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Kingfish and Tchotchkes – The Riverside Anchor

Updated – 2/10/2009
(We originally reviewed the Anchor in August 2008. There has been a FORK upgrade and the menu is attached.)

The Riverside Anchor – Charleston, WV

Dan says…

I have been trying to go to The Anchor since we started Fork You…, but have met resistance every time I suggested it.  I had heard good things about it from time to time. I had checked out their menu online and found a few things I wanted to try.  So on a recent afternoon Susan and I decided to take one for the team and headed to The Anchor. Continue reading

Italian Cuisine in Southern WV – Pasquale’s


Dan says…

I’m almost afraid to write a review of an Italian restaurant that is south of Harrison County. There is no denying that heart of West Virginia’s Italian population lies in the north central part of our state. Unfortunately, I don’t eat all my meals in the Mountaineer Highlands and must get my pasta fix in other places.  During a recent trip to Beckley I had an opportunity to dine with friends at Pasquale’s. Continue reading

Update – Sabatino Bros.

wvde03-feb-09Dan says…

Charleston – Sabatino Bros. is now dry! That is correct. You can no longer enjoy a malted beverage with your South Philly Steak sandwich. Not that there was much of a selection – Bud, Bud Light, Bud Light with Lime.  Honestly I’m a little concerned about this locally owned and operated restaurant.  The polish is off the rose.  It is starting to show some wear and tear. It seems that Sabatino Bros. has lost its direction.  They dropped breakfast, they stopped selling beer, and what’s going on with all the polaroids on the wall? If you take a few minutes you’ll figure out if you eat the “Pounder” philly steak they will put your picture on the wall.  That challenge isn’t noted on the menu as far as I can tell.  They ought to challenge someone to eat 3 “Pounders”.  I hope the owner comes by and freshen things up in the coming months. 

The Vegetarain Wife wants to relay that she really enjoys the grilled vegetable sub.  It is far from vegan since it is cooked on the same griddle as the “Pounder”.

Morocco Mediterranean Cuisine and Pizza – Buffet Changes. Again.

Susan says…morroco-buffet

We thought it a crime to do anything but walk to lunch today, given the reprise from the frigid winter temperatures. The Morocco Mediterranean Cuisine and Pizza Buffet was the chosen destination.

Upon entering we were disappointed to see a buffet full of pizza only. Sadly, the Mediterranean items are no longer being offered on the lunch buffet.  Happily, the price for all-you-can-stuff-in-your-mouth pizza is a mere $4.99.  Add a soda or iced tea to that for only $1!  At those prices, this is one of the best lunch bargains around.

The buffet menu here has been a yo-yo.  When they initially opened, the buffet was full of mediterranean options.  Then they were gone. Then they were back, but a smaller (yet adequate) selection.  Now they are gone again. 

Of course I let the owner know that I missed seeing (and eating!) the gyro meat today, even though the spinach-feta pizza was yummalicious.  He was extremely accomodating, asking us to let him know if we would like to order gyros or other mediterranean items during lunch.  I was glad to hear that!

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Open Thread – Top Chef

Susan says…


I love junk TV.  You know, the guilty pleasure type of shows.  The ones you don’t tell people you watch unless they admit it first.  On the more mainstream end of my junk TV habit falls Top Chef

Top Chef is down to five Cheftestants now:

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Two New Options in Kanawha City




Susan says…

The Village Fields shopping plaza boasts a couple new restaurants these days.  To be more specific: one new restaurant and (arguably) one that’s new & improved.

“Where is Village Fields?” you ask?  The name did not seem familiar to us, either but you’ve likely been by it a dozen times.  Especially if you ever go out with card-carrying AARP members.  Village Fields is situated beside the Bob Evans in Kanawha City, near the I-64 interchange. 

Bellacino’s opened shop making it the second Charleston location for the chain.  Seeing as how it is a chain, Daniel forbid me to fork it.  Open only a month in this plaza, Bellacino’s is a good quick stop if you are in the mood for a crispy pizza or a grinder.  They serve baked, not fried, French fries and a selection of low-fat subs complete with fat-free mozzarella cheese.

A new name graces the end unit of the plaza.  Occupied by some form of a Chinese restaurant since the doors opened, this space is now in its third incarnation (at least).  Formerly, Happy Chinese Buffet was decent and the Mongolian Grill provided a healthier option than the typical Chinese fare. Then it became something else that made us the opposite of happy.  Today, the name “Super King” shines in glorious red neon.  We’ll have to try it out and see how it compares to previous management.  Their sign announces sushi, Chinese and Mongolian grill.  Both Parkersburg and Morgantown are home to joints called “Super King China Buffet” – I wonder if they are sisters? 

Our lunch today at Bob Evans was…well, what you’d expect at a restuarant where you can almost guarantee an oxygen tank sighting.  By the way, Dan picked it.

6309 MacCorkle Ave
Charleston, WV  25304

Super King Chinese Buffet


Everything You Never Wanted to Know About Foie Gras


Susan says…

Boy, it sure sounds high falootin’, but what IS foie gras?

French for “fat liver”, foie gras (fwa’ gra) is just that: the liver of a duck or goose that has been fattened.  And it can’t be just any fattening.  No siree.  You can’t just feed the duck a bunch of Big Macs and honey buns. There is specific French law that defines the fattening process, called gavage. 

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