Update – Sabatino Bros.

wvde03-feb-09Dan says…

Charleston – Sabatino Bros. is now dry! That is correct. You can no longer enjoy a malted beverage with your South Philly Steak sandwich. Not that there was much of a selection – Bud, Bud Light, Bud Light with Lime.  Honestly I’m a little concerned about this locally owned and operated restaurant.  The polish is off the rose.  It is starting to show some wear and tear. It seems that Sabatino Bros. has lost its direction.  They dropped breakfast, they stopped selling beer, and what’s going on with all the polaroids on the wall? If you take a few minutes you’ll figure out if you eat the “Pounder” philly steak they will put your picture on the wall.  That challenge isn’t noted on the menu as far as I can tell.  They ought to challenge someone to eat 3 “Pounders”.  I hope the owner comes by and freshen things up in the coming months. 

The Vegetarain Wife wants to relay that she really enjoys the grilled vegetable sub.  It is far from vegan since it is cooked on the same griddle as the “Pounder”.


One response to “Update – Sabatino Bros.

  1. demosthenes.or.locke

    I used to really like this place but the service and food quality has really dropped off lately. The last two times I was there none of the soda was properly mixed and orders were screwed up. Its really too bad as they had excellent fries, good sandwiches, and were close to the theater.

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