How Big is the Food at a Place Named Biggie’s?

Note:  Susan’s daughters, ages 8 and 10, are guest bloggers for this review.

Susan says…


I take my mother duties very seriously. Every daughter’s upbringing should include shopping training. I am so committed to this ideal, I started shopping with my girls, explaining how to calculate sale prices in your head, sharing my secrets for strategic routing inside the mall, and how best to stuff everything in the trunk of the car – well before they could walk.

In addition, I am somewhat of a patriot. Now, I don’t go around waving flags on an ordinary Tuesday but I try to do my part to help keep America the greatest place on the planet.

As a means to these ends, I felt it was both my civic and parental duty to stimulate the fledgling economy the day after Thanksgiving. 

All our intensive study of shopping served us well this year because we were in Grafton, WV. You really had to get creative to find good shopping in that area. We had already exhausted the possibiities at the Grafton Wal Mart, grabbing quite a few of the $4 specials and had worked up an appetite before trekking to the Meadowbrook Mall in Bridgeport.

As much as I love shopping, I hate getting up early. 4 am doesn’t even show up on my clock, so we didn’t leave the house until the much more respectable hour of 10:00. By the time we worked our way through Wally World, it was time for an early-ish lunch.

We had spotted Biggie’s on the way to that beacon of discount deals with the animated smiley face and Hannah took special note of “hamburgers” printed on their sign. That girl is crazy over hamburgers. I thought they’d also have milkshakes and that would be a nice treat for the kids.

Indeed they do offer milkshakes. The menu is surprising – they have the usual suspects: hot dogs, burgers in various patty-quantities with various combinations of toppings, fries, and rings. But they have a nice list of sides to choose from including cheese sticks, jalapeno poppers, broccoli with cheese, cottage cheese, corn nuggets and applesauce.

I went with the fish sandwich ($3.53) and small onion rings ($1.76) with a large diet soda ($1.79).

It doesn’t look like much on the outside, but the inside was very tidy. When I placed my order at the window I couldn’t help but notice how clean the food prep area was. I asked Hannah to take a look and she agreed that it appeared to be spotless. That sure makes you feel good while you are waiting on your food.

The fish sandwich was a crispy square of frozen, prebreaded white fish of some sort on a nice sesame seed bun. I liked it alright when I was nibbling near the edge of the fish square, but as I worked my way into the heart of it, the inside became mushy and blhecky. I ate all around the edge and threw the middle away.


Unfortunately I can’t say much more for the rings.  I swear these things were exactly like Ore Ida onion rings from the freezer case at Kroger. My mom used to make those when I was a kid and I loved them, because they didn’t contain an actual onion…just minced up pieces of onion shaped like a ring. I liked them in the same way I like a frozen Banquet fried chicken meal once every five years. aahhh……childhood memories…..

I didn’t finish the rings, either so you can imagine my delight when I assessed the French Fry Tax. The French Fry Tax is a tax imposed upon the children by the Mommy whereby said children must give aforementioned Mommy as many french fries as she deems appropriate, giving preference to super-crispy, nearly (or mostly) burnt fries.  The tax was steep today due to my unfortunate order choice. Hope didn’t really mind, though – she hardly ever finishes a meal.

The fries tasted homemade. The only thing throwing me off was the absence of potato skin. Misty would have really liked these fries. The white paper tray was filled with mostly full-sized fries and no pesky skin (which I LOVE) to get in the way of her enjoyment of the tender potato flesh. These were yummy, even though I would have cooked them longer, hopefully in older grease, so they’d get really crispy and browner. I inquired to confirm that they are indeed fresh cut in the restaurant each day.  (WTF, CJ Maggie’s – c’mon. If this little joint can do it, so can you!)

Just so you know I don’t discriminate, I also stare at my children (just as I stare at my friends) making them feel compelled to let me taste all of their food. Enacting this tactic with Hannah, it yielded a bite of her burger. Well, I’ll let her tell you about it. I will simply say that I agree with her analysis.

Of course I tasted the shake, too! I am nothing if not thorough. The chocolate shake had a good flavor and consistency.

Based on everything I tasted, I will award Biggie’s TWO FORKS. If you go, get fries and a shake. The WV Hot Dog Blog reviewed Biggie’s and awarded them 3.5 weenies…so you may want to consider adding a hot dog to the fries and shake.

Hope says…

The restaurant was small. It looked like the Scott Depot Dairy Queen. It had cool mirrors, though. They were hung on the wall diagonal: up and down, up and down…

I thought the hot dog was great. Although the french fries might be my favorite. They tasted homemade. (Plain weiner – $.40, small fries  – $1.76)

The milkshake (small – $1.85) was chocolate and good.

It was real cheap. Even though I didn’t pay, I could have because I had $5 at that moment.  I only have $4 now. I spent it on ice cream at school for $.50 and a mechanical pencil for the other $.50.

I would come back to Biggie’s if I got a different milkshake and a different meal because I didn’t think it was big enough for a place called Biggie’s. Because Biggie’s is like… big, and I thought the food would be big-GER than it sounds like.  I think I’ll give it THREE FORKS.



Hannah says…

I thought it looked like the Dairy Queen and Hope copied off me. The mirrors were slanted. It made them look like each mirror got bigger.

When we got our food I got the Junior Biggie for $1.49, a small fry for $1.76 and a chocolate milkshake for $1.85.

The milkshake was very good. It did taste homemade. It was super-chocolatey and it was thick.

The burger was not the best. In fact, it was so small you couldn’t even taste it. It was very, very, very thin. The bun was good – it was soft and the bun definitely overpowered the hamburger. Maybe the “Biggie” would be bigger than the “Junior Biggie”.

The fries were awesome. I got a lot of fries for a small. They looked more like a large from McDonalds but have better taste because they were crunchy. You didn’t even need to add ketchup to them to make them taste better and they were homemade.

I thought it was really interesting how they have their own way of spelling ketchup and fries. Ketchup = catsup and Fries = fryz.

I rate Biggie’s THREE FORKS. I would only come back if I got a different, hopefully thicker, burger and more of the fries. 


Note from Mommy:  I’ll bet they will both go back to Biggie’s if they are in my car and I go there. They forget they are children sometimes, and therefore, subject to my rule.

505 North Pike Street
Grafton, WV 26354

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6 responses to “How Big is the Food at a Place Named Biggie’s?

  1. demosthenes.or.locke

    Nice review. What is Chili Soup? Different from Chili?

    The place looks pretty average, even for a mom and pop diner. I’d love to see a few more diner reviews, especially once you start to run out of restaurants. And yes, I know you have done a couple.

    Also, glancing over the future reviews, I saw Cafe de Paris. Don’t waste your time… its that bad.

  2. I imagine chili soup is like watered down chili. But I really have no idea.

    Since I do not care for any kind of chili (except chili peppers and chili powder. Oh yeah, and the chain Chili’s – that’s right Daniel…another chain! maybe I’ll review it! oh, that’s right…I already did. I like the southwest eggrolls and spinach-artichoke dip from Chili’s. That has been my go-to tailgate pick-up food the past two WVU games I attended.)

    Anyway, since I don’t really like chili, and I was pretty sure chili soup would have some sort of bean content, I was not even tempted to order it or even inquire about it. I should think about the bean-loving readers we have out there and check into things like that.

    I do like green beans, but no other beans. Not even jelly beans. Well, I can tolerate black beans in small quantities mixed with other ingredients. You super-sharp people out there may know that Chili’s southwest eggrolls contain black beans. And you may have been thinking to yourself: “Aha! She says she doesn’t like beans, but she likes southwest eggrolls??? Something doesn’t add up….” Thus the additional explanation on my part. I knew to do that, because this is the sort of thing Daniel would point out about me and then proceed to ridicule.

  3. Golly darn, I got so excited about chili soup, I forgot to comment on Cafe de Paris.

    That is one of those places that I feel we have an obligation to review to provide a sort of public service to the other diners contemplating a visit. And if they are getting a bad rap, we can help promote the place to other people fearful of going there. I have not heard a single positive comment about that restaurant.

    However, being the faux professionals we are, (well, except for Ron. He doesn’t even try) if we visit Cafe de Paris, we will do so with an objective and open mind.

    Does it sound like I am convincing you…or me???

  4. demosthenes.or.locke

    Cafe de Paris sucks. I understand why you need to review it, your cause is noble and appreciated, but its so bad you might not finish your food. When I ate there, the waitress asked me if I needed a doggie bag, and I told her no, because if I fed my dog this garbage PETA would probably come after me. I wouldn’t actually say that to wait staff, but there isn’t really any risk of my dog eating their food anyway. My dog eats other animal’s droppings and rolls on dead birds for fun, but I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t touch the food they serve at CDP if he was starving to death. It is that bad.

    The rumor around charleston is that the only reason CDP is open is because the owner gets disbursements from a trust fund which require her to keep a restaurant open on quarrier street to keep the money rolling.

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