Quaker Steak and Lube ~ great wings and cold beer ~ AT A CHAIN




Ok, well today for lunch a couple co-workers took me out for one final bitch session.  You see I’m switching jobs… moving closer to the Capitol Complex… (I know, that scares a lot of the area’s eating establishments especially that one that shall not be named).

So I was advised to take off the afternoon and sit back and relax as I wasn’t paying for anything.

First we wanted to go to the Power Alley Grill (yep, I told Susan this story, so that’s why she did some actual journalism the other day and found out what the true story was)…  But they were closed (as you know now).

I suggested Quaker Steak, I haven’t eaten there in a long while, they have wings, and what goes better with wings than beer?  (even celery and blue cheese doesn’t come close). 

Unfortunately for the sake of reporting on this blog, I don’t know what the beer prices were, as I didn’t pay, but I think they were about $3.50+ for 22oz.  No, this is not a poster child for good beer prices, but throughout the day the service was quick and friendly, and the beer was always cold.  If they have a happy hour, definitely check this place out.  However, they have a Tanker that you can buy anytime (33oz or bigger mug). I don’t know how much it was, but you can get it refilled for $5.. Just bring it back when you return.


For the food… well me and another we just got the wing special… On Tuesdays it’s all you can eat wings for $11.99.  Any flavor, mix and match, etc…. And they have tons of flavors to choose from.  Another co-worker got the Gyro ~ I think it was about $9 but I am not sure.  It looked pretty good.   I’ve snapped a few pics with the iPhone… I’m sure they’re blurry and do not do it justice ~ heck I’m sure a kindergartener could have taken them…. (Ok I’m an ASS, I shouldn’t have said that.)

Well my first batch of wings ~ there was about 12 ~ was the Hot Cajun flavor… there’s another cajun flavor, but I wanted the spicy version.  They were somewhat breaded…but not quite…. But not like real saucy either.  I really liked them.  They were big and plump,  unlike how the Cold Spot’s or Hooter’s are sometimes (those real skinny things).  These were more like what you get from the Tyson 5lb bag at Sam’s. 

Needless to say, I was full after about eight wings… but because it was all you could eat, I finished the first batch, and then ordered the Asian flavored wings…  These come out in a smaller portion, about six.  I would assume that that’s Quaker Steak’s pattern on this deal… Hefty first portion, then smaller refills… Which I have no problem with because I was full during the first round.  (btw, the co-worker that also ordered wings couldn’t finish his first basket)

My co-worker scarfed his gyro down, so I presume it was pretty good. 


This is about the fourth or fifth time I’ve eaten at this place ~ either lunch or some other time… they used to have a lunch buffet, today they didn’t offer that so it may be gone.  However there’s something special going on about every day.  During the summer they sponser a lot of bike nights, cruise ins, and coincide them with radio promotions.

I don’t get here much, partially because Susan doesn’t like bar food and that’s this place’s bread and butter… plus the beer is on the expensive side for me.  So I just don’t come here much.   However everytime I do come here what I’ve had has been good.  (except that buffet, if they are offering it when you’re here, look it over before deciding on that… one time it was great and the next it wasn’t).

Anyhow, I’m giving them Three Forks.  I may make Susan come here on my Birthday, or just for spite, have our wedding party here.  LOL.

 Oh, and thanks to some great co-workers that I worked with for over 10 years…  Good luck to them.

Quaker Steak & Lube
2931 Mountaineer Blvd
South Charleston, WV 25309
(304) 746-9401

9 responses to “Quaker Steak and Lube ~ great wings and cold beer ~ AT A CHAIN

  1. I haven’t been to “the Lube” in a while because, while the food always tasted good at the time, I *always* became ill after eating there. I hope the same misfortune did not befall you. Maybe I’m just sensitive?

  2. I have been there twice, but neither visit involved a meal.

    The first time was with Ron and he forced me to eat wings. This was early on in our relationship when I felt compelled to misrepresent my true feelings to help me reel him in.

    The second time was with girlfriends for drinks before seeing Sex & The City.

    I think they have a fish sandwich and, if so, I’d like to try it. I love fish sandwiches.

    But if Ron thinks he’s having our “wedding party” there, he better find another bride!

  3. Their fish sandwich is actually worth the trip–too big to eat with your hands, though. The fillet is the size of your forearm. Tasty as heck.

    Can’t really comment on wings, since I hate ’em with a passion. We’d go out there more often, but the ambience has been atrocious the last few times. Try to avoid karaoke night, if you’re a non-drinker. It takes lots of lubrication to make that listenable.

    I am still puzzling over the notion that somebody actually WANTED to go to the Power Alley Grill. Is it some sort of Foodo-masochism?

  4. garlic parmesean wings and the chipoltes wings rock along with their cheese fries!

  5. I love wings. I love everything chicken.
    I’ve got some really favorite wing places that have really well cooked and excellently flavored wings. QS&L isn’t one of them. I ordered a bucket of their wings at their drive through one Sat. night and found them very lacking. They were not very meaty, soggy and covered with something that tasted suspiciously like Frank’s hot sauce.

  6. [conspicuously not commenting to show my disapproval of this blog’s recent and tragic bent toward reviews of chain restaurants]

  7. Thanks a lot, Stanton… you’re gonna get Daniel started again.

    Don’t forget – I have Olive Garden in the hopper and Misty is really looking forward to reviewing the Winfield McDonalds. That’ll teach ’em for stiffing her on the chicken nugget sauce.

    Hey, I’ll bet Daniel could get an Arnold Palmer at McDonalds…

  8. Rudy-

    I will admit that I really LOVED the fish sandwich at PAG. I loved it enough to endure the painfully slow service. Sometimes, when the children are in bed and the house is quiet…I fantasize about enjoying that fish sandwich once again…

    Seriously, it was big and crispy on a toasted bun. I thought the chips were great, too. But if they don’t have the fish, I have absolutely NO desire to go there.

    And now it looks like PAG won’t be an option anyway.

    I think HK ought to add to his list of reasons restaurants fail (on the PAG update) – “no yummy fish sandwich”.

  9. I really dislike chains as well and was unimpressed with their wings. You should come to the Empty Glass and try our wings (plus our beer is cheaper).

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