Capitalize on Taste at Capitol Market


Susan says…

Originally a warehouse and transfer dock for the New York Central Railroad Company, today the property known as Capitol Market boasts a bustle of culinary activity. Whether you are in search of a prepared meal or the ingredients to create your own at home, you can make your tastebuds happy here.







The Wine and Cheese Shop


Find a wide array of wine and beer, including staff picks and a “10 Under $10” section. A unique feature, the “Mix and Match Six Pack” allows patrons to sample multiple brews with a 10% discount. In addition to liquid refreshment, fine imported and domestic cheeses call to customers to taste a free sample, and then take a wedge home to go with that wine.







 Holl’s Swiss Chocolates

Founder, Master Chocolatier Fritz Holl, and his family company provide fresh handmade chocolates from choice ingredients. Beginning with imported raw chocolate from Switzerland, Holl’s infuses intense flavors with coffee, fruits and roasted nuts. Made in Vienna, West Virginia, these fine confections are sold exclusively through the main location in Vienna, on Bridge Road in Charleston and here at Capitol Market.





 Perdue Grocery

A true showcase for West Virginia products, Perdue Grocery stocks the shelves with baking products, honey, jams and the famous Blue Smoke Salsa. All Perdue Grocery products are grown, produced or marketed in West Virginia.


The Purple Onion

Picture-perfect fresh fruits and vegetables are available as well as freshly-prepared salads for a quick pick-up lunch.  Choose from dozens of specialty products like wasabi dried peas.  Varieties of beans are also available in bulk along with roasted peanuts. Grab some fresh tomatoes, elephant garlic and a package of fresh Rossi pasta and make a delicious meal in your home kitchen.












The Capitol Market is also home to the Fresh Seafood Company, home of the Big Fish Sandwich, Capitol Roasters, Frog Creek Books, Johnnie’s Meat Market, Soho’s and various seasonal outdoor vendors peddling flowers, fresh produce and Christmas trees as the seasons progress.




Capitol Market
800 Smith Street
Charleston, WV  25301

4 responses to “Capitalize on Taste at Capitol Market

  1. Can’t believe you didn’t get a picture of the MEAT at Johnnie’s. That display case is loverly.

  2. kitchengeeking,
    we all know that you are into bacon porn.

  3. What a great blog! I was checking out Lola’s reviews and stumbled on to this…such a delight to find local foodies on the web. Keep up the great work, guys.

  4. I just wish there were more things at Capital Market that one can’t get at Krogers.
    How “Fresh” seafood stays in business, I’ll never know as their products are often spoiled. Johnnie’s meats aren’t anything special. . . nothing I can’t get at Krogers.
    Ditto the Purple Onion even though they do have some big barrels of beans and stuff that look impressive.
    What’s the draw?

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