Noah’s Restaurant


Susan says…

I discovered Noah’s via pre-trip internet research.

Rachel Ray visited Noah’s and a couple places in Mystic on “$40 a Day”.  They also received a positive review from the New York Times, albeit years ago.  On the way to New England, we began listening to “Garlic and Sapphires” on audiobook – an account written by a former NY Times critic, Ruth Reichl, about her life as a critic in disguise.  Therefore, the Times review meant a lot to me and it’s no secret that I am a huge Rachel fan.

Noah’s is located in Stonington, a nearby town east of Mystic.  In fact, Stonington was the setting for much of the Mystic Pizza filming.

I spent the day before walking up and down the streets of this beautiful, quiet, colonial community taking photographs.  You can drive to the point and enjoy a small beach and an incredible view of the water which almost surrounds you. By scoping it out, finding the restuarant for our date the following evening was easy.

The interior of the restaurant was cozy with linen tablecloths and mismatched vintage napkins.  A wide array of original art adorned the walls, most of which was available for sale. 

The autumn weather brought with it a special Oktoberfest menu which included pork chops – Ron’s choice for his entree.  I went with native scallops.

A basket of bread and salads accompanied our entrees.   I was pleased with the generous portion of mixed spring greens dressed lightly with a tangy vinegrette. 

(Dislcaimer: all photos from this point were taken by Ron with his iPhone, therefore the quality is below par.  I let my battery run down in my camera…oops!)


Ron’s entree consisted of two pork chops, on the thin side, sauerkraut, potatoes and a pickle.  Even though the chops were thinnish, Ron thought they tasted good. 

My scallops were melt-in-your-mouth tender and buttery. I received three large sea scallops with a light coating of breadcrumbs accompanied with a small amount of lemon-butter sauce.  These were probably the best scallops I have eaten prepared in this manner.  I don’t want my scallops drowning in butter, even though I like butter almost as much a Paula Deen.  I also appreciated the light layer of breadcrumbs as it allowed the flavor and texture of the scallops to really shine through. noah-scallop

Noah’s also gladly accommodated my request for additional vegetables in lieu of the starchy potatoes.  Much to my delight, the veggie o’ the day was Brussel’s sprouts.  Yum-o!  Cooked perfectly to “just tender”, they were seasoned simply with salt, pepper and a bit of butter.

I felt my $22 was well spent on the meal and was looking forward to a homemade dessert. 

Even Ron ordered something sweet, a rarity for him.  The pavlova he selected was a large meringue topped with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream.  Fresh strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries dotted the creamy white landscape of the dessert and the whole creation was drizzled with a raspberry sauce.  He couldn’t say enough positive things about this sweet treat.   I fear all desserts henceforth will have to live up to this pavlova and it is only a matter of time before he asks me to make it at home.

I ordered the creme brulee and watched as they blow-torched the sugary top behind the dessert counter.  As expected, the top was golden and crunchy revealing a creamy center dotted with seemingly a million tiny vanilla seeds.  It was heavenly.


No problems with service, our dining experience was very good overall.  I would consider Noah’s to be one of the best meals during our New England adventures.  One disappointment: a limited menu.  It seemed as if I had only a half dozen entrees to choose from and three or four others on the Oktoberfest seasonal offerings. THREE FORKS

Even though I felt my meal was worth it, we spent $40 a person, just for dinner.  We wonder what Rachel ate the rest of the day…

or did she have to do dishes???

Noah’s Restaurant
113 Water Street
Stonington, CT

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