Vandalia Grille Menu

Susan says…

I always, always appreciate the opportunity to review a menu before going to the restaurant.  So here it is, folks….the menu for Vandalia Grille.  The one I grabbed has some scribbling on it but I was too excited to worry about that.

I didn’t dine there today for two reasons: 1) I am waiting on Daniel to be available to go with me and 2) I didn’t think I could gastronomically handle Vandalia for lunch and Sitar for dinner in the same day.  My parking spot was directly across Hale Street from Vandalia and its bright yellow facade so I was tempted to say “the heck with Daniel”…

Please comment and let us know what you think of Mr. Sadorra’s new venture when you try it on for size. Click here to read the article published this week in the Daily Mail with one diner’s opinion.




13 responses to “Vandalia Grille Menu

  1. We’ve actually been twice already. Went for dinner on Friday and liked it enough to go for lunch on Saturday.

    I didn’t try the sweet potato fries myself, but I did hear that they’re slightly battered and actually crisp.

    Bill got the scallops and they were heavenly. Perfectly seared.

    I got the curry salmon, and it was good, but REALLY intense.

  2. Coworkers went for lunch today and loved it, particularly lettuce wraps which aren’t my thing. I am looking forward to trying it for dinner soon.

  3. Blair-

    you two tried exactly what I want to order: the salmon and the scallops.

    after all the discussion recently on the blog about sweet potato fries, I am anxious to try them…in search of a truly crispy version.

    the combinations on the burgers and pizzas don’t sound good to me…but Daniel and Phil would say “trust Virgil and it will be good”.

  4. Went with some friends last week. The sweet potato fries are great, but ask for all three dipping sauces, at least the first time, so you can figure out which ones you like best. The risotto ball covered in the “Daily Mail” story is excellent, but it’s just one big ball, so it’s a bit hard to share. The pizza was good, but not Lola’s good.

    I’m glad to hear that they are planning on an expanded menu. What I had was good, but there weren’t a ton of choices, so choosing from amongst the same ten-or-so options would get old fairly quickly. Can’t wait to try the sangria and the sliders (oh, and you can get full size burgers of each of the three types, if you find one you love).

  5. my neck hurts from reading the menu. 😉

  6. we went, and I loved the braised pork on mushroom risotto w/ chili sauce. it might have been awkward for sharing, but made a nice, reasonably sized dinner plate.

    We also liked the sweet potato fries (Whitewater at the Marriott no longer has them!)

    For randy, I wish there were some “plain” options (a more standard burger or plain pizza) there always seems to be one thing in a dish that isn’t for him…I wonder if we could have asked for the risotto w/o mushrooms. Also, wish there more dipping sauce options.

    Looking forward to going back and having Vandalia Grille again sometime=)

  7. Sorry Daniel – you weren’t here for much-needed tech support.

    About the dishes folks are mentioning that are difficult to share, the risotto croquettes and the braised pork: I thought the concept was to encourage people to order several items and share. Seems odd that the dishes themselves wouldn’t facilitate that idea.

    The menu refers to croquettes, plural. I thought you would receive several small balls. However EB received one large one.

    Blair- How many scallops are on that plate? And what about the lettuce wraps?

  8. Um… I can’t remember. At least 5 scallops, I think.

    I’ll post pics of the lettuce wraps on my flickr.

  9. The Andouille Sausage Pizza was incredible. The atmosphere was wonderful. I can’t wait to go back.

  10. I don’t want to spoil the pending review, but the scallops were too yummy to keep secret.

  11. I’m happy that they have the sweet potato fries, I’m allowed them on my new low Glycemic Index plan.

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