Cafe de Paris Temporarily Closed

Susan says…cafe-paris-closed

One day after work last week, I snapped these photos of Cafe de Paris. 

Apparantly they are temporarily closed.  Who knows when they will resume serving their French-inspired entrees.

(And what happened to the other half of the front door that it is now a sheet of plywood?)


22 responses to “Cafe de Paris Temporarily Closed

  1. My guess is that the manager (who may or may not have had a family emergency) absconded with the keys and they had to rip off the door to gain entry.

    This is only a guess.

  2. Been closed for a while, I think even before or right after Christmas

  3. Tony-

    I guess that shows how much attention I give the place.

    People have suggested we review it, but they say it in much the same way someone might say “taste this” after swallowing spoiled milk. you know?

  4. demosthenes.or.locke

    This place sucks ass. You can’t even drink there. A friend of mine was served a brown cosmo there. You order a drink on the rocks and they add tonic water. Its bad news.

  5. Yes, D/L is right. The place sucks. It is French cooking straight from an old Julia Childs cookbook but poorly executed. Throw in a large helping of pretentiousness with bland cliche food and it’s no wonder it’s closed. Oh, wait, that’s exactly what Charleston hill folk like. . .

  6. We noticed that it was closed on Valentine’s Day! However, we didn’t care much either because none of my friends have ever heard anything good about the place!

  7. demosthenes.or.locke

    Oh its terrible. Quiet place for a drink but you need to stick to beer and wine because they can’t even do the simplest of mixed drinks. Sag is right on with the “hill folk” comment. Cafe de Paris reminds me a lot of Bridge Road Bistro- bland, pretentious crap is accurate.

  8. I’m not a huge fan of the Bistro but it’s much better than Cafe de Paris. The Bistro is overpriced and I’ll give you pretentious, but the food quality is decent and they do work at preparation, presentation and service.

    CdP just sucks. I’ve only been there twice (the second time was a business function not a personal decision) and I can’t say anything positive about anything. The chateaubriand reminded me suspiciously of a select grade ribeye smothered in A1 sauce mixed with butter. Any mid-priced steak chain serves better meat. the service was extremely poor and the food was served practically cold.

    I’ve never heard anyone from South Hills say he likes it either. Rich, poor or middle class, I think the universal sentiment is it sucks.

  9. My experiences at BRB have been positive. Always got good food done creatively and presented well. Never had anything there that I thought was over or under cooked and I ‘m a stickler for that. The wait staff is professional which in itself is welcome when dining in Charleston. Damn it’s good to get good profession service now and then. Their prices are high for Charleston, but not for faire of the quality that they produce. Hell, you’ll pay more down at the Marriot for junk. . .

  10. Not even the beer was (is?) good at the Cafe. Last summer, while trying to watch the Premiere League season opener (I’d just read Fever Pitch; I’ve since gotten over it) I was served three beers in a row that were several months past the best-by dates. Not a way to run a bar in general, terrible way to run one that’s “upscale.”

  11. demosthenes.or.locke

    I am not a fan of the bridge road shoney’s. I ate there once, had a bad meal, but gave it a second chance thinking I caught them on an off night or ordered the wrong thing. A second chance and a third chance later I still don’t think its any good. If I’m going to spend that kind of money in Charleston I’ll take SHM, Laury’s, or Blossom over Bridge Road Shoney’s. Heck, I’d take Ichiban over BRB.

  12. Demo-

    you may have ordered “the wrong thing”??? WTF? Everything on a restaurant’s menu ought to be worthy of ordering. They shouldn’t include a dish that sucks. If you get a dish that sucks, it’s NOT your fault for ordering it. It’s their fault for serving a sucky dish.

  13. I believe that the door was a casualty of idiocy from the drunken louts coming out of Impulse…I think there was a fight and someone either fell or was thrown into the door…not 100% sure though

  14. demosthenes.or.locke

    I know the door/window breakage at CdP previously was drunks from impulse. This closing has lasted too long to be a mere broken door.

  15. I’ve long wondered where the lady who owns CdP got her money. If “from her parents” is the answer, that might better explain why she so devoted to lighting giant piles of it on fire at her shit restaurant week after week.

    Either way. I’ve never heard a single good thing about that place, but yet it stays open. And to think, there are people who believe that the estate tax is a bad thing…

  16. demosthenes.or.locke

    The rumor you hear is that someone left her the money in a trust and it all goes to someone else unless she runs a bar in downtown charleston. If it is in a trust, it would have escaped the estate tax anyway I think, right?

  17. That depends on the nature of the trust. An inter vivos trust (one established during the life of the grantor) is used for, among other reasons, avoiding probate and estate tax issues (although other tax issues may arise). a testamentary trust (one created in a will that becomes operative only upon death of the grantor) does not avoid probate and estate taxes.

    As for the rumor the trust requires the beneficiary to run a bar in downtown Charleston or otherwise her share of the trust is forfeited, that sounds like a really bad urban legend.

    Perhaps, it is a discretionary trust and the trustee is directed to provide her with a larger amount of the trust proceeds if she is operating a business, but it would be beyond stupid to require a trustee to operate bar to benefit from a trust.

    She might simply have found a “loophole” and is able to turn what otherwise might have been a more modest “allowance” from the trust into larger payouts if she can demonstrate she needs the money to operate the place. It might be that even operating the business at a loss puts her in a better position because the increase in payments from the trust exceeds the losses.

  18. The Cafe has new front doors as of Saturday. Inside looks like it’s ready for business again… or maybe just getting ready to show to potential buyers.

  19. Is there anywhere else in Charleston to watch soccer games?

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  21. This restaurant was a splendid addition to downtown Charleston and I never got a bad meal or a bad drink there. They had music and a crowd of regulars that I miss. I just wish people had more taste around here and could appreciate the creativity and taste the owners brought to the scene. I give em’ an A+ every time I stepped in the door for friendliness, service and food. I don’t know where the rest of you people were eating.

  22. well i worked there and they are great poeople and loved that place…and who said they cant fix a drink…come on now..the ower did nothing but drink….

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