I hate Sweet Potato Fries, too.

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Dan says…

This post at Serious Eats sums up exactly how I feel about sweet potato fries!

To recap – 

  • They are always greasy!
  • They are always burnt!
  • They are never crisp!




13 responses to “I hate Sweet Potato Fries, too.

  1. I completely agree.

    But I want to like them and I think I would like them if they could be made crispy.

    A question: how come Utz can make wonderful crispy, non-burnt sweet potato chips? Can they apply the sweet potato chip technology to make better sweet potato fries???

  2. I am willing to bet Utz uses a hybrid sweet potato with a lower sugar content.

  3. I was a sweet potato french fry skeptic too (though I’ve always loved sweet potato chips), until my recent visit to Stonewall resort. The sweet potato fries that came with my mushroom and swiss burger were out of this world. They must have put crack in them.

  4. There are definitely good sweet potato fries out there. The hard part is finding them. If you needed an excuse to get out west, I can easily say that the best I’ve ever had were at Father’s Office in Santa Monica, CA. The blue cheese burger there is worth the trip as well…top notch.


  5. I’ve had sweet potato fries at the Wild Horse Cafe in Pomeroy, OH (across the river from Mason, WV) and they were decent, a little crispy and not greasy at all. They were cut pretty thin which might be why they had some crispiness, and they had what seemed like a mixture of salt, pepper and sugar sprinkled on them. Not bad, but nowhere near as good as piping hot, crispy, fresh-cut Idahos.

  6. Sorry to break it to you, but I’ve had sweet potato fries at TGIF several times (including lunch today) and they’ve never been greasy or burnt. They were crisp. They seemed to be lightly battered, but they had good sweet potato taste. The only problem was that they were a bit salty. That can be corrected easily enough in the kitchen.

  7. They had to batter them to make them crisp. Good idea, but I still don’t care for them. Give me a fresh cut fry any day of the week.

  8. I am sending an email to the chef at Stonewall Resort right now, asking how he makes his alleged out-of-this-world sweet potato fries.

    I will order some next time I am there!!

  9. Not technically fries, I guess, but you can grill them and they are quite good and I really don’t even like sweet potatos.

    Cut them like steak fries and shake them up in a ziploc bag with a little bit of oil and whatever seasoning you like and just place them on the grill for about five minutes a side. They turn out crunchy and you get a nice caramelization but the smokey taste cuts the sweetness.

  10. Sweet Potato Fries can be filed in the “Why Fix It If It Isn’t Broke” category.

    they suck

  11. Clear Eyes,

    It would be beneath Daniel to ever go to TGIF even if it were only to search out great SPF.

    Daniel says he doesn’t do chains.

    I, on the other hand, could not only go there, but write a review on it!

  12. ok – I got the low-down on how to make crispy (not burnt) sweet potato fries from the Executive Chef at Stonewall Resort:

    1) a light batter on the sweet potatoes (you can batter them yourself or buy them frozen, already battered)
    2) fresh oil – as the oil gets older with use, it will make the fries darker. (I consider used oil a good thing when it comes to regular fries because I like the dark color and the taste it gives the tater.)
    3) Don’t leave them in the hot tub too long. Apparantly sweet potato fries take less time (maybe due to the higher sugar content?)

  13. Vandalia Grille’s sweet potato fries have a light batter and were hot, crispy and the perfect color.

    We all liked them.

    Yes, even Daniel.

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