Susan’s Travel Journal, Day 7 – Captain Daniel Packer Inne

Susan says…


Just as I exit our great state for another road trip, I will post the culinary happenings of my final full day in Connecticut.

We certainly went out with a “bang” by choosing the historic Daniel Packer Inne.

Founded in 1754, this Inn was home to sea Captain Daniel Packer and his guests awaiting passage across Mystic River while traveling between New York and Boston.  As the wide, dark wooden floor boards creak when you are led to your table, you can almost feel the history in this structure. 

Ron ordered for us a bottle of locally-made wine, a 1740 Ledyard House Red from Maugle Sierra Vineyards and Winery in Ledyard, Connecticut.  Slightly sweet, this wine is enjoyable with, or without, a meal.

So many attractive possiblities presented themselves on the menu, I had to read it over several times to make a decision.  Especially designed for the season, I was enticed by lamb chops with tart cherry and fresh mint demi glace, teased by veal with lobster, shallots and truffle oil, and finally won over by lobster ravioli with shrimp and asparagus.  Once again, my weakness for asparagus shows.

While looking around at the colonial decor and glowing fireplaces, we were presented with a basket of crusty warm bread, a ramekin of butter and a head of roasted garlic.  Ron was so taken with the roasted garlic he vowed to make it himself at home.  And he was enjoying the wine a little too much – I had to confiscate the remaining amount in the bottle and put it out of his reach.


My $26 lobster ravioli were circles of pasta striped with green, bathed in a rich tarragon cream sauce and adorned with mushrooms, onions, asparagus, and large pink shrimp.  I savored every drop of the sauce.  The raviolis were tender and the shrimp were plump and perfect.


Ron also enjoyed his entree of porterhouse and D.P.I. mashed red potatoes for $29.  This was a large steak, but he was able to conquer it.  Adorned with a creamy sauce, I don’t think he favored it over the potatoes.  When questioned about his ability to share a homemade dessert with me, he said he was too full of mashed potatoes, but if they had those on the dessert menu, he’d gladly take some more.

The setting was historical and the atmosphere romantic.  Our service was friendly and prompt – like most of the establishments we visited in the area.  The restaurants seem to really appreciate their tourist patrons and do their best to make us feel at ease.

FOUR FORKS for this must-taste experience in Mystic.

Upon Ron’s suggestion, we exited the Inn through the pub on the first level.  After seeing this cozy space, I regretted not taking our meal there like Ron wanted.  Write this down – I may never again admit Ron was right about something!

Daniel Packer Inne
32 Water Street
Mystic, CT

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