Journalistic Credibility takes another hit.. Fork You just finds out about the Hooters Remodeling!! Travesty


Hooters Rennovates since December!!??  What???   It was just the other day I had a client in my office asking me if Hooters in Charleston was closed.  I said I’ve heard nothing.  I even went out on a limb to say I wrote for the greatest food blog situated along the Kanawha River and that our sources said nothing…  So much for you Twitterific folks. 

So over the weekend I was listening to the radio and sure enough they said they are getting ready for their Grand “ReOpening”.   My how did this great Food Blog miss the boat on this?  Too busy worrying about goose livers and the merits of eating at Chains I guess so this Earth Shattering news fell through the cracks.

So even though you don’t want it I’m going to give it to you anyway.  My Opinion.  Keep in mind it is simply my Opinion.   My Opinion, thoughts, hints, allegations, and things better left unsaid, do not represent the views and opinions of the full staff of Fork You.  They are simply mine.. so sit down and prepare to be offended (or bored or both).

Grand ReOpening – What the hell does that mean?  In Hooters case I think it’s going to be a bad “ReImaging” a la Tim Burton style (click the link to get the full effect of the joke).

Hooters has always been a place for me that sounded cool, but actually sucked in the end.  Think about it.  How can a place that boasts of scantily clad busty chicks, serving bar food, while watching sports come off so bad?   This should be simple.  Somewhere along the way Hooters forgot about the food part of their equation, I suspect this happened before they migrated to the WV area, as I think they are known more now for T-Shirts and Calendars than their wings.  Really is a Hooter wing really “World Famous”?   How the hell do you even define “World Famous”.    Heck I probably have a “World Famous but yet unheard of Blog” on my own. 

Personally I think their wings stink.  They are way overpriced, and “Nuclear” is about as hot as BW3’s “Hot“.  The only thing I think is cool about their wings is that I can order them “Naked” and say “Naked” to a chick.  It’s been so long since I’ve really been to Hooters that I’m not sure what their wings are priced at in today’s economy.

Sandwiches – very edible, but is there a sandwich on the menu that makes me say… “Man I haven’t had a Chicken Sandwich from Hooters in a few weeks.  I have to stop and get me one.” – Nope, no such sandwich.  Most of the ones I get there are pretty basic bordering on bland.  (My Opinion, and because it’s an Opinion I can say that).

Salads – lettuce.

Beer – of all the reviews that I’ve written, one staple complaint I typically have is over priced beer.  Hooters probably wrote the book on this.   One time a few years ago, me and two friends racked up $200 in beer prices alone at what is advertised to be a Sports Bar.   Me and my friends would have been dead if we had spent $200 at The Sports Page in Morgantown on beer.

The Sports Bar – I always did think that Hooters would be a good place to go watch a game.   They sure advertised specials a lot on the radio etc… However the times I went the specials never seemed to include the drinks.  The place was always so loud that it was hard to follow the game.  Plus the TV’s all seemed to be up so high I felt I was always straining my neck to view them, thus watching the game became more of a nusance than enjoyment.

The Chicks – OPINION REMEMBER – Personally I always felt the Charleston Hooters never represented West Virginia favorably in this department.   I could go really below the belt on this, and I’m sure it’s been said by several people on here…  But it wasn’t until the Hooters in Barboursville opened that the quality of “hotness” was worth frequenting the overpriced beer and wing place.  I guess that’s because the Greater Huntington Area Community College has more suitable candidates for employment.  You know a greater pool from which to pull from than the Charleston Hooters does. 

Now I ask you, will a newly ReOpened ReImaged Hooters in Charleston change all of that?  Does a full service bar really mean that much?  More TV’s?  Isn’t there a point where you have too much going on that it becomes a distraction?   They’re probably even adding more of those wires going across the ceiling on which to slide things back and forth.   

susanhooterweeme1All of that stuff I can get at home…  The key is the food.  Will the food be good?  Hooters as I said always seemed to have so-so food at a Soo-Soo price, and even though I thought it was ok and sometimes good, at the end of the day I always determined that I just got Jacked Up..  

Accroding to the WSAZ article this place was supposed to be ReImaged by the Super Bowl…. the delay I doubt is caused by them perfecting their wing recipie, but instead probably by picking the best T-Shirt to best capture the new store… “Limited Time Only $35”

Will this ReImaging change that?  I dont’ know but I’m betting against it… But rest assured I will find out.


10 responses to “Journalistic Credibility takes another hit.. Fork You just finds out about the Hooters Remodeling!! Travesty

  1. Ron-

    You need to go to the China buffet more often. All the rest of us knew it was closed. The thing is: no one seems to care. And I think you have given plenty of reasons why that’s the case.

    p.s. Where’s my hooterlicious cleavage???

  2. This post was right on target. I especially agree with the section about ‘The Chicks’.

  3. The location of the Hooter’s definitely dictates the quality of the “hooters”. When I was in the Navy training in San Antonio, I frequented a Hooters there that appeared to be staffed by Victoria Secrets models.

  4. demosthenes.or.locke

    “Closed for Implants”

  5. demosthenes.or.locke

    Any rule you can apply to a strip club can also be applied to a hooters.

    1. Don’t go for the food.

    2. Quality of women directly linked to proximity of colleges.

    3. Probably others.

  6. Cleavage is nice. It goes well with damn near anything. This blog would be better with a little cleavage, but it’s gotta be really good cleavage before it’s worth paying big bucks for shitty food and I aint never seen none that was that good. Titty flesh is titty flesh.
    Sagaciously yours,

  7. For what it’s worth, it was open this evening.

  8. P.S.



  9. demosthenes.or.locke

    Yeah heard on the radio it re-opened last night with new management.

    Any news on Billy’s re-opening, or what might go in its place? There are a few chains I’d love to see in there, like cheesecake factory.

    Anyone hear anything new on the sports bar going into the old Gratzi’s space? Supposedly to be serving food?

  10. “Greater Huntington Area Community College”


    Blog redeemed.

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