Open Thread – Top Chef

Susan says…


I love junk TV.  You know, the guilty pleasure type of shows.  The ones you don’t tell people you watch unless they admit it first.  On the more mainstream end of my junk TV habit falls Top Chef

Top Chef is down to five Cheftestants now:

  • Stephan – German chef with 23 years experience.  He is one cocky SOB.  I don’t know how the other Chefs can stand him, but if you’re going to act like that, you’d better have the skills to back it up…and he seems to have those skills.
  • Fabio – Italian with a great Italian accent, but his name makes it difficult for me to take him seriously.  I always think of that romance novel guy when I hear the name.  But I do love how he frequently works “monkey ass” into his narratives.
  • Hosea –  the only American male left standing.  He has been canoodling with fellow chef, Leah.  I believe he has survived by staying in the middle of the pack most of the time and not making too many waves.
  • Leah – She’s lucky to have made it this far. She has been canoodling with Hosea. (see above)  She is the whiniest of all the Cheftestants and makes me want to yell at the TV: “suck it up!”
  • Carla – Extremely likeable and goofy, she has the best interview quotes. I believe a lot of viewers are pulling for her to pull out the upset.

And then there are the judges:

  • Padma – attractive and well-spoken, she keeps the ball rolling.  What’s with that scar on her arm?  I applaude her for not trying to keep it covered up and letting fashion rule her wardrobe instead.
  • Tom – Accomplished Chef, Tom knows the technical ins and outs. 
  • Toby – OMG. I think this Brit dreams up crazy analogies the night before and then tries to find an event to use them on during the taping.  I’d love to critique him.  So would the Cheftestants, I’m sure!
  • Guest Judges – each week, there is someone different in this slot.  It is hilarious that they all seem to have something to stump and the “prize” for winning  a challenge is oftentimes the Guest Judge’s latest book. 

I’d love to hear your views on who will win, who ticks you off, and which challenges you think are particularly lame.  What are your most memorable moments from this season thus far?  Any predictions?  What about the obvious product placements? Favorite quotes?

Let’s talk….


6 responses to “Open Thread – Top Chef

  1. I’ll get the party started.

    I can’t believe that when asked to use Quaker Oats in a new and creative way, most of the Chefs made a breading out of oats. Geesh! I could’ve done that! How is that new and creative?

    And there are more Glad bags in that place than anywhere else on earth, barring the actual Glad factory. Ron thought the winner would get a lifetime supply of Glad bags.

  2. I love when Fabio gets all indignant after a not so good critique of his quickfire. I find myself surprised that Carla has made it this far, but I’m glad! And yeah…I think Stephan will win.

  3. I agree with you on all three counts.

    I loved it when Fabio was given vegetables last week and he said with fish and meat there is no need to ever cook vegetables. Then he said it was okay, if they had given him monkey ass he would have come up with something!

    I wanted Ariane to win but obviously that’s not gonna happen now.

  4. I cannot stand Hosea or Leah. Stop whining and go home already. I want to marry Fabio, lol. I love him. I do enjoy Carla too and I think she may have a chance at the title. Remember last season how Stephanie came out of nowhere and won? Stephan is good and you’re right, he is cocky but he obviously has the talent to back up the talk and as long that’s there then he can be a d*ck and provide me with some good entertainment!

  5. Boy am I glad Leah has finally said goodbye. I don’t know how she managed to last as long as she did. The producers probably liked the romantic angle.

    I am cheering for Fabio or Carla to pull it out. I feel like Hosea is hanging on by his fingernails and Stephan simply seems like a jerk. I felt pleasure every time a judge called his salmon overcooked.

    My favorite line of the episode this week: “It’s Top Chef, not Top #ussy.”

  6. I agree! That Fabio kills me. I especially liked it a few episodes back when talking about Jamie he said, “this is top chef, not top scallop!”

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