Bruno’s Menu

Susan says…

Taking advantage of the equipment already present in the building, owners Jay Thomas and Dan Barber are serving up pizzas and baby back ribs at their new restaurant, Bruno’s. 

Also on the menu are some pastas (including one of my favorites: chicken marsala, so I’ll have to check that out), salads, and Maryland crab cakes.

Located near the Clay Center in a spot that has been home to Chef Dan’s and O-Kay’s, they will take advantage of the cultural crowd by focusing on dinner service before they expand to the lunch crowd.

Dinner is served starting at 4 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday.  They will also open for dinner on Sundays and Mondays when an event is scheduled for Mountain Stage or the Clay Center.

If you’re thristy, quench it with the West Virginia beer on tap at Bruno’s.  Today they are serving Mountaineer Pale Ale and Mountaineer Stout.   Dan told Fork You they will be running drink specials in the future, too.

For more information, check out this recent article from the Daily Mail.  Click on the image for a full-sized view of the menu.



18 responses to “Bruno’s Menu

  1. yaaaawn.
    If the ribs aint smoked, they aint happenin.
    Where’s the variety? No Italian seafood dishes?
    $24 crab cakes?! I’d pay that at a nice place in Savannah or Baltimore, but. . .
    I really hope the menu doesn’t do it justice.

  2. Hippie Killer

    I still think one of the biggest problems with this place is that no one, including the owner, has any idea what kind of restaurant this is. So the owner knows ribs. Great. I’m a big Blues BBQ fan myself. And the location has a great pizza oven — nice. But they need to pick one and stick with it. Maybe I’m just speaking for myself, but people don’t order pizza and pasta at a rib joint, and vice versa. Nevermind the fact that the ribs are almost 30 dollars. I don’t care if they’re the best ribs in the state. It’s too much money for what it is.

    I’m hardly a restaurant expert, but I think this place should loose the ribs in a hurry and focus on pizza, pasta, and good service. It really isn’t a bad location.

  3. Good location, but it won’t make it even if it does focus on pizza and pasta. . . boring. Already done in CRW. . . Fazios, Leonoras, Grazianos, etc.
    A reasonably priced fusion joint would do good there.
    $30 ribs that aren’t smoked? Git real.

  4. WEre those your comments on the menu or did they come on the menu?

  5. Mountain Laurel-

    Those comments were written in before the menu was faxed to us.

  6. Hippie Killer

    I disagree with SG. There’s more than enough room for another good pasta / pizza restaurant in Charleston. Do you even live here?

    Your comparisons are a little off — Fazio’s isn’t known for it’s pizza, Leo’s doesn’t even have it, and Graziano’s is basically a carry-out / video lottery joint. If Bruno’s was a more casual / slightly more affordable alternative to SoHo’s and Lola’s, it would go over well.

  7. Perhaps you’re right HK. If it were more in line with someplace like Rocco’s. . . really good authentic Italian at a reasonable price. . . Charleston doesn’t really have a good Italian joint.

  8. I know this much. I always like the pizzas that came out of the building regardless of it being Chef Dan or Okay’s. However, think of him what you want as a mayor. Regardless, Danny Jones had some banging ribs back in the day at his restaurant. Out of everything that ever was on that particular block, I miss General Seafood! Good luck to Bruno’s. Live and learn.

  9. Phil I. Stein

    Pretentious Hick, er Sagacious Hillbilly, should at least learn to read before speaking if not consider the radical idea of actually eating at a place before offering more if his inanities.

    The ribs are smoked, as the owner’s comments ABOUT THE SMOKER, might have suggested to most readers.

    Everyone is entitled to his own opinion but some people should keep their opinions to themselves.

    I’ve had the ribs and the half rack is more than enough for anyone other than a glutton. They aren’t the best ribs I’ve ever had but they are good quality meat, just lightly sauced.

    Personally, I don’t think $14 for a substantial dinner entree is expensive, even by Charleston standards.

  10. I was there last night before going to The Clay Center. We didn’t eat due to time, but did partake in the offerings of the bar. Those around us eating appeared to be enjoying themselves and their meals. I’ll give it a shot!

  11. Phillie,
    Feel better?
    I was only commenting on the menu. Didn’t say a thing about the quality of the food. I can read quite well and know a little about food, so felt perfectly qualified to comment on the menu.

    I’ve never seen or smelled any sign of a smoker in all the times I’ve traveled in that locale, but if there is one there; good. Maybe I’ll go try their ribs and I certainly offer my apologies to you for having offended you so.

  12. Phil I Stein

    “$30 ribs that aren’t smoked? Git real”

    Is not a comment on the menu. It’s a criticism of something you have never tasted and inaccurate in multple ways –price and cooking method.

    It’s nothing more than another your “look at me” posts which serve no good purpose. If you want to actually eat food and then comment on the quality, value, appeal to your personal taste, etc., you might have something to say worth typing.

    If all you can do is incessantly whine about how far above everything in WV your self-proclaimed sophistication places you, we have long since got your point and you can stop posing.

  13. Oh, well thanks Phillie. I didn’t realize you’d gotten it, but really, don’t you think there are others that might not understand “how far above everything in WV [my] self-proclaimed sophistication places [me]” or were you speaking for everyone?
    Come on over to my place. . . we’ll talk and you can tell me more about me.
    Sagaciously yours,

  14. Twenty dollar pitchers of beer. Let me repeat this, beers cost twenty bucks a pitcher.

  15. Chris-

    which beer? regular ol’ domestic stuff?

    La Roca in Cross Lanes has $10 pitchers of domestic.

  16. Susan, I wouldn’t brag about that $10 price.

    As I’m guessing that those are 2 qt Pitchers.

    4qts to a gallon. 15 gallons to a keg. That’s $300 a keg.

    Now I can get a keg of Bud Light for about $80.

    It’s greed nothing more.

    That being said, $10 is way better than $20.

    Surely it’s not really $20 / Pitcher of Bud Light..

    I don’t believe it.

  17. Ronald-

    I didn’t make that comment because La Roca’s beer is particularly cheap, I made the comment to support the notion that the Bruno’s pitcher price seems way too high.

    I knew that you would be able to tell us where to get the very best deal on beer.

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