25 Random Things About Fork You – Food Edition


Anyone with a Facebook account will recognize such atrocities as L’il Green Patch Requests and the endless movie quizzes.  It’s possible to send your friends a cocktail via Facebook but what good does that do ya when it’s impossible to consume it?  The current Facebook craze seems to be “25 Random Things”.  Running rampant through Facebook accounts across the country, it is fitting to share the 25 Random Things About Fork You.  Food-related, of course.

  • 1. Fork You started out with 5 writers but Ben got kicked out for two reasons: one, he never wrote anything and two, he always liked everything, everywhere. We thought that would be plain dull anyway.
  • 2. Phil lives in fear that he, too, will be expelled one day for lack of content.
  • 3. Ron used to work at Long John Silvers, back in the day.
  • 4. Susan can’t resist eating raw pie dough.arnold-palmer-tee
  • 5. Daniel’s Arnold Palmer obsession appears to be over.
  • 6. One time, at a work luncheon, Misty ate broccoli casserole full of celery. And she didn’t even know it.
  • 7. Susan checks the hit count on the blog multiple times a day.
  • 8. Ron almost caught the tree and/or house and/or entire subdivision on fire during the St. Patrick’s Day party last year. Apparently rain sprinkles and a turkey fryer full of hot oil don’t mix well.
  • 9. Susan’s kitchen equipment did not include a fire extinguisher. Now, there are two. (See 8 above)
  • 10. Fork You’s all-time most viewed review is Restaurant Swingers – South Hills Market and Café. Do you think the title might have anything to do with that?
  • 11. Misty once worked at Dairy Queen.
  • 12. Phil’s wife was shocked to learn during their betrothal that he did not possess a salt shaker. Or salt.
  • 13. The Vegetarian Wife has a weakness for ice cream.
  • 14. Daniel is having an “emotional affair” with his new George Foreman 360. He even cooks meat on it. <gasp>
  • 15. Susan is in a wine club called The Screw Top Girls.
  • 16. Sometimes a meal for Ron equals a box of Good & Plenty and a box of Crunch & Munch.
  • 17. When Misty eats Mexican food, she dips the tines of her fork ever so slightly into the sour cream between every bite. As an accountant, she truly appreciates allocation perfection.rio-chimi
  • 18. Susan submitted a tape several years ago to The Today Show for the Domestic Diva competition.
  • 19. A Fork You road trip to Fayetteville is in the works.
  • 20. The Vegetarian Wife claims she has never been drunk.
  • 21. It is possible that Ron has been drunk at least once a week for the past twenty years.
  • 22. Misty considers ice cream as a legitimate member of the dairy food group and, therefore, a healthy choice.
  • 23. Susan has dabbled in catering.
  • 24. Daniel is a registered dietician.
  • 25. Fork You’s most commented post is Another Chance for Tricky Fish. Runner up: Cracker Barrel. Go figure.

7 responses to “25 Random Things About Fork You – Food Edition

  1. Re 15: I wish I could be a Screw Top Girl!

    Re 19: Are you accepting applications for field trip tagalongs???

  2. I love LJS! An old man I used to haul around town used to say “less go git us summa dat Missa B’s fish” and we’d be at Capt Ds or LJSs in 5 minutes or less.
    Yes, deep friers in the hands of. . . well, ya gotta be careful with those things on a wooden deck.
    Drunk once per week for 20 yrs?
    Hmmmm, that explain a lot.
    Why have I only found commentable items in Ron’s facts?!

  3. #24 – if you click the link you’ll see the preferred and acceptable spelling of my profession is Dietitian.

    #11 – If I pass a DQ I stop. Period.

    #3 – Dan used to work at Little Caesars – “Pizza, Pizza” (When I worked there you had to buy two pizzas. No single pies allowed)

    #14 – Everyone should own a George Foreman type of kitchen appliance. They rock!

  4. Dan has probably been waiting 9 long months to correct me on a spelling error. I only had to wait nine minutes to find one of his. 😉

    Ron is simply an easy target. I think he enjoys the attention. You know he writes things in his posts purposefully trying to get something started with you and/or Demo. Is there a bromance going on there?

  5. It was not a spelling error…that is why I said it was the preferred and acceptable spelling. I believe that Webster’s contains both spellings.

    Those who get joy from pointing out typos, grammar, and spelling errors do so to cope with their inferiority complex.

  6. Those who accuse others of having inferiority complexes do so to make themselves feel better about their own terrible spelling.

    Seriously, I do not get actual joy from it. And I don’t point out your errors, I quietly fix them. I don’t have the time it would take to discuss them all with you. I have to make time to correct Ron’s too! 😉

  7. Now that I’m aware of the successful existence of another vegetarian foodie in our town, I shall sleep better.

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