Is This the Seventh Inning Stretch for the Power Alley Grill?

Take the Power Alley Grill out of your line-up.

At least until April, that is.

A spokesman from the PAG told Fork You that they are closed “for the season”, meaning until April of 2009.  When questioned further, the spokesman also explained that when they do reopen, plans are to serve customers only on game days.

Their website claims they are “serving lunch and dinner daily” but if you head that way, you’ll strike out.

PAG continues to operate their catering business out of the kitchen and the facility is available for private parties.


6 responses to “Is This the Seventh Inning Stretch for the Power Alley Grill?

  1. Word on the street is that they are upset with the City. Allegedly they were told that companies would begin to occupy the offices within the ‘warehouse,’ thus bringing in more of a lunch and Happy Hour crowd. That has not happened. Hence the reason for closing for the off season.

  2. Susan – I think this should be titled “Is is the bottom of the ninth for PAG?”

  3. I would be curious if owners really expected Danny Jones to deliver on that promise?

    Plus I would wonder just how much merit such a philosophy would have. I think if you have good deals and such people will come and visit.

    SOHO’s for instance ~ I don’t care for the place, but seems several people do, as they seem to be doing something that works. And basically the same part of town.

    PAG ~ I think they wanted to be a sports bar, but cater to the non sports watching crowd. If I go to a sports bar, I want cheap beer and wings (ie Cold Spot), many different sports on TV… They had the TV… Quick Service (or last review indicated a lack of this), and parking. (there’s an issue the PAG could work on)

    I had high hopes for this place but if it goes out, well there’s no hope for the Tricky Fish.

  4. The food there was way overpriced and was, at best, mediocre.

  5. The last time we tried to dine there, we ended up leaving because no one acknowledged us. Ever. Even after we asked a serving passing by to get the manager.

    I liked the food even though it was a bit pricey, but you first have to get waited on in order to enjoy it.

  6. I’m all the time hearing about how restaurants are really risky businesses, and that they almost always fail for reasons completely beyond the owner’s control. But the truth is, there’s nothing special about the restaurant business — they fail at pretty much the same rate as all small businesses. Still, people (not you folks, but most people) talk as if there’s some sort of mysterious voodoo involved with whether or not a restaurant fails or succeeds.

    But from what I’ve seen, restaurants in Charleston fail for the most basic of reasons:

    1. Food not good
    2. Service sucks
    3. Too expensive

    One of these would be bad enough, but the places that go belly-up in Chucktown always seem to be doing all three things wrong at the same time. The Power Alley Grill has been pulling off a trifecta of suck for 3 years now — the only thing remarkable about its closing is that it didn’t happen sooner.

    Disclosure: somewhere on the internets, you might be able to find me raving about a PAG hamburger just a few days after the place opened. What I didn’t know at the time is they’d soon begin using NHL hockey pucks instead of ground beef patties.

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