News Nibbles


We reported the possibility of some specials during the basketball tournament at Billy’s.  Here is the announcement for Friday’s game.  (Click on the image to see it larger.)

They will open at 2:00 for the 3:00 game and the specials begin at 2:00 also.

Does anyone recommend another location to watch the game?  Fill us in by commenting below!  Do you think our bosses will know something’s up if a bunch of people sudddenly get sick at lunch on Friday???


7 responses to “News Nibbles

  1. You’re going to HAVE to take the afternoon off if you go to Murad’s based on today’s experience. A table near us ended up getting their food packaged to go because they had been there so long. It wasn’t even all that crowded but our lunch hour turned into a lunch hour and forty or so minutes.

  2. We had a LONG lunch at Murad’s once, also. An unintended long lunch. When that happens, I get so nervous and antsy, I can’t enjoy myself. All I can think about is how late I am going to be getting back to work. Then other times at Murad’s we have received our meals and checks promptly. We don’t go there without considering the possibility they’ll be operating at a snail’s pace.

  3. The whole “bleu cheese sauce” scares me. Sounds like code for “mayonnaise, mayonnaise, and some more mayonnaise.” My chicken livers and buffalo wings will be ordered sauceless, thanks.

    And thanks for the continuing info on Billy’s. $2.. premium draft pints? There I shall be.

  4. basketball tournament? Is someone local playing?
    I’ve heard there are some quaint little food rituals done around sports events.
    Can’t blame Bill for cashing in on that sector.

  5. demosthenes.or.locke

    Sag, you are so funny, laughing at the plebes and their silly games!

  6. d&l, It’s “proles,” not “plebes.”
    tsk, tsk. Such lack of sagacity.

  7. demosthenes.or.locke

    Plebes = short for plebeians. Bill is cashing in on “that sector” because lucky for Charleston, pretentious douchebags are not a large demographic, plus they are all busy at the bridge road bistro, spending $6 for potato chips with green onions sprinkled on them.

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