Report From the Field – Sitar Lunch Buffet

Susan says…

You gotta love a buffet. For several reasons, in fact. Among them:  

  • instant gratification. You can eat as soon as quickly as you can load your own plate
  • unlimited quantities. If you like something, you can load up on it until you explode for no extra charge
  • facilitate experimentation. while you may hesitate to order a new dish from the menu for fear you won’t like it, you can take a taste of everything off a buffet without risk
  • excitement. Any buffet veteran can recall a time when their heart raced seeing the waitstaff carry out a fresh pan of their favorite dish to the buffet line up. Onlookers might think Misty pressed the “eject” button on her seat when she sees hot triple delight at the Chinese Buffet. You just can’t get that kind of exhiliration at a regular sit-down restaurant.
  • ability to dirty as many dishes as you like. If you wanted to, you could go to the buffet fifteen times and get fifteen different plates with fifteen different items on them. No fear of food-touching with that method.

Fork You frequents several area lunch buffets and we enjoy the buffet perks described above. You can only imagine how thrilled we were to add another to our rotation recently: Sitar.


You can enjoy Sitar of India’s lunch buffet on Monday, Wednesday and Friday each week for around $10.  You can expect to partake of a salad, raita (yogurt sauce), basmati rice, naan, a chicken dish or two, a couple vegetarian options and a dessert.  On my most recent visit, the buffet boasted chicken tikka masala (one of my very favorites), black bean and lentil puree, a mixed veggie dish, vegetable pakoras, tandoori chicken legs, a spinach/potato puree, salad, naan, basmati, and mango pudding.

Babies and persons missing their teeth could have enjoyed the buffet as well as those of still blessed with dentiture. What’s with the pureed items?

I ate some of almost everything and was uncomfortably stuffed when I waddled out of the building and down Summers Street to my car.  Ten bucks for this buffet is a great deal, especially when you consider chicken tikka masala is available only on the dinner menu priced around $12. 

I wish I could amp up the heat level on the food – If I don’t need a tissue to wipe my nose during the meal, it wasn’t hot enough. And you guessed it, not a single sniffle. I know, I know….it’s a buffet and not everyone likes spicy food. But isn’t that a hallmark of Indian cuisine? Aren’t the avid fans of Indian food being cheated somehow? Could they put little shakers of hot curry powder on the table so we can “bam!” it ourselves? Could they put just one dish on the buffet that is medium to hot and indicate such on the nametag so all the wimps of the world can avoid it? 

After my own visits, I offer these do’s and dont’s:


mango pudding

DO arrive before noon – the place is packed on buffet days.

DO resign yourself to drinking water. I have yet to be asked if I want a different beverage.

DO go with an open mind. Try everything even if it looks strange to you. You might be surprised!

DO jump in front of Phil if you want any mango pudding. He’s a fruit fanatic.

DONT try to order off the menu. You can, but I hope you don’t have an appointment that afternoon – kitchen priority goes to keeping the buffet stocked, of course.

DONT expect to wipe beads of sweat off your forehead. It’s a buffet and people like Misty want to enjoy it, too – therefore, the heat level is at a minimum.

Obviously I recommend you give the Sitar lunch buffet a try. You can check out our complete review of Sitar by clicking here.

Ron Says … 

Yes you do have to love a buffet… I typically do… Normally there’s several different items to pick and choose from.. Multiple portions… etc….

However I did not love the Sitar Buffet… There’s about eight items total on the one I went to.  That includes the Salad, The Dressing, and The bread.  The whole thing is contained on two 6ft X 3ft Carts (approximately, as I didn’t measure)

There was two meat items…  and from what I gather as Susan ate here again not too long ago they do vary this up a little.  But on my day, it sucked.  Well let’s just say I didn’t like it.. Sucked may have been a little harsh, but for the price it just wasn’t worth it to me.  Heck if I remember correctly, we didn’t even get asked for drinks and only served water.

I can skip the Sitar Buffett and catch the normal lunch offerings as that works best for me.

2 responses to “Report From the Field – Sitar Lunch Buffet

  1. “BAM!” – When did we get transported back to 2004?

  2. The Sitar buffet is like hitting a culinary gold mine and all the gold is just lying on the ground waiting to be picked up!!!!

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