Morocco Mediterranean Cuisine and Pizza – Buffet Changes. Again.

Susan says…morroco-buffet

We thought it a crime to do anything but walk to lunch today, given the reprise from the frigid winter temperatures. The Morocco Mediterranean Cuisine and Pizza Buffet was the chosen destination.

Upon entering we were disappointed to see a buffet full of pizza only. Sadly, the Mediterranean items are no longer being offered on the lunch buffet.  Happily, the price for all-you-can-stuff-in-your-mouth pizza is a mere $4.99.  Add a soda or iced tea to that for only $1!  At those prices, this is one of the best lunch bargains around.

The buffet menu here has been a yo-yo.  When they initially opened, the buffet was full of mediterranean options.  Then they were gone. Then they were back, but a smaller (yet adequate) selection.  Now they are gone again. 

Of course I let the owner know that I missed seeing (and eating!) the gyro meat today, even though the spinach-feta pizza was yummalicious.  He was extremely accomodating, asking us to let him know if we would like to order gyros or other mediterranean items during lunch.  I was glad to hear that!

The reason for the change? I hope you’re sitting down for this, because I was shocked to hear it myself. He said when they added mediterranean food to the lunch buffet, their sales plummeted.  That’s right, folks – adding items to the buffet, providing more choice actually decreased their sales.  What in the world is wrong with people on the East End?

Maybe you are one of the pizza lovers that didn’t give a hoot about hummus or gyros.  If so, your lives will go on their merry way.  On the other hand, if Moroccan specialties light your fire, don’t despair, just ask about ordering from the menu. 

So today was the third day in a row I tanked on my diet plan.  I guess it’s hunks of cheese and pepperoni for me the rest of the week to make up for my carbohydrate-laced sins.

1604 Washington St E
Charleston, WV
(304) 340-0091


3 responses to “Morocco Mediterranean Cuisine and Pizza – Buffet Changes. Again.

  1. So was the pizza any good besides the spinach feta thing? Much selection? Do they do Med. buffet at night? Regular menu at night? If I want gyros and hummus I’ll go to the mall for the best. Do they have real med dishes available?
    Oh, and what’s wrong with people on the east end? They’re too busy chewing granola and looking groovy.

  2. Sag- a full review can be found under Our Reviews. They have good pizza. You can order Morrocan food in the evening. They have a menu and no buffet at night to our knowledge.

    If you want hummus and gyros try Alladins or Sinbads. I have not tried sinbads but I heard it was good. They sell pizza and middle eastern food.

  3. The pizza was pretty good, very edible I should know I had four slices.

    However it definetly had that buffet pizza feel that’s hard for me to describe. Good variety though.

    It was good for lunch, and for the price you can’t beat it.

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