Bizzare Foods’ Andrew Zimmern Dines in Helvetia!

Dan says…

The Daily Mail reported that Ember’s Chef Brian Ball served Andrew Zimmern of the Travel Channel’s Bizarre Foods some West Virginia treats.   Fork You discovered that before dining on squirrel brains at Snowshoe Mountain Andrew and his production crew stopped in Helvetia, WV.  The Hutte Swiss Restaurant’s proprietor, Eleanor Mallioux, hosted a fireside feast of “Fire Roasted Deer”.  According to the deer was stuffed with vegetables and roasted in hot coals overnight.  The fire and venison was tended by Henry Rice, Willie Lehman, and Ben Gain.  Lehmann and stepbrother, Brian Arnett also makes some fine beer at Mountain State Brewing Company in Thomas, WV.

Photo by Eric Ghiz

Photo by Eric Ghiz

Word from the little swiss village of Helvetia says that the episode will air in April of 2009.


9 responses to “Bizzare Foods’ Andrew Zimmern Dines in Helvetia!

  1. The Daily Mail article says it will air in March so be on the lookout then. Can’t wait!

  2. I was so lucky to be at the incredible venison roast at helvetia….Elenanor,Henry, Willie and Ben did an incredible job. This is truly an incredible place…the food, company, beer, and spirit of this gem was a culinary journey! I adore Elenanor and Andrew and I talked about this special place for hours! The evening ended with yodeling and spirits and the glow of the hutte in the wilderness!

  3. OMG – How Cool!

  4. “The Daily Mail reported that Ember’s Chef Brain Ball served….” I know it’s just a typo that his name is spelled B-r-A-I-n. But what a funny coincidence or pun since that’s what he fixed.

  5. Fixed typo. Sorry Brian.

  6. I like that show and I’m glad it will feature WV, but roasted venison seems pretty tame in comparison to some of the stuff that boy will ingest.

  7. you have no idea what that man eats…..i ask him if he ever got really sick, and he was like nah….we were really hard pressed to find him something that he had never eaten before….go figure he hadnt eaten squirrel brains!

  8. I can personally tell you thatenry Rice and his brother Bill can really cook up some good deer mean.

  9. Henry * typo *

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