Grand Opening – Pho Vinh Long

Susan says…

Yes folks, it has finally happened, the day we’ve all been anxiously awaiting.  Pho Vinh Long opened their doors yesterday at 601 D Street in South Charleston.

The inside of the space looks great and I got a lung-full of enticing aromas.  I also left with a menu.

Here’s a sneak peak:

Several different varieties of beef noodle soup are available.  The small size is $6.95, the large is $7.75.  If beef isn’t your thing, chicken is also served.  An order of two spring rolls or three egg rolls cost only $2.50.

To wash it down, choose from an extensive offering of beverages including coconut juice, soda with egg yolk and condensed milk and Thai’s Iced Tea.  All drinks are priced at $2.75 each.  Daniel will order the Tra Da Chanh for sure – described as “Iced Tea Lemondae” on the menu – the Vietnamese Arnold Palmer!

Please comment with your reaction when you give Pho Vinh Long a try.


16 responses to “Grand Opening – Pho Vinh Long

  1. “tendon,” “beef ball soup,” “fat brisket”
    Can’t wait!

  2. My wife and I had a favorite Vietnamese place back in Virginia where we used to go once a week (really!). We found Pho Vinh Long’s Pho not as good as our favorite’s, but it was good enough. The spring rolls were good. Note however if you are not into spicy food to request the sauce without Siracha which it seems to come by default.

    Now the negative. I wish they put like a door or curtain between the dining area and the kitchen. We can see the employees working at the back with no gloves and no aprons and hairnets. I guess it’s just the first day and maybe their uniforms have not arrived yet. I hope they arrive soon though before ‘Behind the Kitchen Counter’ pays them a visit.

  3. I meant ‘‘Behind the Kitchen Door.’ lol

  4. The food. . . yes, they really did have tendon in the beef noodle bowl. The chicken noodle bowl was full of sliced chicken. . . looked like it came from a deli, but it was actually fresh unprocessed chicken. The broth was rather plain and the noodles were OK. I always worry about where these places get their noodles as I dislike eating food products from China.
    The egg rolls were very good, in fact a bit unique and the spring rolls were exceptional. Nice plump spring roll with lots of good crispy veg and some shrimp strips. Very nicely prepared.
    The sauces were very tasty. Not sure if they were from a bottle, hybrid or homemade.
    There weren’t too many people there and they were definitely overwhelmed, but it was their second day in operation, so I’d give them a week or two to get their act together. . . definitely go there, but don’t expect great service.
    They HAVE to expand their menu. What little they have on their menu, they were only offering a few items last night.
    ditto on the better hygiene in the kitchen comment, but it’s a family run business with everybody kicking in. It’ll take them a while to get their act together.
    Not the best VN food I’ve had, in fact, not close, but it was decent and I suspect these folks will work really hard to improve their service, menu and offerings.

  5. demosthenes.or.locke

    I love vietnamese food. If only they had cheap beer to go with it.

  6. Just got back from a Friday dinner there, and I’ll ditto what SagHillbilly posted. As long as you are not in a rush to eat. Take your time ordering and sit back and enjoy.

    Their service was rough. But, it was packed with customers, and they were handling the rush fairly well despite being short handed. If they get an extra waiter/waitress to handle the dinner rush then they will be in better shape.

    Honestly, I did not expect them to have the restaurant “thing” down since it is only day three.

    We ordered a couple of their Pho dishes, and it was pretty good. We liked the broth. About on par of what you’ll find in a “big” city VN restaurant. You get the VN standard pile of leafy greens to throw in, which adds nice flavor, as well.

    The Pho is piping hot which was great for a cold rainy night. The rare beef pho was my favorite. They place raw thinly sliced strips of beef right on top before serving. You stir it in and it cooks up right before your very eyes in the steaming broth.

    The egg rolls and spring rolls were OK. We have had better, and make better at home. We plan on making it a regular lunch stop. We will give a chance to work out some of the kinks.

  7. Went on first day. I was not expecting great service and didn’t get it but it was well worth the wait to finally get pho in WV. My pho (with rare, well done and tendon) was amazing as were the spring rolls and iced coffee. Can’t wait to return as pho is my favorite food.

  8. As excited as I was about the opening, I am incredibly let down to see that there are hardly any vegetarian options.

  9. libco, I thought my enchiladas and pico de gallo were your favorite food.

  10. $2.75 for drinks !! Insanity.

    I’ll definitely be having hot tea or water when I go to try it out.

  11. I’ve eaten my favorite food, VN, for years in every large city I’ve visited, so I was extremely excited about it’s arrival in WV.

    Last Friday I arrived at Pho Vinh Long with great expectations, and I was sorely disappointed. The poor service, inadequate menu of pho and egg rolls only, limited ability of our server to communicate and even to make change when we paid our bill all made for an unpleasant dining experience.

    Beware diners – you must pay in cash only.

    I only hope that the menu and service improve in time. I will give it one more chance.

  12. The pho (I had it with rare beef) was served in a very large bowl with a lot of thinly sliced beef, a very rich broth and a ton of noodles. Definitely a good value at $8. It’s sightly bland as served but is served with chile peppers, lime, mint and sprouts on the side and there are bottles of rooster hot sauce and what I think is some kind of fish sauce on the tables. I used them all and it added a nice zing.

    The eggrolls are three small rolls and they were good but nothing spectacular.

    The complaint about the limited menu is very true. My wife is vegetarian and all she could eat were spring rolls. she got a double order and liked them but the lack of an entree was a disappointment and i even offered to take her somewhere else, but she said no. The only entrees are pho with ____ and the broth is beef so, I’d advise them to put a noodle and tofu or something on the menu for vegetarians.

    Our service was fine–even endearing as wer waited on by 2 kids I assume were the owners’ children and they were polite, attentive and spoke English very well. We were served very quickly.

    The cash only thing seems common among mom and pop asian restaurants. When we were in NC and Va. earlier this year a lot of places did not take plastic. Either it is hard for small restaurants to get approved for electronic transactions or they don’t like paying the transaction fees on small bills. It does let them keep the prices low, I guess.

    A few more options on the menu would be a good idea but I enjoyed my dinner and it is better to do a few things well than many in mediocre fashion. Just maybe not quite that few.

  13. Anyone have the phone #?

  14. We’ve eaten at Pho Vinh Long twice in the past week and really liked it both times. The pho was great and also the vermicelli with pork dish that is my favorite Vietnames dish. As another reviewer said, the spring rolls are “exceptional.” Yum! The drinks are expensive ($2.75) but very special. Especially if you like cofee you should try one of the coffee drinks with condensed milk. Friendly staff, kids still waiting tables, I’m happy this place seems to be doing well.

  15. Had lunch there today and it was terrific!!

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