A Shot in the Dark Hits a Bullseye – Cannonball Deli


Susan says…

Ok. We have an hour and a half for lunch during a conference at a nearby hotel that Terry aptly dubbed The Low Quality Inn.  Misty, Terry and I head to downtown Harper’s Ferry in search of nourishment. 

There are all kinds of school kids snaking through the streets and stairways of this historic town. A local-ish conference attendee had recommended a barbeque place that we quickly discovered was closed.  As was the next two places we walked past.  Apparantly this is a seasonal destination.

A couple deli/diners had items on the menu boards I thought would be a safe bet and then when we turned up High Street,Terry spotted the Cannonball and suggested it get the nod.  I think he picked it because it has a manly, civil war-inspired name and we got to enter by walking down a flight of stairs into the cool, dank lower level of the building.

The Cannonball Deli offers sandwiches, salads, pizzas, gyros, and ice cream.  There were a few homemade desserts on the counter and my senses perked up at the sight of the baklava.

Sporting a thick European accent, the young man that took our orders politely answered our questions. By the number of Greek items on the menu, I am going to guess he, along with the older man who delivered our plates, is Greek.


Speaking of the plates, they were real, honest-to-goodness plates, but were degraded by plastic utensils. Oh well.

The Cannonball’s interior is small and quaint with about a half dozen tables and a case displaying several flavors of ice cream which apparantly bewitched Misty.  She kept staring in that general direction…

I ordered an individual veggie pizza for $8.99. This masterpiece was adorned with so many toppings, it was almost too many. Note I said “almost”! The crust was just the right thickness and crispy. Misty & I would have been happy splitting a pizza and thus leaving room for a dessert. That good ‘ol hindsight!

Sodas were priced at the seemingly going rate these days of $1.75. Needing additional stimulation to stay awake during the afternoon conference sessions, I thought it wise to go ahead and order up the caffeine-laced elixer known as Diet Coke.


Veggie Pizza

I was so stuffed I couldn’t finish all of my pizza but that baklava, for $2.75, looked so delicious I decided to take it with me and enjoy it as an afternoon snack while all the other attendees had only the complementary miniature bottles of water to consume. There must have been a hundred thin layers of phyllo and so much butter that it sort of seeped out when I squeezed the triangle between my fingers. The sweetness of the honey and the thin layer of nuts completed the flavor profile. I enjoyed every last bite and licked the buttery, sticky honey off my fingers.

Terry sure picked a winner with this restaurant. We all enjoyed our freshly prepared lunches at a reasonable price. I definitely recommend the Cannonball. THREE FORKS.


Gyro lunch

Misty says…
Susan just about covered it all in her review.  But I would like to add a few words of my own…really for emphasis.
I ordered the Greek pizza.  The crust was crispy and they were not skimpy on the topping at all.  The pizza had chicken, feta cheese, mozzarella cheese, tomato, zucchini, and spinach.  It was very cheesy…which is a positive in my book!  I did have to pick off some of the spinach because there was too much for my taste.  But that is hardly a complaint. 
I, too, could not finish my pizza.  I ate until I was stuffed and still had 3 pieces left. 
Susan is right about the ice cream.  It really looked good and had a lot of different flavors.  Of course, the chocolate chip cookie dough one caught my eye!  I wish I had saved room for it-  But unlike Susan’s Baklava, I couldn’t take it back to the conference.
If or when I go back to Harpers Ferry, I would definitely eat at the Cannonball again.  I would just get someone to split a pizza with me and get some ice cream for dessert.  Cannonball gets THREE FORKS!

Greek pizza

The Cannonball Deli
148 High St
Harpers Ferry, WV 25425
Cannonball Deli on Urbanspoon

4 responses to “A Shot in the Dark Hits a Bullseye – Cannonball Deli

  1. demosthenes.or.locke

    The pictures make it look like 4 or 5 fork pizza- fresh toppings, cheese beginning to brown, etc. Was it not as good as it looks? Did they get a demerit for expensive soda? Or were you just not that impressed?

    Maybe if 3 1/2 was allowed, this place would have received it?

    Or maybe I am showing my greek bias?

  2. I like the looks of the chicken gyro and greek salad with slices of feta.

  3. Demo-

    I do try to take quality photos of the food. I think I made that subpar sandwich at Charleston bagel look a lot better than it tasted with my artsy photo skills. That wasn’t the case with the Cannonball, though.

    The pizza was great – the crust could have been crisper but that’s the only negative thing I can say about my dish.

    If we gave out half forks, this would be a three and a halfer, as you suspected.

    The reasons I didn’t jump to four include:
    1) limited menu
    2) subpar atmosphere
    3) plastic utensils

    I really dislike plastic utensils. One time, at another location, my plastic fork tines broke off in my food. yikes!

    Based on what I saw (and tasted) in Harpers Ferry, the Cannonball would get five forks if I only compared it to other local establishments. But when I consider the Cannonball relative to all other restaurants I have experienced in West Virginia and beyond, I stand by the Three Fork rating.

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