Refrigerator Check

Susan says…

I know we have mentioned it a couple times on the blog before, but you really should check out the Serious Eats website.  They have contributors ranging from a breakfast expert to a professional restaurant server resulting coverage of a wide range of food-related topics.

On my latest venture to their site, I noticed they asked the question: “What is the weirdest thing in your fridge?”  The responses included some items that are indeed weird!  Some, I have never even heard of and had to google.

My answer to that question would be the bottle of fish sauce. I know that’s not particularly weird and many of you probably have a bottle of your own.  The weird thing, to me, about fish sauce is that the smell is, well…eeeeeww.  But in the finished dish, it is delicious.  Weird… and magical!

So, what’s the weirdest thing in YOUR fridge?


4 responses to “Refrigerator Check

  1. When my freezer gets low – I stuff it with crumpled newspaper. Makes it run more efficiently.

  2. Moonshine with strawberries in it.

  3. Went to my cousin’s wedding in NYC, on New Year’s Eve, year 2000. Brought back (on the train) a pork chop in a doggie bag from some restaurant. Lacking refrigeration on the train, I knew it was inedible, but I stuck it the fridge anyway. The flourescent color changes it’s gone through have been incredible. Yep, it’s still in there.

  4. I have fish sauce, too. Hm. A chicken carcass for stock in the freezer. Tomato sauce in a toothpaste tube. Two bottles of Japanese Ramune soda I bought because the bottles were cool (and I don’t drink soda).

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