Capitol Food Court Gets Dumped

Susan says…

According to an article in the Charleston Gazette, the Capitol Food Court will undergo a management change in the near future.

Guest Services no longer wants to continue operating the facility located in the basement of the main capitol building.  Even though they’re satisfied with the amount of business, the lack of another Guest Services location in the area makes management of the capitol facility more difficult.  Most of their locations are in the DC Metro area, barring Canaan Valley Resort in Tucker County.

The Department of Administration and Guest Services will be parting on friendly terms and Admin will be looking for another company to operate the food court.

One response to “Capitol Food Court Gets Dumped

  1. Now that the rats and roaches are gone and the place looks like it was built after 1968 it’s no longer fun to eat there. Apparently it’s no longer fun to operate, either.

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