What? We Don’t Get a Free Biscuit??? – Tudor’s


Ron Says…

With all the rah rah going on with the Calorie Bill and Oshel Prego Craigo pulling one of his stunts and using WV PoliticsThe Good-Ol-Boy Network” to get it done,  Fork You decided to venture to one of the man’s fine establishments. So we decided on none other than the Tudor’s Biscuit World in Kanawha City upon Dan’s advice as if I recall he said it was the best.

Personally (that implies that what follows will be my OPINION) I thought it was pretty run down so if this is the best Oshel has to defend, well then it probably would bankrupt this joint to pay to put calories on the menu.

Oh well, arriving I quickly chose the Burger as it was lunch time, and I wasn’t about to get a Biscuit although I do like the sausage biscuit.  Susan’s favorite is “The Ron”.

The Cheeseburger Combo comes with what I guess is a 1/4lb burger, with cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, etc, Fries, and a Drink  for like $5.49 if memory serves me correctly (and it probably does not).   I decided to go with the Bacon Cheeseburger Combo for $5.89.  Same thing, I assume just adds bacon.

I order after Susan, but do over hear Susan asking them what they can make because this fine establishment has no real noticeable Lunch Menus posted.  I only chose mine due to a worn down Promotional Poster on the wall.  This in and of itself implies to me that not only would Tudor’s have to pay for creating Calorie Count menus for their items, but this Tudor’s at least would also have to create an Entire Lunch Menu.

Nevertheless, I hear Susan ask what they can make to which the reply is “We can make anything”, immediately followed by Susan asking for a fish sandwich.  They can’t make that was the reply.  Immediately there goes my joke of “Peanut Butter And Jelly Sandwich” when my turn came around.  Susan then asked for some sandwich that required Turkey, and that too was followed by some hollering between the front counter and the kitchen if Turkey was in stock.  Which as I’m sure you can guess by the tone of my post that it was not in stock.  I forget what she eventually decided on.

I place my order, and sit down at the corner booth.  My food was out fairly quickly.  I suspect this is because it wasn’t cooked as thoroughly as possible.  My frozen patty was only luke warm at best, actually tasted as if it had been nuked.  Please note that I do not know if my patty was frozen or not, it was simply the impression I got and I didn’t ask, because I was frustrated that I did not get my bacon and lack of itemized receipt kept me wondering if I had paid for it, thus causing me to then think that if they were out of turkey they could have been out of bacon and just didn’t tell me.  I do not know.

The burger also had a slice of what could easily pass for Kraft American or Cheddar cheese.  I don’t know which it was as I’m no cheese expert.  Some lettuce, a fairly thick piece of out-of-season tomato, onion slices, some pickles, and mustard and ketchup, served on a fairly big Sesame Seed covered bun.  I liken it to a Sara Lee bun.

I had 26 french fries, they were similar to Wendy’s style, not real thin, but also not thick like steak fries.  I also chose Dr. Pepper for my drink as this joint had Pepsi Products.   I think this was about 16 oz.  I say this because it appeared to be served in a 20 oz. cup and I’m simply subtracting my assumed quantity of ice.

Now I give you all of these specifics because I am going to give you what former Political Official and current full time swindler Oshel Craigo is too cheap to do.  (“Swindler” is also my opinion, he may be a saint in your eyes, but he’s a swindler in mine as are most politicians, i.e. if my old man was a politician he’d be a swindler too).


I inventoried my burger and I have programmed all this in to some computer software – NutriBase Dietary Tracking software.  Thus giving me the Nutritional Information posted to the left.

Is this exact?  like most things that I do – HELL NO.   But I used all default USDA items for 1/4 lb fried burger, Sara Lee Bun, Dr. Pepper (16 oz)  French Fries (med 25-30 ct).  etc.  So even if these are not exact I think I’m in the ballpark.

So you see this meal was almost 1000 Calories.   The Dr. Pepper alone was 200, the burger patty roughly 260, French Fries – 237 for that paltry amount.

Other notables – nearly half the USDA recommended allowance for Sodium – that’s Salt to most people… And I EVEN ADDED MORE that I didn’t include in my calcs.

I could give you the other vitamins and minerals also, but none are going to help you out any.

Now, would I have chosen something different if I had seen this posted on their wall or on a handout?  Maybe not, but the more I think about it I realize that I probably would.   I hope all the swindlers that voted no to this bill have a heart attack.  (that’s my opinion)    I realize they probably will not have heart attacks but instead be reelected – oh what a great state.

So how do I score this place?  TWO FORKS.

Surprisingly my burger even being luke warm and most likely frozen, wasn’t all that bad.  Healthy portions and seemingly homemade taste and assembly.  By that I mean, the tomato looked like it was freshly sliced by a knife and that I happened to get the thick portion.  The lettuce was the portion that the person happened to pick up with one hand and didn’t divy it out equally to any other burgers on the assembly line.  The calorie loaded fries were crispy and good.

But would I eat here again? – probably not, but I also wouldn’t say no if I was with a group and this is where they wanted to go.

Two Calorie Laden Forks


Dan says…

The first rule about Tudor’s is: you do not talk about Tudor’s. The second rule of Tudor’s is: you DO NOT talk about Tudor’s!


Unless you are forced to write about Tudor’s by the Fork You Five.  First a small confession – on my first or second trip to Dunbar to visit my future in-laws I asked the future vegetarian wife (she was neither a vegetarian nor my wife at that point) if we could eat at “Biscuit World”?  She replied, “What…It’s called Tudor’s!” I had to wait five years before another opportunity would present itself. Was it worth it? It depends.

Tudor’s serves breakfast and lunch.  Some might serve dinner, but if it is connected to a Gino’s then your eating pizza and spaghetti after 2pm.  Tudor’s makes excellent biscuit sandwiches. Excellent, yes.  Healthy, no. My favorite is simple.  A pile of bacon slammed betwixt a flaky, butter basted biscuit. It doesn’t have a cute name. The coffee is hot and fresh, but unremarkable.

You can get a biscuits for lunch too, but starting after 11am a variety of country standards are available.  I have had burgers, cabbage rolls and on this visit a BBQ sandwich.  The lunch menu is just OK.  You won’t leave thinking “when can I come here again?” The BBQ sandwich is the best lunch item I’ve had.  It’s a good representation of a WV BBQ sandwich.  The slow roasted pork is pulled and chopped then simmered in a sweet and mild BBQ sauce.  A 4 oz portion of meat is placed in a soft sesame seeded roll and topped with a sweet slaw. The fries were hot, but came out of a brown freezer bag.

One common experience I have had in all Tudor’s is friendly service. The ladies who run the Marmet Tudor’s drive through with military precision do it with wit and a smile. It doesn’t matter if it is Kanawha City or Fayetteville, you will be greeted with good ole mountain hospitality.

TWO FORKS. It could be three, but Tudor’s fails to market a consistent lunch menu across the locations that I have visited.  The Kanawha City location was the worst with only a handful of items listed on the menu.


Misty says…

Someone suggested Tudor’s for a lunch forking, and I have to say, I was eager to go.  Why…because this place was familiar.  We have been to some places lately that are off the beaten path.  And I love Tudor’s breakfast food.

I wasn’t sure what I was going to get for lunch.  My husband and I eat there pretty frequently for breakfast on the weekends.  He always gets the Mr. T.  This is a biscuit with Roast beef and melted cheese.  And right before he eats it, he says, (in, of course, his best Mr. T voice) “I pity the fool.”

I wasn’t in the mood for my typical Tudor’s breakfast selections- which could be any of the following:

  • Mary B with scrambled egg (you must specify “scrambled egg” or you will end up with an egg that resembles a hockey puck)
  • French toast platter with scrambled eggs and bacon
  • Biscuits and gravy (a favorite when I am pregnant)
  • Pancakes with bacon (If you eat in the restaurant, you get warm maple syrup)
  • Blueberry Muffin (This is what I get if I am trying to eat on the lighter side)
  • Peppi minus the pepperoni (which really equals a biscuit with melted cheese)tudors-blt

So after reviewing the menu, I decided on the BLT.  Then the lady who was taking my order asked, “On toast or a biscuit?”  What a pleasant surprise.  After much thought, I decided on the toast.  I really wasn’t in the mood for a biscuit.  It was too breakfast-y.   But I will have to add this to my above list of potentials.

I skipped the fries and only ordered a small regular soda to go with it.

After paying and getting my drink, I had a seat.  It only took a few minutes and they walked my sandwich out to the table.  As you can see, I was so hungry, I forgot about my blogging duties and took a bite out of my sandwich.

The sandwich was pretty good.  The toast was nice and toasty.  There was plenty of bacon and it was crispy.  There was a generous slice of tomato.  And there was a pretty decent piece of iceberg lettuce.  I think the mayo was miracle whip- which I am not a big fan of, but it gave moisture to a sandwich that I would have otherwise had to choke down dry.

I was happy with my selection.  Let face it, it is hard to mess up a BLT.   I give Tudor’s THREE FORKS for lunch.  But I definitely prefer their breakfast offerings.


Susan says…

I have been so far off my DP (diet plan) that I can’t even squint my eyes and see it in the distance anymore.  I even order carby items without fear lately.  This is not a good thing.  I can see hunks of cheese and lots of meat in my future before I gain it all back.


That said, I decided to go light today with the Club Sandwich.  I got the combo because it really doesn’t cost any more than a sandwich plus drink and I figured Ron would happily eat my fries.  Which he did.  I don’t know if he counted the ones he ate off my plate, but you can pretty much double the calorie count on the fries in his analysis to get his true total for the meal.

They had four or five lunch options up on the menu board and I had noticed the few promotional posters announcing the burger and grilled cheese sandwiches.  I need to know what my options are in order to make a decision so I asked “do you have other sandwiches besides those?” pointing to the menu board behind the cashier’s head.  She answered with “We can make whatever you want”.  Really??  Truly???  A reuban? A ham and brie? A grilled chicken with mozzarella, tomato and pesto?  Of course not.  What a crazy answer.  And then how much does “whatever” cost?  There weren’t any prices except on the posters.

Thus I am not sure how much mine cost.  Using my accounting skills, I backed up from our total, extracting the sales tax, and subtracting the price of the burger combo (advertised on the poster at $5.69) and arrived at a price of $7.42 for my Club Combo.  I can’t imagine that the Club would be more than the cheeseburger…even more than the BACON cheeseburger at $5.89.  So, who knows?

We had done some interent research in preparation for today’s lunch therefore we saw the options on the Tudor’s website.  Fish was on the website, but they don’t have that.  A Club was on the website…hit!  But they were out of turkey.  Well, okay, I’ll still take it so we can end this miserable ordering debacle.  I asked for no mayo, paid and sat down.  I looked around and did not see any signage prohibiting me from taking photographs on the main floor of the restaurant, so I also pulled out my trusty camera.

My sandwich looked fine except it was made with that processed non-cheese so I had to quickly disassemble the sandwich to remove the offensive ingredient before it melted and adhered to the other components.  By the time I had disassembled and reassembled my sammie, everyone else was mostly finished.

The sandwich also tasted fine.  You can’t really go wrong with bacon, and bacon came on this Club.  In addition to the bacon (and the non-cheese) I received tomato, lettuce, ham and three slices of bread as is customary with a Club. (I only retained two slices of bread – I was cutting back, you know.)  I tasted a fry, solely for the sake of this blog, and found them to be merely acceptable.  I didn’t feel any heartache whatsoever in giving them up like I would with fries from the Sub Shop.  Oh wait – I wouldn’t give those up!

Clearly, we only came to Tudor’s to cash in on the publicity created by the calorie count bill and all those free biscuits handed out at the committee meeting.   I do occasionally drive through a Tudor’s to get one of their monstrous and monstrously delicious biscuits for breakfast.  Yum, yum!  That would be an entirely different review.  For this lunch experience, however, I am going to give them TWO FORKS and hope no one suggests coming here for lunch again.

Note to management:  Dudes, get some menus!  A dry erase board would work.  Some photocopies of a menu printed off the computer would work.  Something, ANYTHING that lets customers know what the choices are and the prices, for cryin’ out loud.

Tudor’s Biscuit World
Kanawha City location
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10 responses to “What? We Don’t Get a Free Biscuit??? – Tudor’s

  1. The rotisserie chicken at the Tudor’s on Washington street is actually pretty good. It’s been a while, but I remember thinking that it was a hell of a lunch deal, and not that bad for you nutrition-wise. Anyway.

  2. The Mountaineer is the perfect biscuit-based sandwich, and on the short list of all-time great sandwiches, period.

  3. I have missed Tudor’s more than anything else since leaving WV. I have yet to find a biscuit anything like Tudor’s in Texas.

  4. Tudors is like any fast food joint, but with a little bit of a home cooked twist. You get what you pay for.
    Good biscuits loaded with whatever you want and acceptable food. Healthy? Hell no.
    The stunt the WV legislature pulled was down right devious. I hope when the members of that committee come up for reelection their deeds are presented fully and loudly before the voters. How any politician could show such blatant disrespect for a large group of voters and the public health I don’t know. To table the bill is one thing, but to mock it openly is another and one they should pay a real price for.

  5. I was raised on the Mountaineer, and I’m not dead YET. Yet being the key word here. Nonetheless, I have to break down and get a Mountie every once in a while! Great hang over cure!

  6. Honestly, I probably wouldn’t even consider Tudor’s for lunch, unless it was one of my only options…and then I would still probably get one of their FABULOUS biscuits. I take my out of town guests there for breakfast, and I’ve always heard raves.

  7. Theys people @ tha tudors on Washington St e….are horrible sum yung black lady told me i didnt pay 4 my drink….so i just left it sitting…wasnt gna argue n make a scene…but somethng needs 2 b dun bout these rude people…they just lost a customer here

  8. To Heather……I am glad to see that i am not the only person who uses tudors to cure a hangover! I prefer the BLT on toast!

  9. Honestly, you didnt go to a very good one then. The one here in Hurricane is the one I always go to since it’s the town Im in. Obviously, I am defending the place. Their food is amazing. I eat it every week end. And I have since I was a small child. I am not over weight, and I have zero health problems. Tudors doesnt need a nutritional facts. It obviously isnt healthy and the regulars know that. It you want to eat healthy, GO EAT A SALAD. And since when was actual “home cooking” considered good for us? It is meant to be delicious, not nutritious.

  10. At least you at local and locally owned. Employs local people and buys as much as possibly local. Oshel I applaud and appreciate your restaurant and service to our state and community.

    BRS Rogan

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