Cheap Family Eats – Giovanni’s

Tracey says….

I want to say a few kind words about a little pizza joint down the street.  No, it’s not quaint little Lola’s. It’s not one of the master chains, like Papa John ‘s or Pizza Hut.  It’s Giovanni’s on Spring St.  We have been ordering the Tuesday carry-out special more Tuesdays than not since Veggie Offspring #2 was born almost five years ago.  At the risk of jinxing myself, I will say that they have NEVER gotten our order wrong, though we occasionally mix it up by ordering half of this and half of that on our one-topping large pizza for 6.99.

Never gotten it wrong.  I mean, in the “good old days” of good customer service, this would have been nothing to write home about.  But, in today’s real world of employees who don’t give two hoots, there is something to be said for that crew.

I take a stupid pleasure, too, in the fact that they know which pizza is mine when I rush in the door on my way home from work.  And when they ring me up, they say, “see you next week!”  It’s like CHEERS or something in there!  “Bum, da da da da di di!  Bum, da da da da di di!  I wanna go where people know…..”  OK, OK.  Anyway, I love it.

Giovanni’s crust is middle-of-the-road.  Not too pan and not too thin-and-crispy.  It’s just about right.  The sauce has a nice flavor, it too is middle-of-the-road.  I love tangy sauce and Dan likes it a little sweeter, but we can agree on Giovanni’s.  The toppings are not gourmet, but they get the job done.  Of course, at the Vegetian household, we usually rotate thru green peppers, banana peppers, mushrooms, and black olives, so my scope is limited here.


Another favorite is the breadsticks.  The sticks have an italian spice which can be very spicy and yummy.  Dan will occasionally get a sandwich, so I’ll let him weigh in on that.  And, now and again, we’ve picked up a salad.  I would only do this in desperate situations because they don’t scream FRESH AND DELICIOUS the way one made from home can be.

I have to say that my most favorite pizza is Graziano’s (from the Charleston Town Center Mall) and always has been, but for this great price and such friendly service, you can’t beat Giovanni’s on a Tuesday night!

3 forks!
4 carrots for Vegetarian friendliness in menu items

118 Spring St
Charleston, WV 25302

(304) 345-2525

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8 responses to “Cheap Family Eats – Giovanni’s

  1. I love pizza and could eat it for every meal every day of the week. I’m a meat lover but can’t get enough of Giovanni’s Mediterranean Pizza – tomatoes, onions, black olives, feta,
    6 different cheeses, and dusted with
    Italian and Greek spices. The Tropical Pizza – ham, pineapple and bacon is also tasty.

    The other nice thing about Giovanni’s is convenient parking. I love Graziano’s (on Cap St . . . the one in the mall is not as good, in my opinion, for some reason I can’t pinpoint) but it’s often difficult to find a spot on Capitol St when I need to pick up my to go order.

    I’ve been wanting to try other items on the menu Since you recommended the breadsticks, maybe I’ll branch out and get some of those . . . with my Med. Pizza.

  2. Waaaay back in the late 1980’s, I lived in St. Albans through the infamous Shadyside Road tunnel. Back then there was a Giovanni’s next to the 7-11 on Shadyside Rd. Other pizza places didn’t deliver to us through the tunnel then, so Giovanni’s was the most convenient for us and we also loved it. I don’t know if all Giovanni’s have stopped doing this, but some used to cut the pizzas so that the pieces were small squares instead of triangle pie slices. I loved the square pieces!

    Also, through my work, I was stuck in Catlettsburg, Kentucky a few years ago for a long trial that was right down the street from the Giovanni’s there. With limited time for lunch during the trial and a limited selection of eateries (mostly fast food), we spent our lunch hour every day for weeks at Giovanni’s. Yes, it got old, but I was able to partake in almost everything they have to offer. Of course, their pizzas were as good as all the other locations’ and their sandwiches were very good too. I particularly like the Italian sub, the Hamwich and the Big Red steak sandwich. I’ve never been disappointed with anything I’ve had from any location. Good stuff!

  3. Another good pizza bargain is the $5.99 large pizza pick-up special at Gino’s. That’s a good option for those of us that pass a Gino’s on the way home.

    We tried Gino’s to get the kids off their Husson’s kick. (Ron & I don’t like Husson’s.) They have a marketing scheme involving the school and I am not comfortable with them sending fliers home with my kids. Should they be using the elementary school kids as advertisement? Are they allowed to spread their propoganda at school???

  4. Husson’s is one of my least favorite pizzas too. I NEVER order it. But, hey, it’s still pizza. And in my opinion, bad pizza is still pretty good!

  5. Giovanni’s cuts their larger pizzas into squares.

    And, I agree with LAL – Husson’s isn’t good but it’s still pizza and that usually works for me (unless it’s Little Ceasar’s – cardboard covered in ketchup does not a pizza make).

  6. I will also confirm that the 18″ pie at Giovanni’s is cut into squares.

    I have had many of the sandwiches and enjoyed them all. My favorites are the Hamwich and the Gyro.

    I must be weird because I love Husson’s Pizza. I like the sweet sauce. It is not a New York Style.

    Don’t dis on Pizza, Pizza. That was my first food job!

  7. I LOVE the pepperoni pounder from Giovanni’s. And I was really surprised that when he came for a visit that my dad fell in love with the place. Now whenever we go back to Wheeling he asks if we brought, ‘one of those pizzas.’

  8. Tony The Tailor

    Giovanni’s reminds me of a ’70s little pizza joint in the East End called Angelo’s, it was at the corner of Maxwell and Washington. Pies were cut into square slices. My favorite is still Graziano’s, but when we order quantity it is Giovanni’s extra larges and their baked spaghetti and Greek salads are delicious too!

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