Pho Vinh Long Update

Put your chopsticks away for a few more days evidently.

Pho Vinh Long is not open today as they had expected to be.  We will report further developments as they unfold.

Stay tuned for more information.


2 responses to “Pho Vinh Long Update

  1. I drove home to Charleston yesterday from NJ; a nine hour drive. All day I kept thinking about Pho Vinh Long and its grand opening. I was craving some yummy takeout Vietnamese for dinner. Only I couldn’t remember where it was. I thought it was in Charleston, so for nearly an hour I drove up and down every single street in the city looking for it. I was nearly passing out from hunger and had to give up my search and settle for Chinese. I was bummed. I did a google search just now for ‘vietnamese charleston wv’ and found this website…sure glad I gave up my futile search of CHARLESTON! Seems like South Charleston is THE place to be for good food. Wonder how long I have to wait for Pho Vinh Long to open…

  2. Man I went by the place on the night before and saw that it was not ready. So bummed. I wonder how to find out something

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