Angry Whooper, but I have the feeling that Shoney’s might give Ron some nuclear bang for his buck!  Shoney’s is saying that this is a freshly prepared, never frozen patty. Oh no… The forks are piling up already.  If Ron wants to upgrade there are BBQ Bacon or Mushroom Swiss Burgers for a dollar more.  That might hurt them with Ron’s rubric, but with a 27% savings how can he go wrong.

Wait…there is some small print: Weekdays only… at participating restaurants.

Ron – We Dare You!!!!


6 responses to “Another Burger Special for Ron – “We Dare You!”

  1. Misty & I have eaten the burgers on the Shoney’s buffet and they aren’t too bad.

    Phil always orders chicken fingers with EXTRA BBQ sauce and fries – the fries are premade frozen ones, but they always look hot, crispy and yummy.

    I might have to make sure Ron takes me along for his investigation…

  2. I think Shoney’s has great burgers! And I like their crinkle cut fries.

    I used to love their onion rings, until they changed them a few years ago.

  3. Now you’re just fishing for comments.
    Congrats on that last thread though. . . 30+ comments.

  4. There’s a Shoney’s in the Quincy ‘Mall’ across from the school. I’ll even meet ya there after school! I ain’t skerd. 😉

  5. I told Dan’l earlier today that the REAL challenge would be to go to ALL the Shoney’s within 25 or 50 miles and compare the burgers in each one!

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