Whole Foods Petition

Fork You received the following email:

whole-foodHello fellow foodies:

I am on a one-woman mission to get Whole Foods in Charleston.  Will
you please post this and/or forward this along to your friends, family
members, or random encounters.

I need your help in getting a Whole Foods into the Charleston market.
Follow the link, scroll down to the bottom, go under “Contact us via
email”, click the box, go to “Store Location request”, type in your
name/email and put “Charleston, West Virginia”, then forward this to
all of your friends!

The link is: http://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/company/contact_submit.php




In the interest of food-lovers, home cooks, and those who like to pick up women at grocery stores, consider Megan’s plea. 

I am thinking that if Whole Foods is good enough for the Top Chef Cheftestants, it’s good enough for me!!


18 responses to “Whole Foods Petition

  1. Whole Foods is so expensive that I don’t think it could survive here. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to have that kind of food selection available, but I couldn’t afford to shop there on a regular basis. When I lived in Portland, OR, I would only shop there occasionally if I wanted something specific that I couldn’t get at the regular grocery store or if I felt like splurging.

    Now Trader Joe’s, on the other hand, is affordable. Whether there would be enough demand for their products in Charleston, I don’t know, but it’s affordable.

  2. I have never been to a Whole Foods – I just know it looks fantastic on Top Chef. Right now my only hope to find less common ingredients is Ashton Place Kroger. But if Whole Foods is rather pricey, expect most of our residents to keep on going to Wally World where cheap is the name of the game.

    I LOVE going to Trader Joe’s. And Raging Red is absolutely correct in saying it is affordable. We took a cooler on our recent trip to Columbus so I could bring back refrigerated or frozen items from Trader Joe’s in addition to the case of Two Buck Chuck. ($3 Buck Chuck in Ohio)

  3. yes i will!!! I would give my pinky toe for a Whole Food OR a Trader Joes.

  4. Sorry to be a downer, but Whole Foods in CRW simply ain’t gonna happen. Major American cities like Pittsburgh can only support one; CRW won’t support even that. The entire Kanawha valley doesn’t have the critical mass, population-wise. Throw in the generally high price level of a Whole Foods (although much of the food there is actually pretty reasonable; try the store label stuff and it’s not pricey at all.) and it Just. Won’t. Happen.

    Me, I’d love to have one here. Trader Joe’s, too. I’d also like a Half-Price Books and a Costco. But I don’t expect any of these to come our way any time soon, petitions or not. Not in our market and certainly not in this economy.

  5. I agree with Susan- the market for a Whole Foods in Charleston is almost certainly to be very small

  6. Never happen. If it does, it won’t last.
    I’ve been to a couple “Whole Foods.” They are very expensive and not all that great. I was surprised how low quality much of their stuff was. . . lots of “fresh” seafood and frozen “organic” poultry from China as an example. Not impressed.
    A small specialty market would be more feasible.

  7. Tony The Tailor

    Market is too small….anyway we have the “celebrity Krogers” to shop at 🙂

  8. demosthenes.or.locke

    Red is exactly right…. whole foods is just too expensive. I would continue to shop the Ashton Kroger’s and hit whole foods for specialty items once in a while. If we got one, it would last less than six months. I will just be happy if what we have now (capitol market, that fish place near Leon Sullivan way, etc.) survive the economic downturn.

    Anyone here been to the asian market in South Charleston? They have real fresh seafood and a lot of interesting stuff.

  9. I’d actually be perfectly happy with the Kroger’s Alton Brown frequents on Good Eats. Whenever he says “local megamart” I:

    1) take a drink, because that phrase is part of the Good Eats drinking game, and;

    2) yell at the television something to the effect of “Not in THIS state, Rogaine boy!”

    I have rage issues.

  10. I would love a Whole Foods, a Trader Joe’s or a Fresh Market, but I agree that we likely won’t see one here. However, couldn’t Charleston support a good gourmet market…just a small one? We desperately need a place with upscale kitchen equipment (like the late Kitchen Caboodle at the South Hills Shops) and a good selection of prepared foods as well as specialty ingredients. There was a very small place at the Capitol Market for a brief time, but it didn’t last.

  11. @EB, to answer your question, “couldn’t Charleston support a good gourmet market…just a small one?” , we sadly need only one syllable:


    The Wine and Cheese Shop, Purple Onion, and Aston Place Kroger are likely to be about as good as we’ll get for a long, long time.

    Here’s my technique to get around our local market’s shortcomings: buy a cooler, make an excuse to go to Pittsburgh, and hit the Strip/Whole Foods/Trader Joes. There’s a great restaurant/bar near Whole Foods called Sharp Edge. Get a nice Belgian ale (in authentic glassware), try the wings, finish off with a glass of the mystery draft (rotated frequently), then come home to WV.

  12. The Sharp Edge is my favorite place in the world.

  13. WF will not come here. Not the right demographics, folks. They want young (nope), well educated (while Charleston is an oasis in southern WV of educated folks, still not what they look for), higher income (uh, no) folks to be all around, and I imagine population of at least 200k or higher (barely make that one). Sadly, won’t happen here.

  14. To all the Whole Food downers…just give it a chance, you don’t know who may give it a shot until you build it. We just need more variety in the area. I love Trader Joes too, but Whole Foods has more bulk and pantry options. Just give it a shot people!

  15. I remember staying with grandmother back when it would take her an entire day to do her shopping. She’d head to the St. Albans Parkway, then Black Angus and so on. (Disclaimer: I enjoy Whole Foods — the one in Columbus/Dublin carries Maggie’s Salsa and milk from a dairy in Pomeroy–and I like Trader Joe’s for its personality and affordability.) I wish we would focus on what we do have rather than what we don’t. Buying local takes a little work, a little forethought and it’s not feasible for everything, but it’s a start and I think you’d be surprised at what you find. I know I certainly was. And for the rest, get in your car and drive.

  16. demosthenes.or.locke

    Megan, a whole foods that goes out of business 3 months after it opens will be worse for Charleston than a whole foods that never exists. If a whole foods comes in and goes out of business, what do you think our chance of getting a trader joe’s is?

  17. I think Trader Joe’s stands a better chance of succeeding than Whole Foods–of course I would love to see either! I’m thinking back to various chains over the years that were NOT in WV, including WalMart–presumably because “the market wasn’t there”–and yet, once they DID open a location here, were then expanding within a year. So–I don’t know. We still need a supermarket in the East End–meanwhile, my grocery shopping is piecemeal between Kroger’s, Sam’s Club, Big Lots, Capitol Market, and the international grocery.

  18. Why couldn’t Whole Foods work out here? A lot of people in the East End are moving toward gentrification: Bluegrass, Frutcake, etc… There’s talk of a wine and cheese shop going in as well. People are desperate for a market in walking distance, and WOULD shop at Whole Foods, even with its higher price, because it’s there. And, by the way, cheaper than buying grocery items at Rite Aid out of necessity.

    I’ve been to many Whole Foods markets in smaller, economically similar places. There is a large vegetarian/vegan population here (well, compared to the size of the population in total), and a lot of people working at the hospital and capital complex who have come from larger cities and are dying for some food options AND who have the money to spend there.

    I, for one, am spamming Whole Foods with location requests.

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