Jamaican Restaurant Opens at Long Last


Susan says…

We’ve been anticipating the opening of the area’s first Jamaican restaurant since we first reported on it back in October.  I don’t know what the hold up was, but you can finally get your jerked chicken and plantains in South Charleston.

Thanks to a reader, we have a couple photos of the menu:



Located at 228 7th Avenue, Jamaica Cuisine is open 10 – 10 Monday through Friday, 11 – 9 on Saturday, and noon – 8 on Sunday.  Lunches run $9.85 and dinner will set you back $14.85 with an upcharge for shrimp and lobster. 

Look for a review in the near future.  In the meantime, read the Daily Mail article here.

14 responses to “Jamaican Restaurant Opens at Long Last

  1. demosthenes.or.locke

    I am immediately suspicious of any jamaican restaurant without ackee & saltfish on the menu, but other than that it looks fairly authentic. Tough to get ackee here anyway, so maybe its for the best. Pepper pot soup, curried mutton, and bammys. All I need is some sangster’s rum cream on the rocks and I’m there.

  2. Looking forward to it.

    I love my chicken jerked.

  3. I tried the jerk chicken. Apparently the authentic way to prepare it is to leave both little pieces and large chunks of bone in the dish? The jerk chicken itself was amazing, but the bones were disconcerting to me.

    It was served with rice and beans, a random piece of lettuce and slice of tomato, and a pastry/roll/bread which was very good.

    We ordered salads, but they never came.

    Unless they get more of a routine down, it seems to me you have to be very vocal to get any service. I’m usually not one to speak up at all, but 30 minutes after we sat down, no one had come by our table to even leave menus (which they were out of anyway – someone came by the tables and recited about five options off the menu). The service was extremely disappointing.

  4. HA! Sounds like Jamaicans running the joint.

  5. demosthenes.or.locke

    yes, the service sounds authentic to what you would actually receive in Jamaica.

  6. From a Charleston area twitter post:

    “It’s been an hour and half since I ate jerk chicken at the new Jamaican place in SoChas, and my nose is still running!”

    Yep, I’m definitely going. The nose-run test is an important one for capsaicin-philes.

  7. 1. The service was fine when I was there on Sunday.
    2. The curried goat was really tasty, and whatever the stuff was that came with it was good as well.
    3. They do have saltfish.
    4. They had no menus, the server told me what they had to offer, which was very limited (jerk chicken, goat and red snapper).
    5. It’s way too expensive for dinner.

  8. Stanton-
    do you have a video to share with us?

  9. Hmm, goat on a WV menu? I’m both impressed and appalled.

    Impressed because goat is such a tasty meat and is more difficult to find around here than lamb – which can be nearly impossible at times. Appalled because I’ve recently been exposed to some pet goats and they’re cool little creatures that often have more brains and personality than most dogs. Those eyes are creepy though.

  10. I had the curry goat on Sunday. Yum. Pics and review to follow.

  11. The boyfriend and I tried this place out for our date night last night, and I have to say that I’m still wavering on the fence.

    We both had the jerk chicken, and thought it wasn’t pulled it was still pretty tasty. Just enough spice to give your lips a tingle, but not spicy enough that you couldn’t taste the rest of the flavors on your plate. However, as mentioned above, the bits of bones that one found in the meat and the marrow that was oozing out of the bones was a little off-putting.

    They were still out of menus, and service was a little rusty.

    But definitely not as off-putting as the total bill, including tax and tip, for two sodas and two jerk chickens was about $40.00.

    Also when planning a trip here, be sure and call ahead. Not all menu items are available all the time. They have a menu of 32 dishes that rotate in and out daily.

  12. I know of more goat farmers in WV than sheep farmers. Goat is becoming quit popular in other places (where there are caribe people to share the love) which is where the WV meat goats end up.

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