Susan’s Travel Journal, Day 4 – Rice Spice Noodles

Susan says…

Drunken Vegetable Soup

Given the rainy forecast for tomorrow, today I decide to wander around the streets of Mystic, shopping and snapping photographs. 

The outing begins at noon with a meal at Rice Spice Noodles, a contemporary Thai restaurant just outside the Main Street shopping area.

Sparse inside and out, it evokes a minimalist calmness.  The “screen” door is covered in a dark gray fabric which surprised my fingertips when I grasped it.  The open dining room is full of small black tables, each one adorned with a single brightly-colored gerbera daisy in a small vase.

Service here is polite and respectful.  The menu is a contemporary interpretation of Thai cuisine.  Many vegetarian options are available as well as organic drinks.  I order and proceed to admire the cute little old-fashioned glass bottle of Diet Coke I am given with a glass of ice.  On my menu today: curry puffs for $6 and panang curry (which comes with salad or soup) for $9. 

My appetizer and soup are delivered at the same time.  Not a huge fan of any soup, I choose to taste the appetizer first.  The beautiful little puffs are almost too pretty to eat.  Almost- but I manage.   The pastry is incredibly flaky and light, filled with a yellow-green (curry) colored mixture of chicken and shrimp.  Delicious.  The puffs make me even more excited about my entree’s impending introduction.

Nothing on the plate escapes me – not even the beautiful “salad” of romaine, very thin noodles of carrot, and cilantro which serve double duty as a garnish.  This plate also delivers a ramekin of diced cucumber, red onion and red bell pepper dressed in a light vinagrette.

Curry Puffs

I leave the appetizer plate clean, but not the soup bowl.  One ingredient, which I cannot identify, nags at me every time I catch a whiff of its aroma.  I eat about half the broth and slurp about half the thin rice noodles by the time the entree is presented.

Panang curry, featuring coconut milk and peanut, is one of my favorite curry dishes.  The menu indicates this one is “hot & spicy” and it makes good on the promise.  A wide array of vegetables accompany the sliced chicken and thick, orange sauce in the bowl, including green beans, peas, zucchini, and red bell pepper.  No detail is overlooked here, notice the ridges cut into the zucchini pieces.  The curry sauce is flavorful, spicy and satisfying. 

Panang Curry

As if acting as a silent exclamation mark, the clean white dishes accentuate the vibrant colors of the food.  Everything is perfectly cooked and beautifully presented.

Rice Spice Noodles is a must-visit if you enjoy Thai cusine.  FOUR FORKS.

Rice Spice Noodles
4 Roosevelt Ave
Mystic, CT 06355
(860) 572-8488

2 responses to “Susan’s Travel Journal, Day 4 – Rice Spice Noodles

  1. I have eaten at rice spice noodle once and was similarly pleased with the restaurant. I live in the area and need to get there more!

  2. Roseann Ridings

    We visited the rice spice noodle on a recent trip.
    We ate the Drunken nooles two days in a row they were so delicious. We also had the summer rolls which were beautiful and fresh. I highly recommend this simple but wonderful restaurant. Iwould love to be able to replicate the drunken noodle receipe at home in Maine.

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