A New Home For An Old Favorite – China Buffet


Susan says…

Today the Fork You crew enjoyed lunch at our old favorite, China Buffet.  But today we ate lunch in their new diggs: the revamped and remodeled shops at the former Kanawha Mall.

The old location is being torn down and the restaurant was closed four days this week while they moved all the furniture and equipment from the old space to the new.


The new space is bright with a large skylight in the center of the main dining area.  There is a long stretch of buffet bins for desserts, chilled shrimp, sushi, and salad bar items.  In addition, there are four smaller stations with ten bins each for hot items. 


I found almost all my standards in one station.  Much to our delight, there were six new items added since they gained some extra space in the move.  We sampled three of them: veggies and tofu in a brown sauce, roasted potatoes, and cashew chicken. 


The same friendly faces greeted us warmly and the food tasted as great as ever.  We look forward to many more lunches in this nice new building.


4 responses to “A New Home For An Old Favorite – China Buffet

  1. Chima Buffet was my first taste of a Chinese buffet restaurant. At the time I though, “hey, this aint a bad idea and the food’s pretty good.”
    The standard seems to be that they all start out being pretty damn good with their own little twist, but then the quality goes downhill.

  2. I have been eating at the China Buffet once every two weeks (on average) for at least three years and I have not seen a decline in quality. It is very consistent.

  3. I agree with Susan. It’s a killer buffet. I was so mad last week my husband and I went to eat there and it was closed. We had to settle for that piece of crap buffet down the road.

  4. I agree with all, it’s pretty good for buffet place and plenty of choices. I think the other buffet place down by bob evan’s closed or went out of business. Buffet is ok when you’re looking for lots of food on a budget. I stop into Chin’s down the road in Kanawha City when I want freshly prepared made to order chinese. They’ve got some of the best food in town.

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