Billy’s Soho’s at Southridge – Menu and Update

Thanks to a reader, we have the menu from Billy’s Soho’s @ Southridge.  Click on the thumbnails for a full-size version that is readable without a high-powered microscope.



Some of the old favorites are still available, including those delicious and crispy beer-battered onion rings and the candied yams.  Maybe they should list the yams under the dessert section.  Mmmmmm….

Amie Dodson, Chef Sohovich’s daughter, tells Fork You that the menu is a work-in-progress, so don’t be surprised if you experience a slightly different menu when you visit them.

I would really like to see a Deathmatch between Billy’s Dinsmore 2 and the oyster sandwich at Tricky Fish.   My guess is Billy’s version is huge, like the other portions I have witnessed emerging from his kitchen.   Billy’s is priced at $7.95 which includes fries.  Chef Sohovich is competing with another dish as well: red snapper tacos, served with red beans and rice, for $8.95.

Another new addition to the menu: make-your-own pastas.  Starting at $10.95 you receive the pasta, bread and a small salad. Protein and veg can be added for additional charges.

The pastas, grilled portabella hoagie, grilled seasonal vegetables, boca-mozarella bites and portabella fries provide options for vegetarians that were unavailable under the original Billy’s menu. Kudos to the Chef for making the Vegetarian Wife smile.

And talk about a great deal!  Look at the beer prices for the Game Night special they just had on Friday night.  Wow!  We are all about that.  With a dining room full of TVs, this restaurant is the perfect venue for watching sporting events and the specials should fill the place with thirsty fans. 


$1 domestc draft pints and $2 import draft pints are the stars of the game night specials.  Appetizer sampler platters help please everyone at the table – pick three for $8.95 or 6 for $12.95.  The specials ran the entire duration of the game. 

Amie isn’t sure when they’ll run the specials again, but I put my two-cent’s-worth in that I think they should offer it for all the upcoming tournament games.

UPDATE:  We received another email from Amie on 3/17/09 with excellent news – the $1 and $2 beer prices are the EVERYDAY PRICES.  That totally rocks.  And she said they will have appetizer specials for tournament.  Ron and I are definitely going to check them out for a game.

It appears that Billy’s Soho’s @ Southridge now offers menu items to please a wider array of clientelle. Whether you enjoy home-cookin’, pasta, or something more high-brow like escargot or oysters Rockefeller, you may find just the thing to hit the spot.  We liked it under it’s first incarnation – read our review here.  Sounds like a re-review is in order…


32 responses to “Billy’s Soho’s at Southridge – Menu and Update

  1. Beer list, anyone?


  2. demosthenes.or.locke

    Last time I was there they had guinness, blue moon, newcastle, and a couple other similar beers on tap along with something from the mountaineer brewing company and your usual selection of american lagers. Might have had one or two other things too, I can’t recall. I didn’t ask what they had bottled. Not the best beer list, but its hard to get $1 or $2 pints without driving out to a bar in the middle of nowhere.

  3. Hmmmm, looks like a slightly interesting menu for Charleston, but also a bit expensive for what he’s trying to do out there. $10 for 1/2 doz. raw, $12 for meatloaf, $12 for red beans and rice?!
    Nothing that made me wanna run out there at those prices.

    • maybe you should “RUN” to tidewater & look at there prices!!!most anything soho does will end up being better than most.

  4. The newly minted name alone tells me this place doesn’t know what it wants to be. Billy’s Soho’s at Southridge?

    But I’ll go ahead and say that the prices are still too high for the target (or Wal-Mart, actually) audience. Especially in this suck-ass economy. Eating out is the very first thing people cut back on. God knows I have.

    Almost half the menu is seafood. I doubt if many of the people who turn left at the light on the way home are going to pay $19 for trout or $16 for salmon. They go to Red Lobster for that. Or Captain D’s. But that’s assuming that they eat food that comes from the ocean at all.

    The biggest offenders are the $16 baked steak, and $12 chicken & dumplings. These dishes cost almost nothing to prepare, and the people who are most likely to order them know that.

    The burgers are reasonable, but most of the aps are pushing it. $7 for 8 wings? Whatever happened to .25 or .50 cent wings? Chicken wings are not that frakking expensive. And $9 for 5 individual shrimp? At least if there were 6, you wouldn’t have to fight over the last one.

  5. You all make good points.

    Personally, I feel the salad and sandwich prices are competitive. The entree prices do appear a bit steep (and there were a lot of comments to the article in the paper about the pricing, also) but I’ll reserve my final judgment until I see the size of the portions. Refer back to our review of Billy’s – At first glance, I thought I was going to be the victim of an overpriced rip-off, but when the huge portions arrived, I felt they were justified.

    However, the typical Southridge crowd might be looking for a thrifty pricetag above all else. I would love to know how many plates of escargot and oysters they end up serving in a month.

    It seems to me they are trying a little bit of everything to please a larger crowd. No matter what you think about the rest of the prices, you gotta admit those beer specials are great, though.

  6. cfran, cfran “run”
    Yes, Bill will do whatever he is serving very well. There is no doubt in my mind that you will get really, really good red beans and rice.
    See “hippiekillers” comments.
    BTW: I never “run” to Tidewater, but there are some places here in SW Fl (where I’m at now) that I “run” to.

  7. We received another email from Amie today to let us know that the $1 and $2 beer prices are the, get this: EVERYDAY PRICES. Day-am.

    Also, they are planning some appetizer specials during the upcoming bball tournament.

    Ron and I will have to check them out. Hell, I can even afford to pay this time!

  8. demosthenes.or.locke

    Using beer to draw people in? That will probably work in the short term but I hope this isn’t the final menu.

  9. SagaciousHillbilly,have been there 3 times,portions,larger than any of his other 2 restaurant,s & if the mob want,s, out of the can,out of a bag,they should keep on going to the other area restaurants that keep getting bandied about, would you believe he even uses real potatoes,(mashed,fries)bet the others cannot make that claim. most of these folks that are posting must be reading a menu that i have not seen as most of the prices they post are incorrect,they must be from ohio.checked with the rest,blue point oysters,i know your fla,s are good but nothing wrong with these,i mean come on blue point,s at southridge,rockfeller,s with real hollandaise? i cannot seem to find liver on the menu.

  10. cfran-
    the chicken livers are listed under appetizers on the second thumbnail above.

    beer will draw Ron in over and over and over and over…

  11. MGB (11:26am 03-13-2009)Bill needs to make some adjustments to the prices he was charging for his “home cooked” food. A plate of liver should not cost 20 bucks. from the daily mail

  12. I ain’t gonna pay 20 bucks for a meatloaf when I can go down to the Farm Table and get more bang for my buck. perhaps need,s new glasses? daily mail feedback.

  13. cfran-

    I think you are reproducing comments from the recent newspaper article. If so, the individuals you are quoting have erroneous or perhaps outdated information.

    The menus we have included in this post are current, although Amie said there could be some modifcations made since they haven’t completely settled on a final menu.

    That said, the chicken livers are $6.95, not $20.

    The meatloaf is $11.95, not $20.

    I personally don’t care if you patronize Billy’s or not, but I don’t want people to obtain false information from our site if we can prevent it.

  14. i will stay only with this web sight,i apologize , i just do not like to see bad info in the press.

  15. cfran-

    no need to apologize – I just thought we needed some clarification on the pricing. I didn’t think they were your own opinions.

  16. i’ve heard they took another SOHO’s chef up there to improve the food.

  17. Chicken livers for 6.95, decent beer selection (all things considered), and crazy-ass beer prices. All right, I’ll try it again.

  18. Prices still seem a little steep for some of the entrees and appetizers. I guess it’s just a sign of the times since I’ve noticed most places are raising prices on pretty much everything. What gets me, though, is the prices of salads. Here lately, most places are charging close to $10 for a salad that has something other than just veggies, such as chicken or shrimp. And most of those salads contain mostly iceburg lettuce, which is cheap.

    And this is another complaint on the general level. I most of the time watch what I eat and therefore, don’t care for a restaurant’s “free” rolls, bread, etc. How ’bout taking the price off my meal if I deny them? I know that won’t happen, but if I ask that they don’t even bring them, I shouldn’t be charged for them. I have the same gripe about grits (in the south they are automatically served with most breakfast meals.) I don’t like them and I don’t want them. So don’t charge me when I tell you not to bring them! If I order an extra serving, they’ll charge me $1 plus for it, so why not take that $1 plus off my bill??? Wishful thinking, I know…….

  19. I agree with LAL’s general complaint about the free rolls. That means nothing to me, either. Also, many times I ask them to hold a bun, rice, potato or other carb-loaded item but you are never offered a discount. I try to ask for a substitution instead of extra veg in exchange for the starch but at some places, there is very little veg.

    Now here’s a general observation related to LAL’s comment: people that try to eat healthy get ripped off. Take, for instance, Subway. if you get your sub as a salad instead, they hit you with a ridculous upcharge. I only did that once. I just don’t believe that a pile of iceberg lettuce costs that much more than a 6″ slab of freshly baked bread.

    Salads at most places are outrageously priced, even the fast food joints. I guess they figure the people that are committed to eating healthy will do so no matter the price difference.

    But I can always complain about it.

  20. I got a Grilled Chicken salad from Gino’s today. It’s the special salad of the day priced at $4.49. Depending on the day of the week, they have either a ham & cheese salad (T & F), antipasto (W) or grilled chicken (M & Th) as one of their lunch specials each day of the week at $4.49. A pretty good price for a decent salad. The chicken was warm and had really good flavor. There’s always lots of shredded mozzarella cheese and bacon, and they come with tomato, onion and green peppers.

    Here’s the kicker, though. I don’t eat tomatos, onions or green peppers, but I add green olives. And guess what??? I get charged for the olives, but nothing deducted for not getting what comes standard on the salad. But I got four packs of crackers, which I don’t eat, and two dressings when I only need one. Makes no sense.

  21. Been there a couple times and the menu is a work in process, so keep that in mind. Some of the prices quoted above are not true. Go see for yourself. I like the experimenting and welcome the new addition to the restaurant scene, especially in Southridge. If you are looking to eat cheaply–eat elsewhere. I would say the prices, for Charleston, for the quality you get are fair. But it is not Bob Evans, not intended to be and not priced as such.

    Geesh. Tired of hearing about how “expensive” something is. I’m more concerned about the value. So far, in my experience, there is value at Billy’s. If you want cheap food–lots of good alternatives all around.

  22. Susan, I’m a big fan of ordering a sub at subway and scraping the insides out and eating them that way. The shredded lettuce they use for the salad kinda grosses me out.

  23. Tara-
    On my last visit to Subway, I took advantage of the $5 footlong deal. I ate half of the sandwich by transferring the fillings to a low-carb wrap and the other half I just ate with my fingers. Messy, but effective. The people I eat with are sometimes embarrassed by my behavior. Sounds like you would be more comfortable with my quirks than they are.

  24. Went to Billy’s last night – it was great. Really friendly waiter (who entered our orders in on a palm pilot – hi tech!), mac and cheese to die for, tasty salad, and $1 West Virginia microbrew drafts. You really can’t go wrong.

    • James-
      Thanks for the comment. I’m glad to see your using a name other than “Me”, but for some reason I think your real name might be Todd.

  25. Or someone who is using someone else’s email address to avoid spam?

    • Your email address is not included with your posted comment. So don’t worry about, spam, ham or bacon. We have only emailed two of our commentors so far. But a consistency of IP addresses I see.

  26. I finally tried Billy’s today. Although I do think the prices are a little high, the portions are large.

    Overall we were pleased with our food. Husband got the meatloaf, which he said was “pretty good” and the green beans were “very good.”

    I had one of the specials – a prime rib sandwich. I ordered it with provolone cheese only, specifically said I wanted nothing else on it, but they still brought it with lettuce and tomato. No problem, since it was open faced and easily removed. I asked if it came au jus (the French Dip is my fav sandwich) and the waitress said it could if I wanted it to. I noted prime rib au jus on the menu so that should be easy enough. I envisioned thinly sliced, tender and juicy prime rib and the broth typically served with a French Dip. What I got, however, was thinly sliced hard and dry prime rib. They apparently grilled it after slicing it. The “jus” was gravy.

    After hearing your raves about the onion rings, I chose them as my side and was not disappointed. They were delicious!

    I love the decor of this restaurant (as I did when it was Smokey Bones). This is probably not a place we’ll go often, but we will try it for a change now and then.

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  28. My family has frequented Billy’s for several months now, and greatly enjoys it. Personally, I do not think that the prices are as bad as other locally owned restaurants. In fact, I would say this is on the more affordable side. You have to realize that when you get your meal, you are essentially getting your dinner, and a full meal to take home. It is a lot of food. Furthermore, the quality of the food is amazing. The gumbo is the best I have ever tasted, and the spinach salad is great. I also really enjoy the jambalaya and red beans and rice. It can be a bit difficult to find really good Cajun food in Charleston, but this is a great place to go. Personally, I don’t think the prices are any worse than the Olive Garden and Red Lobster plopped down right next to it, yet with a significantly better experience.

  29. Oh my gosh! I have been looking for a SOHO menu online for the longest time. Thanks so much posting this…and for the guy who gave you the file to post. Now I can decide on what to eat without pressure from the people waiting behind me.

    Zooey Menus Prices

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