A New Name and A Facelift for Porfirio’s

Susan says…


We previously posted a review of Porfirio’s Mexican Restaurant in Barboursville back in July 2008 – one of my favorite places to eat before Ron sold the Country House.  After he moved to the Valley, it wasn’t as geographically convenient for us to eat at Porfirio’s therefore our frequency declined.  Not long after that, Porfirio’s closed their doors for remodeling.  During a visit to Porfirio’s Dos in Huntington during the month of October, we heard rumors that ownership my be changing on our old favorite. We wondered if they would actually re-open, and if so…would our old friends still be there?

The curiosity got the better of me Friday night.  The family unit decided on a drink and a snack at the re-opened restaurant, now with a sign in the parking lot announcing “Three Amigos”.

The remodeling was a vast improvement over the dreary interior of the past.  A fresh coat of bright colors liven up the walls, along with galvenized metal “wainscoting”.  The two dining areas, once separated by a wall, now feel like one with floor-to-ceiling glass panels.  A new bar is the highlight of the second dining space, stretching across the entire expanse.  Most of the furniture was reused, but when you look up, you’ll see a brand spankin’ new ceiling.

We were also very happy to see our pal, Porfirio, in the restaurant.  Of course he chatted with us for a while, confirming that he no longer owned the eatery.  He is now working with friends, who were also present that evening.  My taste buds won’t experience disppointment – Porfirio’s recipes are still being utilized, he said.

We ordered some drinks and cheese dip for the girls.  I noticed right away the menus were different and displayed “Three Amigos” on the front.  It made me sad for Porfirio.  Most of the menu is exactly as it was, but I noticed an enchilada verde dish – one of my favorites – added to the options.  I’ll get that one day for sure.

This night, I told him I’d like to try Pollo Chipotle – chicken in a spicy chipotle sauce, served with tortillas, rice and beans.  Porfirio was afraid it might be too hot for me, so he graciously brought a dish of the sauce for me to taste.  It was great!  When we received the entree, Ron & I decided it was a Mexican barbeque.  The smokiness of the chipotle peppers (chipotles are smoked jalapenos) combined with the tender shredded chicken could have been enjoyed on a soft warm bun, American style.

For any readers who have steered clear of this Mexican restaurant due to my less-than-glowing report of the interior decor, fear no more of 80’s inspired dullness.  When you are in the Barboursville area, consider giving Three Amigos a try.

Three Amigos (formerly Porfirio’s)
3677 Route 60 East
Barboursville, WV  25504

4 responses to “A New Name and A Facelift for Porfirio’s

  1. A question and a comment:
    – Is there anything here that you can’t get at the other Mexican restaurants around the area?
    – Hey, no recycling pictures! What happened to the camera?

  2. Aces-

    #1 – Not really. You can get the same sort of items as most other Mexican joints in our area. I think the food here tastes a bit better than the others. East Tenampa in Milton and Cozumel at Ashton Place Charleston have some items that are unique in the area. I cannot attest to the true athenticity of any of the dishes, as I have never been across the southern border to sample Mexican cuisine in its pure form. I suspect the food has been Americanized at least to some degree.

    #2 – You are really keeping me on my toes! We stopped in there on a spontaneous whim so I really wasn’t ready for a “review” – but I did want to report on the name/ownership changes.

    Next time I am there, I will take photos because the inside is much nicer now.

  3. Yay!!!! I was really bummed when I read the original Porfirio’s closed. I’m excited now to know it, or a least a version of it, is back in business.

  4. The new owner is my father (Jimmy Chapman). And for the question aces4high asked. We now serve many finger foods such as Chicken Tenders, Chicken Wings, and Jalapeno Poppers plus a lot more. Also, we serve black bean soup and three to four new desserts. More entrees are coming out soon. Please give them a try, thanks.

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