Roadside BBQ – When Pigs Fly

When Pigs Fly – Lewisburg, WV (sometimes)

Dan says…

pigs-fly-002aI enjoy BBQ.  I am not a BBQ expert. So if you are a BBQ competitor or a BBQ judge feel free to correct me in the comments.  I generally make it a point to stop at every BBQ joint I pass when I’m traveling for work.  The Vegetarian Wife is accomodating, but sometimes the only vegetable on the menu is french fries. I have to keep BBQ dinner requests to a minimum.  So when I noticed the When Pigs Fly BBQ (WPF) trailer on the way into Lewisbug in September I knew I had to stop. I had tried to get some BBQ in previous visits to Lewisburg, but WPF BBQ is mobile and on more than one occasion they were located in Jackson’s Mill. So consider yourself warned before you take a trip to Lewisburg for this BBQ.  (Side note – I made two special trips to Lewisburg to eat at Jim’s Drive-In and it was closed both times.)

It's not bragging if you can back it up...Read on

It's not bragging if you can back it up...Read on

WPF BBQ is a colorful wood-sided BBQ cart located on the right as you travel south into Historical Lewisburg on RT 219. It is basically across the street from Walmart (Save money, Live Better!). Many people pull up and order take out.  Today I chose to eat at one of uncovered picnic tables.  I hope that WPF invests in a roof so I can partake in BBQ when its raining in Southeastern WV. 🙂

I like pulled pork and WPF BBQ specializes in naked or unsauced pork. I like this for a couple reasons. One-you can taste the meat. Second-you can control how much sauce. Third-you try several sauces. Naked BBQ has its draw backs, which was illustrated by WPF. It dries out if it’s not freshly pulled. That aside, the pork had a nice smoke flavor.  They smoke their meat cuts daily, onsite in a stainless steel smoker on their rig.  I didn’t take note of what type of wood they use.

I ordered a Pulled Pork Meal with two sides for $7.69. I added a drink for $1.69 and it being late summer I mixed my own Arnold Palmer at the tea and lemonade table. I selected mac & cheese and baked beans as my sides. My meal was quickly assembled and I received generous portions of pork, pasta and beans. WPF has four house made sauces and I tried each one. They are as follows:

  • First Flight – Carolina style
  • Wing Walker – Honey BBQ
  • Spitfire –  Hot and Spicy
  • Fly Baby – Mild and Tangy

My favorite was the Fly Baby, but the First Flight was one of the first Carolina style sauces that I have really enjoyed.  I love choices and you should be able to find a suace that matches your taste.  WPF sells ribs for $17.99 a rack.  They prepare smoked chicken that you can buy by the 1/4 or pulled on a sandwich.  All these items can be purchased in party sizes.  You can also get a unique concoction called a BBQ sundae, which is pulled pork, baked beans, and Aunt Alice’s slaw served in a parfait cup.  If you don’t like your food to touch or mix then this is your nightmare.

Pulled Pork Combo - $7.49

Pulled Pork Combo - $7.69

I should tell you about the side items.  I liked the mac and cheese. It was creamy and the noodles were cooked, but not to the point of collapse. I think there could be a whole blog on mac and cheese.  I like my mac and cheese baked with a homemade cheese sauce topped with panko bread crumbs, but I would order WPF’s version again.  The beans were pretty plain. No added pork or spices that I could tell. I bet Duke might know the recipe.

The problem with catchy restuarant names is that they can be used against you.  I could say that I’ll eat this BBQ again When Pigs Fly, but that would be a lie.  After I get my first meal at Jim’s Drive In I’ll stop for some THREE Fork BBQ at WPF.

Lewisburg, WV 24901
(304) 661-4335

6 responses to “Roadside BBQ – When Pigs Fly

  1. “naked?” What? no rub? Maybe that’s why it’s dry.
    A good bbq should not be dry.
    Yes, mac n cheese should be baked. Baked to the point where the macaronis are big and flat.
    Panko bread crumbs? What’re you makin? Japanese mac n cheese? a little bit of cheap canned bread crumbs at most.
    “Best BBQ in WV” Uh, ok. Not a high expectation.

    Sorry, just got to FL and stopped at three BBQ joints in TN and GA.

  2. The pork butts could have been rubbed before they were smoked but I didn’t detect it. I usually see ribs rubbed but not pork that is going to be pulled. I think I would prefer that.

    I like big and flat macaroni, but when they’re flat the cheese can’t hide in there. Panko rocks!

  3. demosthenes.or.locke

    Interesting, but the picture looks dry. Carolina Style barbeque is sauceless, unless you are talking some sort of hybrid carolina barbeque, like they serve near charlotte. Real carolina barbeque is cooked or marinaded in vinegar and red pepper flakes. No sauce is applied. Nothing against WPF though, good for them for trying… Barbeque is something I have always been surprised wasn’t more popular in WV. Its cheap, fatty, and good.

  4. Thanks for the nice comments. This is our first actual review, and we were excited to read it.

    Come back and see us soon!

  5. I would HIGHLY suggest their chicken.
    Don’t ask questions – just try it.

  6. Honestly, they’re overpriced and bland for barbeque. I’ve had better at home.

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