Greenlee Gourmet Popcorn


Susan says…

Just after ordering my noodle bowl at Pho Vihn Long, I walked across D Street to take a look at the popcorn being popped, coated, bagged, and sold at Greenlee Gourmet popcorn.

Ron asked me to bring him back a popcorn ball, but there were none.  The caramel corn must be pretty popular becasue only one bag remained in the glass front case and they were processing a fresh batch behind the counter as I perused the other choices.  Lots of other choices:  (click on the photo for a larger version)


I ultimately decided on two flavors which would not tempt me to eat the entire bag before I made it back to the office after lunch (the caramel most definitely would have been tempting): Hot & Spicy and Kettle. 

Ron always buys a big bag of kettle corn at the WVU home games so I was curious to see how Greenlee’s would compare.  Aware that in order to compare apples to apples, however, that Ron may also have to consume a large quantity of beer before the tasting.

Ron Says ~

Popcorn… I love popcorn.  I’m addicted to it.  The same way I’m addicted to mashed potatoes, jelly beans, and Cheez-It’s with CBRD Lasagna.   So obviously when Susan mentioned that she was going to run in to this place to get some popcorn I wasn’t going to say I didn’t want any.

The Hot & Spicy was pretty good.   Typically gourmet flavors isn’t my thing when it comes to popcorn.  I like Cracker Jack Style,  Kettle Corn, and I guess its buttery toffee??  and just with plain old salt and butter as my favorite.  So I really wasn’t expecting much from this bag.  However to my surprise it was quite good.  It wasn’t overly spicy and I could eat it by the handfulls.

Note that’s how I eat my popcorn.  By the handfull… not by a few pieces at a time, no but by the fist full of popcorn shoving it into my face as much as I can hold going back for more.  Addictions will do that to you and I believe in excess.

Like I was saying it was pretty good, my only complaint and this is mostly my fault is that it wasn’t warm.  We got this popcorn to go, so no it wasn’t going to be warm by the time I had eaten it.  I also did not go into the store so I don’t know if it was originally served and packaged warm as I didn’t ask Susan when she brought it out.  Other than that it was pretty darned good.  (Editor’s note: the bags are $3.50 each and single-serving snack bags are also available for $.75)

The Kettle Corn, yes as Susan alluded to this is one of my favorite overpriced WVU Game Concessions, so I was glad Susan got a bag of it also.   And it was quite good.  I liked this better than the Hot And Spicy, but again, it suffered from the lack of warmth, which again was my fault.  Pretty darn good stuff though.

You’ll notice that my reviews are pretty favorable, that’s easy for me because I don’t know what Susan spent for these bags of popcorn.   I’m not sure even how many ounces were in each bag, I’m going to guess between 8oz & 12oz  but that’s only a guess, I don’t think it was a pound because a pound of popped popcorn goes pretty far.  (tongue twister alert:  Polly promptly popped a pound of popped popcorn)… god I kill myself.  So without the cost of these bags being given the chance to spoil my fond memories of them, I’m going to sign off and just say:

They were good, I’ll have to check them out again if I’m in the area.    If you like Popcorn, go get a bag.

6 responses to “Greenlee Gourmet Popcorn

  1. Ron, you forgot to add “Lay’s potato chips with a quart of french onion dip” to your list of junk food addictions.

  2. Ron, I eat popcorn the same way- by the handfull. However, alot of mine ends up on the floor!

  3. When I go up to Amish land in Ohio I like to stop at a couple places I know for real fresh warm kettle corn. The best is when I watch them out back making the stuff in a big open kettle.
    I think they charge a dollar for a large size paper sack full.
    All these flavors; I’m thinking artificial, chemically enhanced packaged flavorings.

  4. You should try the vanilla chili flavor. It’s got a nice sweetness with some heat in the end, very different!

  5. I was in Ocean City, MD recently and of course I had to get a tub of Fisher’s popcorn. Yum.

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