Two New Options in Kanawha City




Susan says…

The Village Fields shopping plaza boasts a couple new restaurants these days.  To be more specific: one new restaurant and (arguably) one that’s new & improved.

“Where is Village Fields?” you ask?  The name did not seem familiar to us, either but you’ve likely been by it a dozen times.  Especially if you ever go out with card-carrying AARP members.  Village Fields is situated beside the Bob Evans in Kanawha City, near the I-64 interchange. 

Bellacino’s opened shop making it the second Charleston location for the chain.  Seeing as how it is a chain, Daniel forbid me to fork it.  Open only a month in this plaza, Bellacino’s is a good quick stop if you are in the mood for a crispy pizza or a grinder.  They serve baked, not fried, French fries and a selection of low-fat subs complete with fat-free mozzarella cheese.

A new name graces the end unit of the plaza.  Occupied by some form of a Chinese restaurant since the doors opened, this space is now in its third incarnation (at least).  Formerly, Happy Chinese Buffet was decent and the Mongolian Grill provided a healthier option than the typical Chinese fare. Then it became something else that made us the opposite of happy.  Today, the name “Super King” shines in glorious red neon.  We’ll have to try it out and see how it compares to previous management.  Their sign announces sushi, Chinese and Mongolian grill.  Both Parkersburg and Morgantown are home to joints called “Super King China Buffet” – I wonder if they are sisters? 

Our lunch today at Bob Evans was…well, what you’d expect at a restuarant where you can almost guarantee an oxygen tank sighting.  By the way, Dan picked it.

6309 MacCorkle Ave
Charleston, WV  25304

Super King Chinese Buffet



12 responses to “Two New Options in Kanawha City

  1. I eat at chains. I just don’t review them. I have enough trouble finishing the reviews of the non-chains I eat at.

  2. So true. Why do you think so many of these reviews begin with “Susan says…”????? ; -)

  3. Bellacinos has a Cross Lanes location too. Pretty good for a chain and without the attitude one often finds at our locally owned “authentic” pizza places. I’m looking at you, Grazianos.

  4. There is a Bellacino’s in Barboursville as well. I do like their personal sized pizza when I go for lunch with the other Forkers.

    I have been on the receiving end of the “attitude” at Graziano’s, but their pizza is SO DAMNED GOOD, it doesn’t bother me enough to stay away. Besides, no beer at Bellacino’s = no Ron.

  5. demosthenes.or.locke

    Graziano’s is great to eat at the restaurant but their pizzas are no good delivery.

    Bellacinos is a chain, but it isn’t mainstream and they are new to the area. They area also very good.

  6. Would 80 locations in over a dozen states qualify as mainstream?

    They are new to the area – seems like most of the WV locations sprung up around the same time.

    Is Demo making a case for a Bellacino’s review? I need no convincing as I have been known to review a chain or two in the past.

  7. See, I haven’t even gotten a particularly good pizza at Graziano’s of late, just a lot of “What the #uck do you want”-style attitude to go with my waxy cheese-topped slices.

    Now, back in the 90s when there was one in Cross Lanes it was indeed great. Thin, crisp crust, sauce that had flavor, and pepperoni with actual spice. My recent trips to the Capitol Street location however have been…underwhelming.

    Maybe I’ve caught them on off days. Either that, or Campiti’s spoiled me for all future pies (Potomac Avenue, Dormont PA, in the South Hills area of Pittsburgh – across the street from the Dor-Stop, featured in Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives). Now, that place had attitude too but backed it up with the food.

    These days I prefer Barone Brothers, just off the Mink Shoals exit, for my pizza fixes.

  8. Rob-

    Being a Valley girl, I get my pizza with a side of indifference at the Teays Valley location. I have never been to the one on Capitol Street. Once at the TV Graziano’s, we waited for what seemed like forever only to get the wrong pizza. We complained about the long wait already and now were faced with another – the owner told us we would just have to wait again and we were not even offered a discount. But I am thinking of going there again tonight!

    I had Barone Brothers pizza once and was unimpressed. I did not like the crust or the sauce.

  9. Susan, I agree with you that it is worth the wait and attitude (I’ve never had a problem in that area.) My husband and I are going there tonight too!

  10. I wouldn’t eat a Graziano’s pie if they were the last parlor in WV. What a bunch of pricks. . . hey, that’s two prick calls in one day here. . . do I get a prize?

  11. I did indeed hit Graziano’s (in Teays Valley) over the weekend. The place was so packed, we had to wait for a table. Turned out fine though since it takes a while to get your pie.

    The Graziano’s Sicilian, my standard order, was delicious as ever.

    I need to mention that I did receive some excellent service at this location for the lunch buffet recently. When I went through the line, I noticed there was only meat pizza. I have a bad habit of just blurting things out, and I did it again blurting “no veggie pizza???” The guy behind the counter heard me and asked me what type of veggie pizza I would like – I told him anything without meat would be great. He not only had that on the buffet in a snap, but he brought two pieces to my table to be sure it didn’t all get grabbed before I got some.

  12. I, too, visited Graziano’s last Friday night. Our pizza was excellent as ususal (sausage, green peppers, onions, mushrooms) even though they forgot the jalepenos. I’ve never really noticed the attitude everyone is talking about. The people that take the orders (and those are the only people I ever deal with) aren’t overly friendly, but that’s ok with me. All business-just take my order and bring me my pizza. I don’t need a new friend, just my pizza.

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