Now Appearing on Your iPhone

Susan says…

The latest chapter in Fork You’s plan for world domination:

Fork You Charleston restaurants

Fork You is the #1 Ranked Charleston area blog on Urban Spoon!

Before you pop the cork on the champagne we must admit that we are the only Charleston area blog contributor…for now.   Oh hell, pop it anyway.  I love champagne.  Especially at 8 a.m.

You may have seen the commercial on television about this nifty little iPhone application.  I would describe it as a restaurant slot machine.  The good kind with wheels that spin and circus-y music.  Not the crappy kind they have at Cross Vegas that are almost all over-digitalized – no actual spinning going on, just simulated spinning, and trust me, I can tell the difference – and NO SOUND.  It’s bad enough that the handles don’t work, please don’t take away the sound, too. Anyway…

You shake the phone and three wheels begin spinning.  One wheel chooses the neighborhood, one the cuisine, and one the price range.  A restaurant fitting those criteria then appears on the screen.  Click on the restaurant name to obtain contact information, a map, reviews and more.  If Fork You has reviewed that eatery, you have access to our humble opinions about the place right on your phone.

It’ s really fun to shake the phone, too.  Just don’t get too enthusiastic and drop it. The Urban Spoon app is very affordable, too.  Free, actually. How’s that for fitting into your budget?

For all you unfortunate saps (I can say that now, I just got my iPhone over the weekend!) without this marvel of modern technology, don’t be blue – you can access Urban Spoon directly on the Internet.  You can’t play Restaurant Slots on their website, but you can access all the same information.  They rank the top restaurants based on reader votes, show recent reviews and provide a monthly newsletter.

By reviewing the Worldwide Blog Leaderboard (and, no we aren’t on that list.  Yet) I noticed citizens of Seattle must really like to eat and are technologically savvy.  15 of the top 25 blogs are based in Seattle.  I guess all that Starbucks-sipping sure works up an appetite.

And Urban Spoon is nationwide, so it should prove valuable when traveling.  They are also on track for world domination with listings in Canada, the UK and Australia.

It’s just one more way we are striving to serve diners everywhere.  Maybe the Hot Dog Dudes will follow our lead…

7 responses to “Now Appearing on Your iPhone

  1. Wait wait wait! There is Charleston info on Urbanspoon now?? Holy Moses!

  2. Yes indeedy!

    Urban Spoon already had most of our reviewed restaurants listed. I sent in requests to add about a dozen places we have reviewed that were not in their database yet.

    For some reason, they do not even list Rhode Island and Connecticut in their list of states so I could not link my reviews from my trip to New England.

    But if you are ever in Australia, you’re covered. Go figure.

  3. Welcome to iPhone-land!


  4. demosthenes.or.locke

    Is there a rural spoon application?

  5. well…Urban Spoon has listings in Eleanor, Poca and Ona – does that count?

  6. You got one, Rich Ireland got one. Is this becoming a food blogging necessity?

    Me, I’m holding out for a good Android-enabled phone on Sprint.

  7. I noticed today that the WV Hot Dog Blog has posted their first review on Urban Spoon. If they link all their reviews, they could easily overtake us for the #1 ranked Charleston blog. Maybe I shouldn’t have encouraged them???

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