Will This Place Fly For Long? – Wing World

This restaurant is CLOSED

Ron says…


We arrived at 1:30 so there were only two other customers besides ourselves having wings on this cold blistery day.

Before coming here, we had heard “horror” stories about this place… I’ve had three former co-workers tell me this place sucks..  One had even clamed it made him sick for a week.  We had heard that the owners yelled at the employees… the list just goes on and on.

So coming back from Wally World run… we decided to check it out. I figured at least get a cold beer and a few wings..

Well the place was neat, it had a few video games, but no alcohol.  How the hell do you serve wings with no alcohol?  For that matter “Why”?? 

Nevetheless we sat and ate… to be honest I was pleasantly surprised… The wings, 6 for $3.95, were crunchy, the sauce was pretty good.  I didn’t get the hottest (Tongue Torch), but I did get the normal hot buffalo sauce.  I’m not a hot dog eater, but I got one anyway for $1.39.. It was a beef dog… pretty good…more slaw than chili.

Remember you have to factor in the price, the location, etc…  I was pretty happy with my meal.

My only problem is…  I would never come here knowing what I now know.  Why?  Well I can’t drink… but more importantly, it’s the “vibe”.  When I think of wings.. I think of Sports Bars…  Burgers, Beers, people hanging out and having fun…

This place had none of that… yeah I could come here and get some decent wings… but I can’t watch a game…  I may like BBQ but heck I couldn’t find it on the menu…  Susan will explain that more below…  

It was just missing everything that made this a place I would want to come to.

Now, if I was going to order take out.. well that’s a different story…  They seemed to have decent prices for that… although you can make your wings far cheaper and just as good in my opinion… 


The wings..  as I said were pretty good….. however they were labeled as “Jumbo”.  OK……  Why is it wings do not have a labeling system similiar to shrimp?  21-30 etc… some way of telling you approximately how many wings average a pound.  These wings were small…. very little meat….  Jumbo implies plump, etc.. the plumpness had long vanished from these chickens…  Osteoperocis had sat in.


Overall I would eat here again, if someone wanted to come here… but it’s hard to recommend…  I have to give it Two Forks…. If it had beer and some TV’s definitely a three forker, maybe even four.    But I think I would find myself ordering take out instead….

Also we had heard a “RUMOR” that this place may not last… Who knows…. but the rumor is that Hillbilly Hot Dogs may be venturing back to the Putnam Valley… we heard they may buy this place out…but it could be they are just looking to open a new place in the area.    Remember our sources may not be not very good since we heard this whilst standing in the liquor store.   Check this place out and try it for yourself you may be surprised…

I liked the place and wish them luck….  they just need a few more things to get me to want to come here.


Susan says…

Ron and I were visiting the liquor store next door to Wing World to purchase dark rum for the rum cakes I would be baking as gifts to friends. And one for us to enjoy, of course!  While in the neighborhood, we thought we would “take one for the team” and check out the place no one we know has recommended.  The buzz was all negative as far as I had heard so I was looking forward to a good ripping. I needed a break from all the love and generosity of the holidays.

whaddaya know…it really wasn’t as bad as we thought it would be.

My $1.39 hot dog was all beef. I realize this might be a plus to most consumers but I prefer the cheaper pork/beef/chicken mystery blend.  The WV Hot Dog experts reviewed the hot dogs (read their review here) for conformity to WVHD standards.  They fell short.  If you’re gonna claim to serve honest-to-goodness WVHD, then you better put your money where your weenie is.  The red color of the weiner is a bit disturbing to look at so I made sure to cover it up with plenty of Heinz ketchup. (Use of ketchup on a WVHD is strictly prohibited in section 5 article 3,8 of the WVHD Code of Regulations.  Don’t try that at home.) The dog was juicy and the bun was soft and warm. It was presented to me in a styrofoam coffin, as the Weenee Wonks would say.  I wouldn’t go back for the hot dog because of the all-beef thing.

After inquiring at the counter if the fries or rings are homemade and being told both were pre-made frozen products, I declined to order either one. But I did take a taste of Ron’s fries. He got a generous portion for the $1.59 pricetag so I had a few tastes actually. They were very crispy and hot, down to the bottom of the white paper tray. I thought they were great for frozen.  Ahhhh….. the joy of a deep fryer.



The limited menu forces you to order wings, hot dogs or chicken strips. The sign outside announced BBQ, but nothing at the counter indicated it was available. Wing World offers ice cream, but it didn’t look appetizing to me. Eight or ten of those big drums of ice cream wait in a cooler beside the counter. The top of each drum had a melty layer on top that had obviously thawed and refrozen. All the labels were mixed up, too. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough is NOT pink.

Need food for your next game party or poker night? Consider ordering from their catering menu.  Or you could stop by for breakfast – they offer pancakes, bicuits, omelettes and the standards.

Rumor around Hurricane is that the Hillbilly Hot Dog people might be buying these folks out. Wouldn’t it be cool to have the now world-famous Hillbilly Hot Dogs practically in my back yard???  But it still won’t relieve Ron of fulfilling his promise to take me to the bus.

Wing World receives TWO FORKS from me.


Wing World and WV Hot Dog Heaven
2949 Putnam Avenue
Hurricane, WV  25526

16 responses to “Will This Place Fly For Long? – Wing World

  1. Good to know the place isn’t as bad as I thought. I live in Winfield, so this is another locally-owned place that I will put on my list, to try at least.

  2. Maybe we were fortunate to visit at an odd hour of day when there were very few customers. The Hot Dog dudes had a much different experience than we did.

  3. demosthenes.or.locke

    At the liquor store for baking? For a recipe? Geez, thats the oldest one in the book.

    How about the obvious answer? It takes a lot of booze to put up with Ron.

    Nice review Ron. You need to get the period key on your computer fixed though.

    Did the sauce have any flavor or was it just typical spicy wing sauce? Quaker Steak is not my favorite place but some of their sauces are pretty creative.

  4. Sounds like crap. . . NOT because it doesn’t have TV or alcohol (strange benchmarks for foodie analysis) but because the wings sound terrible and the dogs sound very average.
    How was the slaw? the chili? Were the sauces homemade? Were they good. Did you try any except the not so hot?
    Usually, if a place calls itself “wing world” or “wing king” or any other name with “wing,” it’s gonna suck. Don’t know why, but that’s my experience.

    Wings are all about how they are cooked (crunchy is not an option for real hot wings), how plump and juicy they are and the sauces used.

    I had some wings with a Jamaican jerk sauce last week that were over the top!

  5. Mr. Hillbilly-
    aren’t you going to share with us where we can experience the yummy Jamaican jerk wings or are you saving them all for yourself?

  6. demosthenes.or.locke

    I have two jerk wings attached to my body. Do they do jamaican jerk at quaker steak? I don’t think they do.

    They have some gourmet style wings at Vandalia’s, including a smoked turkey wing but I have not tried them.

  7. I’d love to share the info with you Susan.
    I was in Englewood, FL at a place called JB’s Conch Cafe. It’s really good home cooked food at a reasonable price. There aren’t many good places in Englewood, so I go to The Conch quite often while there.
    For really good stuff, you’ve gotta go up to Venice or Sarasota.

  8. Thanks for the tip – if I make it the Englewood, FL area, I will know where to take Ron for one of his favorite foods. I always feel like I am going in a bit blind when visiting a new locale…recommendations are valuable!

  9. Thanks for reviewing this place. I had tried it awhile back after recommending it for a Fork You future review. I had decided that it was…hmm, let’s be polite..overpriced for its quality. Sadly, I’ve found the wings at the Little Caesar’s To-Go window to be at a better price to quality ratio. By the way, I’d love for you guys to address the age old question of why new restaurants never survive in Teays Valley and the subsequent question of why there aren’t more decent restaurants there?

  10. That’s a good question and a frustrating question for me, a fellow Teays Valley resident. I often whine about having so little choice when we want to dine out. If you don’t want fast food, the only options in TV I like are Taste of Asia and Graziano’s. (I would categorize Penn Station and Totre’s as fast-style food: sandwiches/fried items.)

    There are a lot of people in TV with discretionary income to spend so you’d think restaurants would want to locate in the area. Consider the old Uno’s location-it would be great to have a decent place move in there.

    I suppose the ones that fail do so because they aren’t offering the product people want at a price they want to pay. For example, I felt that Sha’s was way overpriced so we only went once.

  11. The Putnam Herald reported on Jan. 30, 2009 that Wing World is now offering chicken curry on the menu.

    Now I’ll have to go back. I heart Indian food.

  12. I can confirm that there is a limited Indian selection on the menu. The wife and I tried this place again this past weekend based on that fact. The veg biryani was way too hot for a normal person to eat. My “Jumbo” buffalo wings were again bad. Poor quality wings for the price (20/$10.99). After the initial “yummy, buffalo wings” high wore off after the first few, I came to the realization again that they were not very good and why am I eating these? I will not be back unless they improve on their wing meatiness quality. The naan was the best part of the meal (dipped in wing sauce).

    • The biggest, meatiest wings I’ve found anywhere is right in our backyard at Totre’s in TV. They are HUGE and very meaty, even those other ones that aren’t the little drumsticks. I’ve said this before on another post, but I’m saying it again. Their Bristol (a sweet/spicy flavor) wings are excellent! They seem to get bigger every time we get them, which is about twice a month. Totre’s allows smoking (it IS a bar in Putnam County, after all) but the wings are worth putting up with it if you are a non-smoker.

  13. Aces-

    hearing that the biryani was super spicy makes me even more anxious to try their Indian food!

  14. I live in Hurricane and drove past Wing World this morning and they appear to be out of business now.

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