In The Mood For Something New?

The Half-Time Bar & Grill

The Charleston Town Center will be welcoming a new restaurant soon.

The former Gratzi’s location will become The Half-Time Bar & Grill.  As the name suggests, this eatery will feature drinks and lotsa televisions.  Also the owner of Bennigan’s, Rick Rose told the Gazette in February that the menu will feature lunches starting at $5.99 and dinner entrees of steak and pasta, beyond the expected salads, burgers and sandwiches.

The Daily Mail reported last month that the renovation work is on track and the restaurant is scheduled for an April opening.   The decor will feature sports memorabilia and a blue/gold paint scheme.


Greenlee Gourmet Popcorn

Located at 600 D Street in South Charleston, the father/son team of Delbert and Terry Greenlee is serving up popcorn, nuts, and cotton candy. 

Future plans include adding homemade candies, BBQ, and hot dogs to the menu.


The former O’ Kay’s location houses a new establishment these days.  Bruno’s, conveniently located for those visiting the Clay Center, has already opened their doors.

The Fork You crew plans to visit all three of these new businesses in the near future and report back to you.


17 responses to “In The Mood For Something New?

  1. Do you have any details on Bruno’s? I was unaware of it being open already.

  2. Main detail:
    It’ll be out of business in a year.

  3. A sports bar in downtown Charleston with blue and gold highlights. . . if the food is mediocre enough and they really emphasize the blue and gold thing they should do well for a while.
    Should this even be considered an option at a sophisticated foodie blog like this?
    Wow, and can’t wait to taste some of that multicolored pop corn! Oh, excuse me, “gourmet” pop corn.
    Is Bruno’s going to be a good Italian pizza joint?

  4. I can’t even find a phone number for Bruno’s – I was going to call for the hours and ask for a menu.

  5. Never, ever claimed to be foodies and as far as I know will never ever make that claim.

    If Half Time shares staff with Bennigans then I’m not sure that the blue and gold paint will help.

    Blue and gold paint appears to be the latest business strategy of Sport’s Mart. SM needs to figure out that there is a sport equipment void between Huntington and Charleston (save Wally World). Set up shop there.

  6. demosthenes.or.locke

    Sag, you haven’t eaten there yet, how do you know the food will be mediocre? You aren’t a foodie (whatever the hell that means) you are just a snob.

    Bennigan’s is not very good, so I don’t have high hopes for the food at the new place but I will actually taste the food they offer before forming an opinion.

  7. demosthenes was a fool who talked ot the waves.

  8. I’ve been to Bruno’s. Good service, limited menu, good pizza.

  9. Bennigans… the closest thing to Irish Cuisine is a baked potatoe.

  10. It is really bothering me that Ron spelled “potato” incorrectly above.

  11. demosthenes.or.locke

    Sag: get a clue and put your wikipedia away, its a reference to a children’s book not the historical figures.

    Bennigans has the fried monte cristo. It isn’t irish but who cares.

  12. And all this time, I thought it was a reference to Ender’s Game.

  13. Let’s talk about the delicious popcorn. I’ve had several flavors: loved the green apple, tasted like an Appletini….a nice punch of flavor the green color is nice too. Jalapeno and cheddar – nice heat and cheesy; cinnamon (red hot’s)- far from it – lacked the spike of spice that I like from lots of cinnamon; cinnamon toast – too buttery; caramel – very bland almost tasteless, just sweet. Like the mushroom kernal popcorn, great taste and holds up to all the goo and is still crunchy. Go eat come popcorn, relax!

  14. demosthenes. . . I don’t need Google to respond to your childish taunts.
    I’m not familiar with the “child’s book” you reference, only the Greek philosopher and the English political commentator.
    Perhaps if you made a few comments about the posts that are made on “fork you” instead of the comments made about those posts. . . are personal attacks and feeble attempts at put downs all ya got?

  15. Demo, Mr. Hillbilly,

    I so hope I get to meet you both at Billy’s on Tuesday. Cheez Its or not, it would make me so very happy.

    Let me know if we need to get a referee. I don’t mind.

  16. This weekend I noticed a sign at Half Time that says, “Open April 20”.

  17. My girlfriend and I ate at halftime thursday evening. Let’s just say that they have alot of work to do. We waited at least 20 minutes to get our drinks upon being seated. Our appetizer order was terrible in taste and appearance. This was after at least anothe 20-30 minute wait. The meals were subs served with the hardest, burnt tasting chips I have ever tasted! And add to the mix, the horrible ambiance. It seemed more like a dance club than a resturant. There was god awful hip hop music being played and accompanied by loud singing idiotic customers wandering around the dining room singing along and grabbing thier crotches.

    I would not recommend this place to my worst enemy1

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