Approaching a Century of Reviews

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To date, Fork You has posted 85 West Virginia restaurant reviews.  We are approaching our 100th WV review and we want to make it something special. 

If we keep the current pace, we should hit that milestone during the month of March.  Of course, the frigid winter temperatures provide a great reason to pack a lunch instead of going out so our WIP (work-in-progress) folder has dwindled and the cadence may slow.

Another date to look forward to is April 18, 2009 – our one year anniversary! 

Could the planets align and cause both events to transpire concurrently?  It’s possible. 

We Forkers have begun to discuss the restaurant which would be worthy of such an esteemed distinction, the 100th WV Review, and we’d like your input.

Some ideas currently on the table include:

  • Review the oldest Charleston restaurant, which we believe may be Leonoro’s.  If it is indeed Leonoro’s, we already reviewed them.  Hmmm.
  • Review the Greenbrier.  Upside: it would give Phil an opportunity to wear his tuxedo without looking completely out of place.  Downside: funding.  Specifically, lack thereof.
  • Invite readers to join us at the 100th review location. Daniel is anxious to sign autographs.
  • Burger King.
  • Go back to the place where it all began: The Tricky Fish.  However, we may be prohibited from entering that restaurant due to our first two reviews. 

Please let us know how you think we should mark the occasion by submitting a comment.

8 responses to “Approaching a Century of Reviews

  1. Tricky Fish. It was what I thought the moment I read the first sentence. I’d like to know if it’s progressed, regressed, or stayed status quo since the last time. And if they wont let you in then that itself would be column-worthy.

    I say Fish it Up.

  2. I say definitely DO NOT re-re-review the Tricky Fish! I vote for someplace you’ve not reviewed before, such as a place suggested by the readers. All of “the five plus friends” should go. And you should go somewhere nice to celebrate, such as Aubry’s.

  3. What are you doing today? The future is only idle speculation. Nothing happens in the future.

  4. Getting Phil to GO to dinner is not the problem. It’s getting him to WRITE about the meal. We were all together at Cross Vegas but he didn’t submit a post. Oh well. I guess he didn’t get excited enough about it to write since they didn’t have Thousand Island dressing.

    I like the Aubrey’s idea because I have wanted to go there for quite some time.

  5. I agree with Brett- getting kicked out of Tricky Fish (or Bluegrass Kitchen) would be column-worthy and unfortunately embarrassing. We haven’t been back to either place since the re-review was posted.

    We could go in disguise like Ruth Reichl.

  6. I’m all for going to the Tricky Fish.. Heck I’m all for getting thrown out of the Tricky Fish.

  7. demosthenes.or.locke

    Go to tricky fish wearing those fake glasses/noses/moustaches. Take pictures of each other. Get booted out. I can call someone at the Gazette to show up and write an article on the whole thing. Now that would get some blog hits!

  8. Demo-

    Ron says he’s in. Even if none of the rest of us are.

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