Good Food With a Secret Ingredient -Porfirios Dos

Susan says…

The kids were campaigning for Mexican food (AGAIN) and that’s what we thought we were getting when we stopped at a new place to all of us.  But we got so much more than just good burritos.  We got a great story.

We weren’t even sure what the name of the place was.  We noted the sign outside said “Ricardos” but Porfirios Dos was on the side of the building.  Located across 29th Street from the Wal Mart in Huntington, we learned that Porfirios Dos is owned and operated by the ex-wife of the owner and operator of Porfirios, previously reviewed by Fork You.  Really.

Anyone who has spent any time at all watching Sesame Street or Dora the Explorer knows that “dos” is “two” in Spanish.  So, Porfirios “Two” came to be after the couple parted ways.

Concerning the sign,  the Ex-Mrs. Porfirio explained that when they were first separated, she was not permitted to use the Porfirio name, so she used “Ricardos” instead until Porfirio’s partnership was dissolved and she was able to rename her establishment.  She was reluctant to spend anything on a new sign since uncertanties existed concerning the final settlement of property.

The Ex-Mrs. already has her own pretty busy restaurant at 8:00 on a Wednesday evening at Porfirios Dos.  We recognized some familiar dishes, but don’t all Mexican joints seem to have similar offerings?  Then again, there were some unique entrees, including a chicken dish with pumpkin seeds and pork with a tomatillo sauce.

Interestingly, Porfirios (the original) has been closed since September 29.  The sign on the door reads “Closed from 9/29 to ??? for remodeling”, or something close to that.  Another tidbit that will make you go “hmmmmmmm……” is this: the last time I ate at Porfirios, the tap had gone dry.  In other words, no liquor license.  When we asked “dude, where’s the beer?” Porfirio told us he neglected to fill out the paperwork to renew it timely and he would have it back soon.  Next thing we knew, they were closed.

The Ex-Mrs. told us that Mr. Porfirio let his employees go and it didn’t appear he would reopen.  Will the Ex-Mrs. move into the original Porfirio location in Barboursville?  Is all this talk just bitter divorce fallout?  What really happened to that liquor license?  Oh, the mystery!

Chimichangas with rice and beans - $9.99

Concerning the forking of Porfirios Dos, the taste and quality of my chimi was as expected and very similar to that of the original Porfirios.  Some aspects of the dining room were very nice and then I would notice something else that needed updating.  This is the same feeling I got the first time Ron took me to the original.  But after 50 visits (or more!) where I received delicious food and benefited from the friendly service, it really grew on me and became a favorite.

Service was provided by the Ex-Mrs. herself and was attentive and friendly.  We were taken care of quickly, which I appreciated, so I could get the kids in bed (close to) on time.  Speaking of the kids, Hannah stole mine and Hope got a cheese quesadilla kids’ meal with rice for $3.99.

Since their location is farther into Huntington than I usually go, I can’t see it entering my regular rotation when there are other acceptable Mexican joints a lot closer to my house.  But it’s not because of the food – we enjoyed it.  I did notice that the prices were about a buck higher on everything than at my usual haunts, but since I consider Mexican food pretty cheap anyway, it didn’t bother me much.

I award Porfirios Dos THREE FORKS.  And I look forward to making this my go-to Mexican in the Barboursville area if Porfirios’ doors don’t open again.

Ron says…

Burrito Lunch Special - $6.99 evening price

Well Susan summed up this visit the best, I don’t think I can add much to it.   Mostly I feel these places are the same with a few exceptions here and there.  Lunch Special #2 is always a Burrito with Rice and Beans and so forth. 

However as Susan alluded to, throughout this menu there was a different item here and there.  I almost tried the chicken pumpkin seed dish ~ but it didn’t come with beans and I really wanted my lard mixed mashed beans. 

…. and they were delicious….  ( aaaahhhhhhhhhhh excuse me… had to let some out

so I went with the aforementioned Special #2.   Dabbed it with Habanero Sauce.  Yummy….  Chips were good, and like Porforio’s UNO… the beer was cold.  However I’m unsure if this place had draft beer..   THE Porforio’s had one of the best draft beer deals going  33oz for $3.50.  YES THE MUG WAS THAT BIG. 

The only real problem I have with this place is that it’s a little small, and it’s kind of off center of the Wal-Mart intersection, so when you exit the building, you don’t really have a signal light to tell you when to go… so you just have to shoot the first available gap and go.

But she said that she hopes to have a new location soon…. If in Huntington I’d surely check it out as the hostess was very friendly.  So stop in and check it out and draw your own opinion.

I’m giving it Three Forks, and next year when WVU comes to Huntington to carve up some buffalo burgers in the 4th annual Manchin Charity Bowl, I’ll think about stopping in again.



Pofirios Dos
3336 Us Route 60
Huntington, WV 25705-2820
(304) 781-3520

2 responses to “Good Food With a Secret Ingredient -Porfirios Dos

  1. Gee, I hate to do this to you, honey….but it appears that I know more about WVU football than you do. (aka I use wikipedia more.)

    You see, the 4th annual Manchin Charity Bowl will be in Morgantown, not Huntington.

    So can we eat at Oliverios???

  2. Another chimichanga/enchilada joint with bland fillings, store bought tortillas and salty rice and beans or do they have real Mexican food on the menu?

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