Almost Too Cute to Eat – Easter Cake Pops


Susan says…

After staring wistfully at the Bakerella website and her fabulous cake pops, Misty & I finally got the nerve up to try to make them ourselves.

The occasion would be Easter.  Partly because we couldn’t take it anymore and partly because the sheep, bunnies and chicks were so adorable it almost pained us to look at them.   Misty would be attending a family dinner and I had a small affair with Ron, my girls and my parents on the horizon.  We would make 100 cake pops! 


The basic cake pop recipe yields 50 pops and we wanted a variety of flavors so I whipped up a chocolate cake and Misty chose French vanilla.  After baking and cooling the 9 x 13 cake according to the package directions, the cake is crumbled into a large bowl and mixed with one tub of store-bought cream cheese frosting.  Then you get into it with your hands and roll the balls, or ovals for the sheep and bunnies.  I realized upon reflection that using my cookie scoop would have been a good idea but they turned out okay despite closely resembling doggie turds (especially given the dark brown of the chocolate!).

It took quite a bit of effort to round up all the various candies and sprinkles that would be needed to turn these balls of cake into ridiculously cute edible critters.  I procured the last supply Friday at lunch and we converged at Misty’s house that night to make the magic happen.


We started with the sheep and quickly realized they were really difficult!  This was definitely a two-man woman job.  I have no idea how Bakerella was able to make these on her own.  Our first sheep received a smooth coat of candy but it dried too fast and Misty was unable to get the sugar pearls (the wool) to attach to the body.  That one had the mange.  The results were much better if I dipped and she poured the sugar pearls onto the body as I gently twirled it.

We managed to get only 9 or 10 sheep out of the one container of white sugar pearls.  Oh well – they were really tough to make anyway.  So we moved onto the simpler bunnies.


My fingernails were too long to pick up the tiny candy hearts (noses) so I was the ‘Dipper’ and Misty was the ‘Decorator’.  We combined the ideas for the cottontail bunnies with the bunnies that sport pastel candy corn ears.  We love the little mini marshmallow tails.

The chicks were easier still.  (Or else I just got better at dipping.)

By the time the clock showed Misty’s bedtime of 11:00 pm, we had knocked out about 70 cake pops with 2 lost in the dipping bowl. I took the rest of the naked cake home to make some pops with the little girls at a later date. 

I am so proud of our cake pops! 


Go to Bakerella’s site and try making some of her imaginative pops yourself.

8 responses to “Almost Too Cute to Eat – Easter Cake Pops

  1. I’m very impressed! They are adorable!

  2. These are all the craze on but I have to admit, I’ve yet to attempt these. I have a baby shower coming up so I’ll probably give it a whirl but they look really complicated and I doubt anything I decorate will come out as cute as the ones you and Misty did…a fine job indeed!!

  3. Tara-
    If you stick with a basic round ball design that you add decorations to after it dries (or just some basic overall sprinkles) I think you’ll have great results.

    I am going to try making the cupcake shape next. I think it also seems relatively simple compared to some of her more ambitious designs.

    The best thing is that the worst that can happen is you have a lot of cake and candy “mistakes” that will need to be eaten!

  4. The Vegetarian Wife

    I cannot stand how cute these are. If Dan would have told me what cake pops were, I would definitely have been there for that party. I have to try this!!

  5. Instead of driving to Erie to visit your in-laws????

  6. I wish i could invited Bakeralla over to my house like PW! You guys did an EXCELLENT job!!

  7. Kudos to you for trying ALL the designs. I tried the Chick ones myself and they were so freaking cute! I forgot to buy the foam to stick them into dry. I end up cutting a pool noodle in half which was a mess…LOL! I can’t wait to make more!!!

  8. just found the, they are GREAT!!!!! I’ll do some for valentines day (heart-shaped), i think they’ll be easier to make (hopefully ;-))

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