A Monongahela Delight – The Alpine Springs Lodge


Dan says…

This place is special. Well, it is special to me.  You see, many long days of trail running in the Monongahela National Forest ended with a cold beer and a hot bowl of chili right here at the Alpine Springs Lodge. This place is a welcome sight after a hard days play on Boar’s Nest Trail in the Roaring Plains backcountry or taking in the High Falls of the Cheat on top of Shavers Mountain. Located in Alpena, WV on RT 33 about 11 miles from Elkins, it is convenient to many outdoor activities in beautiful Randolph County.

alpine-lodge-004aI’ve eaten in the lounge and the dining room – the menu is the same.  The walls are made of knotty pine and are covered with many artifacts from years gone by.  Buck saws, fishing poles and game trophies feed the eyes before you place your order. The menu offers dinner plates of prime rib, pork chops, and trout.  They run specials from time to time and once I was treated to a great meal of turkey and dressing.

alpine-lodge-006aIf sandwiches are more your speed, get what I ordered on my last visit – The Otter Creek. They take sliced ribeye, grilled peppers and onions, and white american cheese and stuff it into a fresh baked sub roll. The tender, sliced ribeye was packed with flavor. One more ingredient puts this sandwich over the top: cream cheese.  Blue cheese would overpower this sandwich. The subtle flavor of cream cheese combined with its velvety mouth feel makes the Otter Creek perfect in my book. (If you think that’s bad, I like whiz on my Philly Steaks. Oh if your wondering, I like Pat’s!)

The Otter Creek came with a pile of fries. These thick cut fries definitely came from the freezer. Frozen or not, they were good. They arrived at my table hot enough to fry my taste buds right off my tongue. I am sure Phil, the ketchup purist, has seen the photo and stopped reading. Yes, that is Red Gold tomato ketchup. There was no Heinz.  I don’t know why restaurants choose to save $5 on a case of ketchup and serve questionable ketchup.  If this was in one of those red squeeze bottles I would have never given it a second thought.

There are several interesting places to eat in and around Elkins and the Apline Springs Lodge is one of them. It is a great place to swap stories about your Monongahela adventures. So give this FOUR Fork backcountry gem a try when you’re in Randolph County. I’ve been told its closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Alpine Springs Lodge
Route 33
Alpena, WV

10 responses to “A Monongahela Delight – The Alpine Springs Lodge

  1. I’ve heard they have a very good chef and offer some really nice dinner entres. But glad to hear they use a premium ketsup.

  2. I agree with Phil. Heinz is the only ketchup for me. I hope Mr. Hillbilly is being sarcastic as well as sagacious.

  3. I really thought there would be more discussion on the cream cheese. I caught me off guard, but I really liked it.

  4. “Alpine” always means good, hearty eats.

  5. You really should read up on Red Gold products before you assume the other brand is so elite.

  6. It doesn’t matter how good Red Gold is. It is a matter of brand preference. Plus I am willing to bet that the Alpine lodge didn’t choose Red Gold over Heinz for taste. I’m sure case cost won out here.

  7. The Alpine is Fabulous!

  8. I’ve had breakfast there a couple of times. It’s just like you’d have at home only someone else does all the work. Very good food.

  9. One of the best kept secrets in the Elkins area. The food, when available (not always open for that) is amazingly good for being out on old 33 heading toward the middle of nowhere…and I am a picky eater. Definitely a four star experience.

  10. Stayed here several times over the years and enjoyed it everytime. Food is great. A quaint place to stay or just to stop for food. The elderly lady who was there the first time i visited was special. Very friendly present owner. Wish I could stay here from spring to late fall. Highly recommend.
    Ray in Pa.

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